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Portfolio: Summer 2023

The story of how Peter met Serena...

There was definitely a ‘vibe’ and, as one could only wish for, I believe we made an instant connection.

May 2024

While serena is actually based in London, our paths met in Berlin. I invited her to lunch at my usual hang out spot, Roca, and when I arrived I saw the silhouette of a beautiful young woman wearing a figure-hugging dress, long hair flowing. We greeted one another very warmly, and sat down for a wonderful meeting.

The waiter soon approached us to take our drinks order. “Would you like some wine?” He asked. I replied, “Well, I don’t drink during the day, but I’ll let the young lady decide.” Serena didn’t waste any time and ordered two glasses of Sauvignon Blancs. “To celebrate”, she said. How could I say no? 

Then, when it came to ordering our lunch, Serena opted for the salmon which looked delicious. In fact, I’d secretly wished I’d ordered that instead of the chicken. 

As we chatted, I came to learn that Serena was born and raised in South Africa, but found her happy place in London. She’s an all-natural, very sporty, slim young lady that’s highly educated with quite an interesting degree. Serena has a wicked sense of humour, sometimes dry and sarcastic, sometimes naughty, and her mind is sharp like a knife… I was super intrigued. 

As time flew by, the waiter approached us yet again, “Would you like another glass of wine?” He asked. “Oh no, we couldn’t!” I said. “This a serious business meeting after all.“ Serena stepped in and said, “We’ll have two more, please.” There Serena sat sweetly with an even more mischievous grin. AhAh 🤠

Going back to our conversation, Serena told me about her hobbies such as the arts, going to the theatre, horse riding, and working out on an almost-daily basis. She also loves to read and funny enough, at the time of our meeting, we were both reading the same book (Sapiens). Yet another sign to invite her on-board? I think so!

Love, Peter

Serena's profile & preferences


28 - 32





Dress size


Cup size

B Cup (natural)




English (mother tongue), Dutch (conversational)


Blonde hair & blue eyes


Sporty & All Natural

Food and cuisine

My absolutely favourite is French cuisine.


A crispy glass of Champagne Brut, or perhaps a lovely white wine.


Chanel, Agent Provocateur, Dolce & Gabbana,


I've not learned how to ski or snowboard, but love a fun snowy getaway!


Oryn Oud (Oryn House London)

Clothing style

My style is classic but adaptable per the occasion. There's something so elegant in classic attire and it's truly timeless and beautiful.

Lingerie style

Something sensual and sexy, like body suits and teddies.

Gift ideas

Little gifts are so lovely to receive. I really enjoy Bakhoor, forever roses, spa treatments, tickets to things such as the theatre, a French course, or a horse riding event.

Travel destinations

Japan is definitely on my list but overall, I love hot places where I can wear summer dresses and bikinis :)

Hobbies, free time and sports

I love mindfulness activities, spirituality, cardio workouts, and other sports. For example: yoga, Pilates, lifting light weights, horse riding.

Serena's rates

Hourly rates*

Two short, but sweet hours

€ 1.250

Three blissful hours of private time

€ 1.550

Four magical hours of private time

€ 1.750

For every additional hour

€ 450

* Dates up to four hours are required to be enjoyed locally.

Dinner dates**

Four-hour dinner date (including a two-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion)

€ 1.550

Six-hour dinner date (including a three-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion) in the city that the Aphrodite lives

€ 1.850

Six-hour dinner date (including a three-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion) outside of the city that the Aphrodite lives

€ 2.050

** A minimum 6-hour date is requested for Aphrodite's to travel outside of their own city.

Overnight stays

Short overnight date, (approx. 10-12 hours) starting at the star-gazing hour of 21:00 or later ***

€ 2.500

Long overnight date, (approx. 16-18 hours) whereby your Aphrodite will join you in the afternoon or early evening

€ 2.800

24 hours of indulgence, forget about time for a day

€ 3.200

48 hours in paradise, a mini-vacation

€ 5.200

*** Overnight dates starting before 21'00 are considered a long overnight date. All overnight dates should include dinner.

*** Short overnight fees are subject to dates in your chosen Aphrodite's hometown. All overnight dates abroad will incur a long overnight fee.

Additional info

Every additional overnight, the fun is never-ending

€ 2.000

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