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Thinking of becoming an escort?

We take the time to talk with you, to meet you in-person (online and in real life) and to tell you everything there is to know. We do not rush you into anything you are not comfortable with.

How does it work?

First, fill in our application form. After this, we'll have a video call via Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp to introduce ourselves, to answer your biggest questions, and possibly discuss a meeting in real life (all our meetings are non-binding).

Before applying, we encourage you to visit more pages on our website to get a well-rounded idea of what we're all about. And if you'd like to know more about how we screen our clients, click here.

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Already working as an escort but not fully satisfied?

We all are all about upmarket, positive, safe, and well-organised dates with respectful individuals.

Does this sound familiar to you? Most of your bookings are last-minute (same day) reservations, and a dinner date is something you have yet to, or rarely, experience. You are mostly booked for one or two-hour dates in which you have no idea who you are going to meet, and on the odd occasion that you are offered an international date, you must book and plan all the arrangements yourself? And to top it off, it takes weeks before you're paid?

Aphrodite dates are:

  • Never same-day bookings & are generally planned with one to five weeks' notice
  • Often international bookings that are entirely organised by our agency
  • Usually dinner dates and/or dates of a longer duration
  • Oftentimes with re-returning clients
  • We verify our clients
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We offer a mix of local and international dates of varying durations


At Aphrodite, “local” means having the opportunity to meet with international business travellers in your current city.

For example, say you are in Berlin, we could offer you a date in Berlin with a business traveller from London.

Local dates are very often hotel dinner dates with a duration of four to six hours.


We have a great number of international dates where you could meet a client at his chosen location.

For example, say you are based in Amsterdam, you could be invited to a 24-hour date in Zurich. We are travel experts and organise your trip from A to Z! And of course, we don't let you travel abroad without knowing the client.

Applying from abroad, made simple

We like to make things easy for you.

No matter where you currently live, we will either fly to you or fly you to us for an in-person meeting. Our main hubs are in Brussels and Zurich, but we often visit popular locations like Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Geneva and many more. Let's meet!

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Please note: we cannot meet you in any areas of France or any other country where escorting is illegal.

Your privacy

We can offer you a secret profile which is exclusively available to screened and verified regulars. This however is not available to all model applicants. Please contact us for more information.

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