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Portfolio: Winter 2023

The story of how Peter met Lara...

I was introduced to Lara by Juliana from Berlin because these two have been friends for a very long time. And based on Juliana’s strong recommendation, I was eager to meet Lara in Frankfurt. From the moment she arrived I immediately noticed that she has the same mesmerising blue eyes as Juliana... truly incredible!

December 2023

I quickly discovered that Lara is a highly-educated Aphrodite with a university degree in the sciences. Also, that she can be exceptionally focused and goal-oriented when required. But this is definitely not all that she is. I would describe Lara as being dual-faceted: a composed young lady with a corporate background, and a carefree Lara who enjoys having fun both inside and outside the bedroom :-). She loves going out (on occasion) and dancing until the early hours of the morning, yes. But she also loves going on 4 to 5 day trekking hikes in the Alps each year. She runs several times a week, practices yoga almost daily, and is a devoted animal lover. Our chats were easy-going, relaxed, and both amusing and effortless. If you hadn’t gathered by now—Lara is a well-rounded individual. She's passionate about life, and, oh yes, she has also explored Asia extensively.

When we delved into the subject of private time, I asked Lara how I should describe her to you. She replied; "I can be the perfect GFE.”She also revealed that she has a wilder side. At that point I think I became a bit shy and didn't inquire further. Nonetheless I gathered that Lara is quite open-minded and possesses a range of intriguing "items" to enhance your date 🤓

Shortly after our first meeting, and as per usual, Lara had a try out date. The feedback started with: “She is gorgeous! Thank you for such a beautiful welcoming”.

Love, Peter

Lara's profile & preferences


30 - 34





Dress size


Cup size

C Cup (enhanced)




German (mother tongue), English (fluent)


Project Manager


Gold brown hair and blue eyes


Fit & Sporty

Food and cuisine

I love exploring new dishes in restaurants, savouring a variety of flavours and culinary experiences.


Without a specific favourite drink, I revel in the seductive charm of sparkling wine in bars or hotel rooms. I also enjoy the experience of pairing wine with dinner.


Hervé Léger, Valentino, Dior, Prada, The Kooples, Sandro, Agent Provocateur, Atelier Bordelle, Prada, Jimmy Choo


I don't know how to ski or snowboard, but having fun in the snow sounds good to me!


Libre (Yves Saint Laurent)

Clothing style

My style would be described as casual chic with a touch of elegance, sometimes classic or even boho, but always feminine.

Lingerie style

My favourite lingerie styles vary. I love lace lingerie, crotchless lingerie, elegant fetish outfits, corsets, and suspenders and stockings.

Gift ideas

I adore candies or little snacks; they're my top picks for sweet surprises! Whether it's sweets from around the world or a nice bottle of wine, these treats make every occasion extra special.

Travel destinations

I totally adore exploring new places—it's like my favourite hobby ever! Asia has been my playground, from the cool vibes of Malaysia to the tropical wonders of Indonesia. Guess what's next on my list? A big South American tour! Super excited to dive into all the amazing adventures and soak up the vibes there!

Hobbies, free time and sports

I love running and horseback riding. Traveling gives me life, and I'm all about diving into a good book whilst on vacation. Additionally, yoga keeps me zen, and hiking? It's like a having a deep conversation with yourself! Also, weekend trips to new cities? Count me in! But night, my interests get a bit darker—keeping it mysterious!

Lara's rates

Hourly rates*

Two short, but sweet hours

€ 1.100

Three blissful hours of private time

€ 1.400

Four magical hours of private time

€ 1.600

For every additional hour

€ 300

* Dates up to four hours are required to be enjoyed locally.

Dinner dates**

Four-hour dinner date (including a two-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion)

€ 1.400

Six-hour dinner date (including a three-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion) in the city that the Aphrodite lives

€ 1.700

Six-hour dinner date (including a three-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion) outside of the city that the Aphrodite lives

€ 1.900

** A minimum 6-hour date is requested for Aphrodite's to travel outside of their own city.

Overnight stays

Short overnight date, (approx. 10-12 hours) starting at the star-gazing hour of 21:00 or later ***

€ 2.200

Long overnight date, (approx. 16-18 hours) whereby your Aphrodite will join you in the afternoon or early evening

€ 2.500

24 hours of indulgence, forget about time for a day

€ 2.900

48 hours in paradise, a mini-vacation

€ 4.900

*** Overnight dates starting before 21'00 are considered a long overnight date. All overnight dates should include dinner.

*** Short overnight fees are subject to dates in your chosen Aphrodite's hometown. All overnight dates abroad will incur a long overnight fee.

Additional info

Every additional overnight, the fun is never-ending

€ 1.700

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