August 2022

Discover Europe's Most Underrated Cities with Aphrodite Agency

Instead of the touristy spots, why not experience one of more of these 8 lesser-known cities in Europe that'll exceed your expectations?

There's no denying it... there's a seemingly endless list of fantastic places to visit in Europe that'll leave you with a sense of hope and happiness. Then again, there are certain cities that are more popular than others. While these cities are magical for a reason, others are often overlooked. What a pity!

So, to shine some light on a few other fantastic spots on Europe's hidden gems, we're going to be looking at eight underrated cities in Europe that are perfect to enjoy with your high class Aphrodite escort (in no particular order).

From cities in Austria, Greece, Norway Portugal, and more, we highly recommend seeing these wondrous locations.

1. Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim in Norway is a city on the Trondheim Fjord in central Norway. It's considered the technology capital of Norway, because it is home to Norway's science and technology university NTNU, and the research institute SINTEF.

But for those who aren't all that interested in taking a vacation for science and technology, this city offers so much more.

Some of our top suggestions include:

  • Taking a stroll around the colourful, cobbled pedestrian streets in the Bakklandet area. This area is a great spot for you and your Aphrodite escort as its the meeting place that's both hip and charming at the same time. Here you can enjoy a hot cup of homemade cocoa, have lunch with locally produced ingredients at one of the many cafes and restaurants.

  • You can also take your high class escort to some of the inspiring boutiques and galleries that are in the Bakklandet area and beyond.

  • Renting a bike to explore things as the local do. In fact, Trondheim is well-known as Norway's leading cyclist city. It even has a Trampe, which is a bike lift leading up to the steep slope from near the Old Town Bridge to near the historic fortress. It's gained immense popularity, transporting around ,20,000 to 30,000 cyclists per year.

  • Taking a gander over the Gamle Bybro Bridge (Old Town Bridge) with your Aphrodite escort towards the city centre, which will dazzle you with views of the 19th century wooden wharfs lined up along the Nidelva river. On the other side of the river, you'll find Trondheim's Gothic queen, the Nidarosdomen Cathedral. This cathedral has been constructed over the tomb of St. Olav, and is Norways' largest church. It's adorned with around 5,000 sculptures with incredibly elaborate details.

  • Tasting the Nordic flavours in the city of Trondheim that boasts three stars in the Michelin guide, or visit the city during the Trøndelag Food festival which happens annually around the end of July. Along with your high class escort, you can see the local restaurants, food producers, farmers, and fishermen geared up to showcase their most amazing gastronomy. What's also fun is that this festival also offers cooking classes (in English), some of which even involve you peddling a bicycle that blends fruits and vegetables.

  • Going on a boat ride alongside your favourite Aphrodite escort on the river and in the Trondheimsfjord for a breezy sightseeing experience that happens all-year-round.

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2. Zamora, Spain

Zamora can be found in the northwest of Spain, and is the capital of the Zamora province. It's got a beautiful aesthetic, peaceful, yet brimming with good energy and friendly locals, and is famous for its Zamora Cathedral which is comprised of a Byzantine dome, Romanesque tower, and a neoclassical cloister.

If you're intrigued on seeing somewhere new with one of our tantalising Aphrodite escorts, we recommend Zamora as it will give you plenty of things to do, whilst the ability to enjoy an intimate and lustful adventure.

Some of our top suggestions include:

  • Seeing the extremely well-preserved old quarter that has an important Romanesque artistic heritage. So much so, in fact, that's been declared a Historic-Artistic Site. You can find this awe-inspired space standing on the banks of the Deuro river and in the heart of the Silver Route, and doing so will give you the chance to see the city walls, palaces, and churches. Then, both you and your Aphrodite escort could take a stroll through some of the towns and villages along the Duero River Route and the Silver Route, enjoying local Spanish gastronomy and traditions. One specific time which is highly celebrated in Zamora is during the Holy Week, which is declared as a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest.

  • Visiting the Castle of Zamora, which is a grand fortress that lies in the heart of the town. Here, you get free entrance into the castle, but you could also opt for a guided tour if that's what you fancy. And while it is home to a range of modern sculptures today, it once was used as a fortress, a court of justice, and even a prison. This castle will also offer you and your high class escort impeccable views of the Duero Valley.

  • Gazing upon the Puente de Piedra Bridge, a favourite for locals and travellers, which spoils its visitors with gorgeous views (possible even reflections of the bridge in the river on a clear, sunny day). This bridge has connected Zamora with towns to the South of the Duero River for over 800 years, making it a true historical site that's brimming with beauty.

  • Enjoying an afternoon at the Museo Baltasar Lobo, a museum that has sculptures, paintings, and photographs that mainly focus on the female form by the Spanish artist, Baltasar Lobo. This is a location that the locals are very proud of, and to visit it would be to pay huge respect to the artist, who was born in Zamora.

  • Walking through the picturesque Balboraz Street, which is colourful and lined with different architecturally designed styles in one space. Doing so will give you a moment to really appreciate this city's beauty and to take a moment of quiet solitude with your favourite Aphrodite escort.

3. Trogir, Croatia

Sitting pretty on the central Adriatic coast of Croatia lies Trogir, a preserved old town known for its mix of Renaissance, baroque and Romanesque buildings. This small island is connected to the mainland and the island, Čiovo, by bridges, which makes it easy enough to get to, and is a city that is well-worth the visit due to its charm, narrow and ancient streets that form a labyrinth, and medieval town houses.

