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Being the capital of the Tuscany region, one can expect to find many classical works of art in this incredible city, masterpieces in fact! It's a city that thrives with charm and beauty.

A prized location of the Renaissance, romance, and enchantment, Florence is a great spot to feast on world-class art and gourmet Tuscan cuisine.

Whether you're looking to imbibe something cultural, see natural beauty, wine and dine, or simply create an intimate affair with your Aphrodite, Florence is a thee location for endless opportunity.

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Things To Do in Florence

  • See Giotto's Campanile, the infamous bell tower that holds immense culture and near-perfect architecture. 

  • Take a peek at the impeccable jewellery stores that line the area of Ponte Vecchio and find great souvenirs along the way.

  • Visit the Uffizi Gallery, a 16th-century art museum filled with renaissance pieces, gorgeous architecture, and style. 

Five Star Restaurants in Florence 

Tease your tastebuds alongside your Aphrodite escort in one or both of these five star restaurants in Florence.

La Bottega Del Buon Caffè in Florence

When it comes to food, one simply cannot miss the La Bottega Del Buon Caffè in Florence where you'll be treated like a king or queen. This recently-awarded Michelin star winner is the epitome of fine dining, with dishes that are Florentine and Tuscan-inspired. 

Winter Garden by Caino in Florence

A treat for the senses is the Winter Garden by Caino in Florence, yet another Michelin-star dining experience, found in the St. Regis area in Florence. Here, you'll find two Michelin-star chefs who work tirelessly to bring you a refined culinary feast.

Five Star Hotels in Florence

Both of these five star hotels are held in high regard in Florence. Rest your head or create your own adventure alongside your favourite Aphrodite.

The Portrait Firenze Hotel in Florence

When it comes to experiencing fine art, Florence has many a five-star hotel in which to relax and enjoy. The Portrait Firenze Hotel in Florence is considered a true masterpiece with personalised decór worthy of sweet dreams. In fact, this hotel has been awarded a Five-Star Forbes award for two consecutive years, making it the perfect location for culture and luxury.

The St. Regis in Florence

One can never go wrong with a stay at the St. Regis in Florence. This hotel is a stone-throw away from iconic landmarks and is decorated beautifully with Florentine aesthetics. It has rich colours, and crystal chandeliers - two of many fabulous attributes to this exceedingly luxurious space. 

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