October 2022

Fine Dining: Your Guide to Excellent Table Manners

40 Table Manner suggestions for a Perfect Dinner Date with an Aphrodite Escort!

So, in case you're new here and unsure of what we're all about... we're Aphrodite Agency, a high class escort agency in Europe and beyond. And because of our VIP escort status, we love to talk about and educate our readers on great etiquette and good manners.

We also aim to give you dating tips, date ideas, and travel advice. Want to learn more about the Aphrodite way of life? Stick around! Today, we'll be talking about table manners and dinner date etiquette.

With this table manner blog, you'll be able to have a luxurious dinner date with your Aphrodite escort with an impeccable demeanour while showing off upstanding behaviour.

Aphrodite Escort Dinner Date

Table Manners for an Eloquent Dinner Date with Your High Class Aphrodite Escort

Perhaps you're already well-versed in the art of table manners. But it's also a great idea to freshen up and make sure you're bringing your best dining skills with you. Especially when you're with an upscale high class escort.

And because we offer upscale gentlemen the opportunity to go on dinner dates with our Aphrodite escorts, having great table manners is simply a good sign of respect.

40 Table Manner Tips for Incredible Dates with our Beautiful Models

1. Mobile Phones

A mere two or so decades ago, this would not be an issue. But today, we're almost all slaves to our mobile phones.

Having said that, when you're on a dinner date with an Aphrodite escort, don't leave your phone on the table. The date itself is about having great conversations with each other, not focusing on other things. When you use your phone when in (good) company, it gives them the idea that you're not interested in them nor are you giving them your full attention. The best thing you can do is to put your phone on silent or vibrate and leave it in your pocket or bag. If you do need to take a call, excusing yourself from the table is the best idea.

"Things that have nothing to do with the meal, for example, a cell phone, should never be placed on the table," says Jacqueline Whitmore, etiquette expert.

2. Using your Napkin

As soon as you sit down, place your napkin on your lap and then unfold it. You shouldn't wait for the meal to arrive to place your napkin on your lap.

3. Using Utensils

When using utensils, such as knives, forks, and spoons, on a dinner date with an Aphrodite, the "outside-in" rule applies. This means that, usually, you will use the utensils on the outside first and then work your way in with each course that arrives.

4. Food in your Teeth?

It happens. Sometimes we eat something and are sure that we have something stuck in our teeth. Of course, you don't want to ask your Aphrodite escort if there is actually something stuck in your teeth, and you certainly don't want to floss at the dinner table. For that reason, food is removed from the mouth the way in which it was put in the mouth... with a utensil. If you're using your fingers to eat your meal, you can use them to remove a pit or a bone.

5. Leaving the Table

If you need to leave the table for any reason, such as to go to the restroom or to take a call, the right etiquette would be to tell your Aphrodite escort, "Excuse me, please, I'll be right back". If you get up and leave without saying anything, this will be considered rude.

6. Cutting Your Food

You don't want to make a mess of your plate by cutting up everything at once. Instead, cut your food into one or two bite-sized pieces at a time. The usual place setting will have your knife on your right and your fork on your left. You, of course, can switch this around if you need to when you are about to eat.

7. Using Salt or Pepper During Dinner

Proper dining etiquette say that one should taste their food before they using any kind of seasoning, such as salt or pepper.

8. Eating and Talking

You may be entirely engaged in conversation with your Aphrodite escort, but eating with food in your mouth is a big no. Instead, swallow your food, place your fork on your plate, then speak before starting to eat again.

Table Etiquette with VIP Escort Date

9. Reaching for Things During Dinner

It is impolite to lean past a person sitting next to or opposite you during a meal in order to get something. If what you're looking for is within your reach and doesn't cross over into your date's space, that is fine. If it involves placing your arm over items or leaning past the person, you can politely ask them to pass it to you.

10. Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking at the same time is considered bad table manners. When you're on a date with an Aphrodite escort, you'll want to avoid leaving food on the rim of a glass. To do this, you can blot your lips with a napkin before taking a sip of your drink during your meal.

11. How to Hold a Wine Glass

If you're opting for a white wine, the glass is held by the stem and not the bowl. The opposite is true for red wine however, so red wine glasses are in fact held by the bowl and not the stem.

