A kind of beauty that simply glows

Portfolio: Summer 2023

The story of how Peter met Jess...

“Ooh yes,” Jess said at least 100 times. “I am so excited to be an Aphrodite!”

August 2023

As soon as I set foot in London St Pancras station, my 13:00 meeting (Jess) texted me; “Hiya, I am so excited to meet you today! I am already in London, see you at 13:00,”. I replied by asking: “Where are you?” “At King‘s Cross,” she said, “I will read a book while I wait”. “Did you have breakfast?” I replied.” “No,” she said. “Meet me at the bus stop outside of the Standard Hotel across from King’s Cross”. 

After a few minutes, Jess walked towards me wearing a beautiful flower print summer dress. I could spot her from a mile away with that beautiful smile! She came closer and we fell into each others arms in a comfortable hug, just as if we were good friends that hadn’t seen each other for a while. 

Bus number 30 is here in one minute, do you mind taking the bus? Or do you prefer an Uber”? I asked. “The bus is fine,” she said. And for the first time in 20 years, I sat on the bus with my candidate :) We immediately start chatting—so much so, in fact, that we nearly missed our stop at Portman Square. Oh Yes, Jess definitely has that effect, especially because of her blue eyes that are bewitching. When we arrived at the Grazing Goat (one of my favourite places for breakfast), we decided to order bit of everything to share—a fruit bowl, some pastries, etc. It was almost quite romantic 🤓

We talked about all sorts of things—our love of dogs, exploring nature, and various adventures. Jess describes herself as someone who loves the outdoors, and starts her day by walking on the beach to see the sunrise—whether it’s winter or summer. She’s a fit and sporty young lady, intelligent and educated. She insists on being low maintenance, appreciating the simple things in life. She’s also confident and so excited for her Aphrodite adventure!

With much enthusiasm, we extended our meeting and decided to have lunch together at the Hyatt Hotel. At one point, a woman stopped us and asked Jess: “Excuse me, may I ask you where you bought that dress? It looks gorgeous on you.” I simply watched in amazement how people were so attracted to her. Her smile and positive energy is infectious, and it was clear that others thought so too. So, how do you feel about spending time with Jess?

Love, Peter

What some say about Jess...

An English rose from the North.

Jess is an English rose from the North. 

Conversation flowed all through the afternoon, be it in private quarters or when out to dinner later on.

She has amazing range and smarts – simply, fantastic.

Jess is very easy to be with – in fact time flies with her. 

She is armed with a natural curiosity, a wide array of experience, and a great sense of humour. So, all through the evening we talked about almost everything from rugby and football to Dubai and the Great Lakes district, media, xxx, relationships, wine, Catholic Convent School, France – she really is a great date.

I would also say that she is addictive. One wants more time with her.

She is also real and classy and a perfect fit – no strange looks from others when at a restaurant or bar – only admiring looks from men and approving looks from women. She has a very neat look and demeanour. 

Privately, Jess is amazingly fit, confident and quick to take command.

She is simply breathtaking as she is both athletic and curvy, while being naturally appealing.

Jess's profile & preferences


28 - 32





Dress size


Cup size

B Cup (natural)




English (mother tongue)




Blonde hair & blue eyes


Sporty & All Natural

Food and cuisine

I love Italian cuisine and seafood. I am always intrigued to experience other types of dishes though.


I love red wine, champagne and the occasional cocktail.


Gucci, Chanel, YSL, Dior, Prada, Agent Provocateur, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Louboutin


I can't ski or snowboard, but being on the slopes with you sounds fun!


Anything by Tom Ford, Rouge 540 (Baccarat), L'interdit (Givenchy)

Clothing style

I adore figure hugging outfits to show off my curves, but I always have an element of elegance and class.

Lingerie style

Black lace is a personal favourite of mine, as well as a sexy three piece. Ultimately however, all lingerie makes me feel empowered.

Gift ideas

I'd cherish any gift, especially if it's super thoughtful. I love perfume, heels, spa treatments, books, and lingerie.

Travel destinations

I love anywhere warm and exotic with white sand and turquoise water. The best thing is to watch a stunning sunset after a day of enjoying beautiful weather, food and drinks with great company. On the other hand, I also love to travel and experience new things, so any destination would be great. Italy and city breaks are always fun. Let's lie by the pool together soaking up the sunshine with a margarita, chilling at the spa or explore the bright lights and culture of a city in Europe at night.

Hobbies, free time and sports

I enjoy going to the gym to keep myself fit, healthy and in shape. I also have a gorgeous dog that I take hiking with me on a regular basis. I'm a big walker (you can't beat a walk in nature to clear your mind). It is simply food for your soul. I also really love the simple things in life like watching a stunning sunrise, strolling in the countryside or relaxing with a special someone. My favourite pastime is reading—I love literature and fiction novels, as well as poetry. I also like writing and learning about history. Basically, I am always keen to learn. Taking care of my health and beauty is important to me. I meditate for peace of mind, and practice yoga too to stay flexible ;) I also always make time to share a glass of wine and have a laugh or two with friends and family.

Jess's rates

Hourly rates*

Two short, but sweet hours

€ 1.100

Three blissful hours of private time

€ 1.400

Four magical hours of private time

€ 1.600

For every additional hour

€ 300

* Dates up to four hours are required to be enjoyed locally.

Dinner dates**

Four-hour dinner date (including a two-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion)

€ 1.400

Six-hour dinner date (including a three-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion) in the city that the Aphrodite lives

€ 1.700

Six-hour dinner date (including a three-hour lunch or dinner and/or excursion) outside of the city that the Aphrodite lives

€ 1.900

** A minimum 6-hour date is requested for Aphrodite's to travel outside of their own city.

Overnight stays

Short overnight date, (approx. 10-12 hours) starting at the star-gazing hour of 21:00 or later ***

€ 2.200

Long overnight date, (approx. 16-18 hours) whereby your Aphrodite will join you in the afternoon or early evening

€ 2.500

24 hours of indulgence, forget about time for a day

€ 2.900

48 hours in paradise, a mini-vacation

€ 4.900

*** Overnight dates starting before 21'00 are considered a long overnight date. All overnight dates should include dinner.

*** Short overnight fees are subject to dates in your chosen Aphrodite's hometown. All overnight dates abroad will incur a long overnight fee.

Additional info

Every additional overnight, the fun is never-ending

€ 1.700

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