The essence of beautiful yet modest femininity

Portfolio: Summer 2023

The story of how Peter met Lena...

I was waiting at the hotel bar when Lena walked in. She had just come from an obstacle course race, and radiated healthy yet glowing red cheeks. Dressed in jeans and a simply top with not-so-white Adidas sneakers, she looked very casual and tomboy sexy. Indeed, Lena is as natural as they come with a very sporty and fit physique.

October 2023

After some initial chit chat and ordering our drinks I ask Lena, “Do you have any questions”? “Oh yes!” she replied, reaching for her iPad. “In fact, I have a whole list.” For the next half an hour or so Lena and I worked off her list of questions, one by one. Mostly innocent questions about our clients, how we organise dates, what she could or could not ask, etc. etc. I could have happily spent more time with Lena but unfortunately decided to cut our meeting short and send her home to study for her university exam the next day.

Fast forward three weeks, Lena and I were able to meet for a second time. She arrived wearing a lovely summer dress… with Converse sneakers 😅 “I came by bus and it was easier to wear these,” she said. “But I brought heels in my bag. Shall I wear them? “Nah! that’s fine,” I said, as we began to walk towards the restaurant that she chose for us. Lucky for me, it was a windy evening and I managed to get a sneak peek under Lena’s dress. 🤫 😁

Finally, we sat down to chat once again. During our dinner I got the chance to get to know Lena a little bit better. I learned that she loves France and would love to live there one day, that she used to be a professional athlete competing in national championships and is still very sporty till this day, and that she has a passion for travel and the sciences. Colour me impressed!

Needless to say, I was so keen to get Lena on the A-team that I organised a try-out date for her with a more experienced Aphrodite connoisseur.

Some of his feedback included, and I quote:

“The first impression you get when you see her arriving with her backpack is ‘Wow, what a sweet, natural, and unpretentious girl’".

“What charmed me most was this kind of freshness that emanates from her. “

“She has a healthy xxx appetite and tells you with German precision what she likes… censored”

And there you have it, gentlemen! Lena is already quite the Aphrodite star!

Love, Peter

Lena's profile & preferences


24 - 28





Dress size


Cup size

A cup (natural)




French (mother tongue), German (mother tongue), English (fluent)




Light brown hair & blue eyes


Sporty & All Natural

Food and cuisine

I love everything! French, Italian, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian... you name it!


I enjoy cocktails, wine, fresh fruit juices & smoothies.


Zadig et Voltaire, Massimo Dutti, COS, Closed, Zara, From Future, Asos, Edited, American Vintage, Scotch and Soda, Kauf dich glücklich, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, Converse, Adidas Originals, Bensimon, Nike, Dr. Martens, Bocage, Zara, Yves Saint Laurent, Buffalo, Victoria Secret, Savage X Fenty, Agent Provocateur, Calvin Klein, Intimissimi,


Indeed, I love to ski and snowboard!


J‘adore (Dior)

Clothing style

I am a very natural person, so I like to wear outfits that are simple and natural yet elegant. I can also dress up or down for you, depending on the activity.

Lingerie style

Simple yet entirely intoxicating. I would use the words elegance and sexy to describe my lingerie style.

Gift ideas

I adore elegant jewellery, lingerie, xx toys, or possibly a shopping spree!

Travel destinations

I would love to fly to the Maldives one day, as it looks like absolute paradise. Also on my wish list: Reunion Island, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, Madagascar, India, South Africa, Egypt, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Bolivia.

Hobbies, free time and sports

I am a very athletic girl. I love to play ball sports such as beach volleyball and squash, and I enjoy jogging, hiking, biking, skiing, paragliding, and going to the gym. Besides sport, I also love to cook, eat great food and drink fine wine, as well as dining. I love to travel, have picnics at idyllic places, go to the cinema or theatre, explore nature, be inspired by different cultures, watch the sunset, and go camping. Essentially, I like a lot of different things :)

Lena's rates

Hourly rates*

Two short, but sweet hours

€ 1.100

Three blissful hours of private time

€ 1.400

Four magical hours of private time

€ 1.600

For every additional hour

€ 300

* Dates up to four hours are required to be enjoyed locally.

Dinner dates**

Four-hour dinner date (including a two-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion)

€ 1.400

Six-hour dinner date (including a three-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion) in the city that the Aphrodite lives

€ 1.700

Six-hour dinner date (including a three-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion) outside of the city that the Aphrodite lives

€ 1.900

** A minimum 6-hour date is requested for Aphrodite's to travel outside of their own city.

Overnight stays

Short overnight date, (approx. 10-12 hours) starting at the star-gazing hour of 21:00 or later ***

€ 2.200

Long overnight date, (approx. 16-18 hours) whereby your Aphrodite will join you in the afternoon or early evening

€ 2.500

24 hours of indulgence, forget about time for a day

€ 2.900

48 hours in paradise, a mini-vacation

€ 4.900

*** Overnight dates starting before 21'00 are considered a long overnight date. All overnight dates should include dinner.

*** Short overnight fees are subject to dates in your chosen Aphrodite's hometown. All overnight dates abroad will incur a long overnight fee.

Additional info

Every additional overnight, the fun is never-ending

€ 1.700

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