12. Unsure of How to Eat Certain Foods?

If you're trying something new on the menu, or you're just unsure of the right way to eat something, there are three things you can do. One, you could wait for your Aphrodite escort to begin eating and observe how they eat their meal. Second, you could simply ask how the meal should be eaten. Or third, you could avoid the meal altogether.

13. Chewing

It is bad manners to chew with your mouth open and to chew loudly. Things such as slurping or lip smacking during your meal is a no-go.

14. Using Utensils on Your Plate

While you're eating, make sure not to scrape your utensil against the plate. This is not just impolite but also a pet peeve for many people.

15. Where Do Your Elbows Go?

Elbows on the table are bad manners, yes, but under a certain condition. When you're having a lovely date with your Aphrodite escort, there is a "no elbows on the table" rule that applies only when you are eating. When you're casually engaging in conversation however, it is perfectly fine to place your elbows on the table.

16. Ordering Wine

If you are dining with cost in mind, take a look at the wine section to find a specific wine that interests you at a price you're comfortable with. Then, when the server or sommelier approaches you, you can ask them their opinion of your chosen wine. After, simply place your finger on the price of the wine, not the name of the wine, to indicate which bottle or glass you'd like. Then, as a side note, there are some wines that pair well with almost any meal. For red wines, a Pinot Noir is an excellent choice, and for white wines, a drier Riesling pairs effortlessly with most foods.

17. Drinking Hot Beverages

If you're opting for a warm beverage with your Aphrodite escort, you can test the temperature by taking a little sip from the side of the spoon. If you don't do this and find that your beverage is too hot, you can take a quick sip of water to try not bring too much attention to yourself and to diminish the effects of the burn.

18. Perfectly Normal Human Responses

If you need to cough, sneeze or blow your nose, that is completely fine, but of course it is better to do so away from the table. If this is not possible, you can use your napkin to cover your nose or mouth and try to be as quiet as possible. To blow your nose with a napkin however is bad manners. In this case, it's better to leave the table.

19. Eating Finger Food

If you're at an event and there are finger foods served to you from a tray, you can place it on a plate. When you're finished eating, don't lick your finger. Instead, use a napkin. If you're unsure whether something is eaten with fingers or with a utensil, try to observe the people around you. If you cannot find the answer, going with a utensil may be the best idea, specifically a fork.

20. Ordering Your Meal

Once you've settled in with your Aphrodite escort for your dinner date and you're ready to order, there is no need to yell for the waiter. The correct way in which to order your meal would be to close your menu and place it on the table. This will let the server know that you are ready.

Table Manners for High Class Escort Dating

21. Where to Place Your Napkin Mid-Meal

It's not the best of manners to get up during the middle of a meal, but if you must, you can leave it either on your chair or to the left of your plate.

22. Where to Place Your Napkin After Your Meal

Once you've finished a lovely meal with your Aphrodite escort, you can place your napkin gracefully on the table. Don't put it on top of your plate, as that is an indication of bad table manners.

23. Utensil Placement When You've Finished Eating

Once you've picked up your utensils to eat, they should not touch the table again. If you've been given a knife rest, you can make use of that. Otherwise, once you've finished your meal, you can leave your utensils in the five o'clock finished position. Basically, this means resting your knife and fork on the plate parallel to each other, with the handles pointing to five o' clock with the fork tines facing upwards. Additionally, if you're drinking out of a cup or eating out of a bowl, don't leave your spoon inside between bites or sips. Rest your spoon on a saucer or soup plate. And then, you can also indicate that you're finished with your meal by placing your napkin on the table.

24. Which Utensils to Use

When you are eating something that is served on a plate, you will use a fork. If you are eating something served in a bowl, you'll use a spoon. If your table layout is set up in such a way that a fork and a spoon are present, you can use your fork to steady the portion and the spoon to cut and move the bite to the mouth.

25. Sharing Food

If you're jealous of what your Aphrodite escort has ordered and both of you are perfectly comfortable sharing, there are two techniques that are considered correct. You could either hand your Aphrodite your fork who can then take a bite-sized piece from her plate then hand the fork back to you. Or, if your Aphrodite date is sitting next to you, you could hold your plate towards her and she can put a piece on the edge for you.

26. Dropping Utentils

Mistakes happen, but it need not be cause for embarrassment. When you drop a utensil, such as a fork or knife, you can simply pick it up and kindly ask your server for a new one. If you're unable to reach for the utensil, or to do so would cause quite a scene, leave it and ask your waiter for a replacement.

