This city will make you feel alive, creative and, at times, speechless.

Visiting the city of Prague is the inspiration you didn't know you needed.

It is a city that is bisected with the exclusive Vltava River and a place that boasts colourful buildings, medieval monuments, high-class architecture and so much more.

Let's take a peek at some of the amazing things you can do in Prague with your chosen high class Aphrodite escort...

High Class Escorts Prague

Things to Do in Prague  

If you're lucky enough to travel to Prague in Czech Republic, consider seeing these gorgeous sights:

  • Old Town Square, a place that is historical and absolutely beautiful. It is surrounded by baroque buildings of various colors and churches belonging to the gothic period. 

  • The Old Town Square also has a stylish yet monumental Astronomical Clock, which displays an exclusive and entertaining animated show on the hour of every hour. 

  • The Charles Bridge is equally as impressive as it was completed in 1402 and boasts an array of catholic saint statues. 

  • Prague Castle, a real sight to behold, dates back to the 9th century with Roman-style architecture. 

  • The Dancing House is a curved office block, an unusual and spectacular piece of architecture. On the top floor, you'll find a restaurant with beautiful city views.

  • Golden Lane is a peaceful street in Prague Castle, and gets its name from the goldsmiths that used to live there.

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