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This page has been specifically created for those who question the validity of our services. We understand that maybe you're unsure and slightly skeptical. Maybe you've had a bad experience in the past? For that reason, we've provided a few testimonials from external websites of people who have used our services and have shared their experience.

Our ratings on Captain69

Their website is very easy to navigate
There are pictures on the site
The pictures are 100% genuine and totally representative
The escort was as described
Quality of Service
I was informed about the delay
The escort I saw was the one I originally booked
My special requests were fully met
The escort asked for the agreed amount, including all expenses
On a scale of 1 to 5 I rate this agency as a 5 for value for money.
I will definitely use this agency again
I found communication with the agency to be very comfortable
No, I did not speak to the escort
I did some research, and finally stumbled across Aphrodite Agency based in Belgium, that manages girls spread across Europe. Looking through the ones based in Frankfurt, Isabella stood out to me as having, to my taste, a perfect body and she looked quite pretty too. So I set it up for a 3 hour with the agent, Peter, who runs a very professional and responsive organization, and waited with anticipation until the day finally arrived... Read review on the erotic review
Exceptional service. Asked for my input, preferences and made great suggestions. Loved the personalized service and professionalism. Couldn't ask for more. Read review on C69
Aphrodite/Peter is one of the good ones. He knows my preferences, and is ok telling if he does not have a lady he thinks I like. His portfolio of ladies is I think at the moment the most impressive... Read review on C69
Aphrodite is an absolutely TOP escort agency and one of the BEST as far as I'm concerned! They now have a new site which looks FANTASTIC!! The pictures are absolutely top notch and great to see pictures which are 200% correct - as stated on the site! Peter, the manager, is very professional, organized and easy to deal with. Read review on C69
I e-mailed the agency and set up the date. The lady arrived about 10 minutes early and I went down and met her in the bar - as with all woman from the agency the pictures were 100% accurate and she was dressed conservatively as I asked for - so overall good start. She smiled and I sat down and we got to know each other. Went to dinner in the hotel and had a great coversation, very easy to talk to. Read review on the erotic review
I have now used Aphrodite on a few occasions and every time Peter has been on the mark. Excellent communication, both prior to the meeting and checking afterwards for feedback. Read review on C69
Aphrodite is an absolutely stellar escort agency, the BEST as far I am concerned! I am saying this not after having made only 1-2 bookings but after being its client for several years - since the beginning of 2009. Read review on C69
Cindy is typical Dutch.. blonde, tall and sexy. I have seen her many times now - alone and with other girls at Aphrodite. If you are in Amsterdam, then I would highly recommend seeing Cindy. Read review on the erotic review
Long-time client appreciation
I used Aphrodite on a handful of occasions for meetings in Amsterdam, London and elsewhere in Europe. The ladies from the agency are not only exactly matching (even sometimes surpassing!) the website pictures, but I have found all of them to be definitely of the higher class one would expect from such top tier agency. Peter is always very pro, extremely timely to react, and of perfect advice. Read review on C69

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