27. Hand Placement

During your dinner date with an Aphrodite, it's good manners to have your hands resting on your lap. If you're eating using one utensil, you can then rest one hand on your lap while using the other to eat. It's also considered bad manners to touch your hair at the dinner table, and fidgeting isn't encouraged.

28. Hand Gestures

It is never okay to use your utensils to make gestures. Place your utensils on your plate, apart from one another, if you're going to use your hands to speak during a meal.

29. Body Language

It's polite to sit in an upright position with your back straight as opposed to slouching. In other words, don't slouch your back over your plate or back in your chair. Remember that non-verbal communication often speaks just as loud as verbal communication. In this way, having an open body language (not crossing your arms, for example) is a way in which to let your Aphrodite escort know that you're having a good time and that you're comfortable. At the same time, if you eat slowly, it encourages more conversation.

30. Your Attire

It's impolite to wear any kind of hat or cap at the dinner table. This is not necessarily an issue if you're eating somewhere casual, but we're sure that you'd love to take your Aphrodite escort out for an excellent high class dinner date.

Polite Dining Etiquette VIP Dinner Date Escorts

31. Buffet-Style Meals

If you've chosen to have a glorious overnight date with an Aphrodite at a luxury hotel, perhaps you'll have breakfast together that is a buffet style. In this case, you should never go back to the buffet for a refill with a dirty plate. Instead, leave your dirty plate on your table and a wait staff should pick it up for you. In this way, you should always grab a clean plate for every refill.

32. Drinking Tea or Coffee with Accompaniments

If coffee or tea is placed on the table as opposed to being poured by the waiter, the general rule is that the person closest to the pot is the one to pour for others. They will pour for everyone first before pouring for themselves. If accompaniments are included or used, like sugar or crackers, you can crumple the empty packets tightly and place them under the rim of your plate or on the edge of the saucer or butter plate.

33. Soup

If you're enjoying soup with your Aphrodite escort, and it seems to be too hot to eat, do not blow on it. Instead, stir it gently until it cools down. Additionally, it's considered bad table manners to put crackers in your soup during a formal meal.

34. Using Hot Towels

In some high class restaurants, some patrons are given a steamed hot towel at the end of the meal. This towel is used by wiping the hands and, if need be, the area around the mouth. Don't use the towel to wipe other areas of the body, such as the back of the neck or the entire face. When you're finished with the hot towel, you can place it to the left of your plate for the server to remove.

35. Using Finger Bowls

If you've ordered a somewhat messy meal or something that requires you to do some labour with your hands, such as the lobster, your server may give you a finger bowl to use afterwards. To use this, you're going to want to dip your fingers into the water and then dry them with your napkin.

36. Eating Bread & Butter

If you are given bread as a starter that is accompanied with butter, you're going to want to first place a bit of butter onto your butter plate using a butter knife. Then, tear the bread and butter each small piece. It's impolite to butter the entire roll or piece of bread. If there is no butter with your bread, it's still polite to tear it into small pieces before eating.

37. Social Standing Situations

If you find yourself at a standing social event, it's advised to keep at least one hand free. In this case, you could either have a drink in one hand or a small plate of food, never both. If you are holding a drink, place it in your left hand so that you have your right hand free to shake hands with someone, if the occasion calls for it.

38. Be Aware of Different Eating Styles Around the World

If you're in a new country, perhaps on an adventure with an Aphrodite, and you want to try to show the locals that you know a thing or two, try to learn more about their specific dining mannerisms. For example, in some European countries food is cut using the right hand, and the left hand is used to hold the food being cut.

39. Passing Food

If you're at a table with a few guests, and you're serving your own food, it is polite to pass food dishes to the right. And just as we mentioned above, don't reach over someone else if you're wanting more food. Simply ask for the plate to be passed back to you after everyone has taken a serving.

40. Please and Thank You

And last but not least, the mere essentials of being polite: saying "please" and "thank you". This is not just to your Aphrodite date but to everyone around you, especially your server. A lot can be said about a person on the way in which they treat waiters, so remember that the next time you're out on a beautiful dinner date with an Aphrodite escort.

With these 40 tips on table manners, you'll be sure to impress your dinner date! At the end of the day however, it is merely about having a general sense of politeness. Treating your Aphrodite escort dinner date with respect and kindness goes a long way, so if anything, remember that.

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