Elegant & wild, sweet & sexy, sophisticated & playful

Portfolio: Autumn 2023

The story of how Peter met Steffi...

It was a very grey and misty Thursday afternoon when Steffi and I met. Yet somehow, as we locked eyes for the first time, it felt as though the clouds had miraculously opened up and warm rays of sunshine came through 😎

December 2023

Steffi looked very enticing wearing a playful skirt, stockings, combined with Dr Marten boots, and a leather jacket—casual with a touch of sexy chic. Steffi persisted to sit down and take off her jacket, which moved my attention to her nice top that showed off her trained shoulders. Shortly after, my attention moved lower and my mind wandered, “was she wearing a bra?” (I think not 🤓)

As we began talking, I asked Steffi how I should introduce her on the website. She said, and I quote: “elegant & wild, sweet & sexy, sophisticated & playful. I am very open-minded when it comes to men, dating, and private time.” What a great way to start a meeting, right?

That, plus the fact that Steffi exuded such radiant energy and a side of cheekiness, meant that I didn’t really need another reason to officially welcome her to the A-team. However, she continued to impress me. We talked about her studies, as well as her passion for sports through which she’s learned a lot about hard work and discipline. She enjoys pushing herself and setting new goals. Weightlifting, running, cycling, yoga retreats, pilates classes, ice baths—you name it, Steffi loves it all. She also really loves to being in nature, and the outdoors are Steffi’s happy place. Be it near or far, she is internationally-minded and ready to explore more of the world and the people in it. 

Love, Peter

Steffi's profile & preferences


26 - 30





Dress size


Cup size

B Cup (natural)




German (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (conversational)




Light brown hair and green/blue eyes


All-natural & fit

Food and cuisine

I am a big fan of healthy vibrant foods. I'm fond of Asian cuisine in particular, and my all time favorite is sushi. However I also enjoy other cuisines and am open to exploring new flavours.


My favorite drinks are still water, espresso & protein shakes. I do not drink alcohol (but I don't mind if others do).


Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Massimo Dutti, MaxMara, Agent Provocateur, Bluebella, Hunkemöller, Intimissimi, Steve Madden, Stuart Weitzman, Christian Louboutin, Vagabond, DocMartens.


I am always up for an adventure, even though I can't ski or snowboard.


IN2U (Calvin Klein), Libre (Yves Saint Laurent)

Clothing style

I probably feel my most confident and unstoppable in a little black dress with heeled boots. However I can dress up or down effortlessly and love to switch things up. Depending on the required occasion and my daily mood, my clothing style ranges from elegant to preppy, to sporty and edgy. Whatever I'm wearing, there will be an element of class and a hint of individuality. I always make sure my outfit makes me feel my best and enhances my personality.

Lingerie style

I love sexy lingerie that is both classy and naughty at the same time, making me feel sensual and irresistible. Preferably black or red with some special details, cuts or chains.

Gift ideas

Any gift is truly appreciated as I love surprises. Jewellery, lingerie, and perfume always make me happy. And, because I am obsessed with fitness & health, anything from that category would also bring me great joy... be it workout gear, a new supplement or a wellness treatment.

Travel destinations

My goal in life is to collect as many diverse experiences as possible, so I am up for a city trip as much as I am up for a stay at at sunny beach resort or visiting the mountains. Retreats (such as yoga or Ayurvedic) I absolutely love too. On the top of my travel list right now include Bali, Costa Rica, Australia and Los Angeles. Summer in Italy or the South of France are very tempting as well. I personally think traveling is the best opportunity to expand your horizons and experience yourself & life in a new way. I love the excitement & inspiration it brings along. What fascinates me in particular is the effect other countries have on your own energy, especially the ones with a warmer climate and happy easy-going people & culture as it just instantly makes you feel more positive.

Hobbies, free time and sports

Apart from the gym, nature is my happy place. I am really into wellness activities such as sauna sessions, ice bathing, and massages. I am obsessed with anything related to personal growth, self optimisation, psychology, and healthy living. I love experimenting and challenging myself in those areas. I aim to become my best version and explore my full potential as I find it deeply fascinating what we are capable of as human beings. As diversity is the spice of life I enjoy reading a book as much as dancing through the night or being taken on a date to an art gallery, classical concert, or nice restaurant.

Steffi's rates

Hourly rates*

Two short, but sweet hours

€ 1.000

Three blissful hours of private time

€ 1.300

Four magical hours of private time

€ 1.500

For every additional hour

€ 350

* Dates up to four hours are required to be enjoyed locally.

Dinner dates**

Four-hour dinner date (including a two-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion)

€ 1.300

Six-hour dinner date (including a three-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion) in the city that the Aphrodite lives

€ 1.600

Six-hour dinner date (including a three-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion) outside of the city that the Aphrodite lives

€ 1.800

** A minimum 6-hour date is requested for Aphrodite's to travel outside of their own city.

Overnight stays

Short overnight date, (approx. 10-12 hours) starting at the star-gazing hour of 21:00 or later ***

€ 2.100

Long overnight date, (approx. 16-18 hours) whereby your Aphrodite will join you in the afternoon or early evening

€ 2.500

24 hours of indulgence, forget about time for a day

€ 3.000

48 hours in paradise, a mini-vacation

€ 4.800

*** Overnight dates starting before 21'00 are considered a long overnight date. All overnight dates should include dinner.

*** Short overnight fees are subject to dates in your chosen Aphrodite's hometown. All overnight dates abroad will incur a long overnight fee.

Additional info

Every additional overnight, the fun is never-ending

€ 1.500

Aphrodite Agency