If its a lively seafront vibe and an architectural dream you're after, Trogir will definitely deliver with its gorgeous views and UNESCO World Heritage status.

Some of our top suggestions include:

  • Seeing the stunning Cathedral of St. Lawrence, which is many consider to be the most important building in the town. It dates back to the 13th century yet was only completed in the 16th century, and has a mix of architectural styles, such as Romanesque and Gothic. As you enter this marvel, you'll see a beautiful portal filled with intricate carved designs, two stone lions, and a standing guard on either side.

  • Climbing the Trogir Cathedral Bell Tower which, while slender, can be seen from just about every spot in the town. And while it started its journey in the 14th century, and was completed in the 16th century, it's a complete masterpiece today, allowing you an absolute adventure. That is, you and your Aphrodite escort can climb the spiral staircase to the top of the bell tower to see incredible panoramic views over the town and the water.

  • Planning a relaxing day in the central square, which is bustling and lively yet lined with tons of outdoor seating cafes and bars for chatting and people watching. Sometimes, you'll see live acts outside, such as musical performances, but you'll always be treated to lovely views of the beautiful architecture around you.

  • Visiting the Trogir City Museum with your Aphrodite is also a great idea, as it's the main museum in the town, and contains prehistoric finds. Here, you'll see Greek ceramics, religious history, and Renaissance art, which will give you a more authentic feel. And while the museum isn't all that big, you will be able to see works by local painter, Cata Duišin Ribar.

  • Chartering your own boat from the Filip's Marina with Captain Filip Jadrić with your Aphrodite, giving you the chance to sightsee and take trips to Maslinica on Šolta and Krknjaši on Drvenik Veli. On this excursion, you can swim, have a picnic lunch, and breathe in the fresh sea air. Or, you could consider taking a 14-metre three-cabin boat, Princess Mercy, that has air conditioning, a TV, and cooking facilities? This boat can either be chartered or reserved with your own captain.

  • Swimming amid the colourful coral by organising a trip with the Discover Scuba programme, perfect for beginners. This is because one need not be certified divers, and can simply dive right in and explore the beauty of the underwater world.

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4. Thessaloniki, Greece

This port city can be found on the Thermaic Gulf of the Aegean Sea, and is a marvellous place in Europe that's shown sheer resilience, due to must of the city centre being destroyed by fire in 1917. Today, Thessaloniki has roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman history remains, plus a modern European layout perfect to explore with your Aphrodite high class escort.

We adore Thessaloniki for its gorgeous scenery, rich multicultural history, architecture, food scene, and its fun and creative side (it has a large student population). We also recommend visiting if you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a more slow-paced vacation.

Some of our top suggestions include:

  • Climbing the White Tower which stands on the city's seafront and dates back to1430. This whitewashed tower was once referred to as the 'Red Tower' as it was a brutal prison, but today, it's nothing short of a paradise offering panoramic views of the city and across the Thermaic Gulf from the top. Inside, you'll also find a museum with various rooms each showcasing different periods of history.

  • Checking out the OTE Phone Tower, which is a 250-foot tall tower build in 1966 found inside the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre. Today, it's been renovated, allowing for 360-degree rotating cafe and restaurant called Skyline Cafe-Bar. Here, you and your Aphrodite escort can enjoy a glass of wine or coffee whilst whirling away, seeing the city from different views and angles.

  • Visiting Ano Poli, which is commonly known as the Upper Town and the historic neighbourhood of Thessaloniki. What's amazing about this area is that it managed to escape the Great Fire of 1917, which means that its beautiful cobblestoned streets and ottoman-era houses are untouched, authentic, and full of history. There are also little taverns that serve excellent Greek cuisine, so you can enjoy the sunset and the authenticity of this inspiring spot.

  • Going to an art exhibitions at Bensounsan Han, which is also a building that survived the fire. This building hosts a number of different cultural and artistic events, such as theatre performances, festivals, art classes, and workshops for those who crave a bit of artistic creativity and inspiration.

  • Enjoying local wine at the Ktima Gerovassiliou Vineyard in Thessaloniki is a great way to spend an afternoon with your Aphrodite Escort. It can be found a mere few kilometres from the centre of the city, and doubles up as a wine museum too. It spread across 720 acres of land, and is a fusion of wine, nature, and culture. When harvest is in full swing, people can be found hand-picking grapes, which too is an authentic experience... not to mention that this vineyard produces award-winning wines.

  • Walking along the Thessaloniki waterfront, which is about five kilometres in length, is a fun way to see the city and admire the promenade. It's recently undergone a complete renovation, and will connect you to other must-see attractions, such as the Photography Museum, the White Tower, and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

5. Innsbruck, Austria

Often, when one thinks of Austria, Vienna comes to mind. But when you take the time to explore other cities in this gorgeous country, you'll be just as, or possibly more, amazed.

Innsbruck is a city in the Alps and is a great spot for winter sports as well as hiking or mountaineering in summer. It's well-known for its Imperial and modern architecture, futuristic stations, and has an array of fun activities to enjoy with your Aphrodite escort.

Some of our top suggestions include:

  • Wandering through the Old Town (Altstadt), which is a semi-circular quarter enclosed by a ring of streets, and an excellent pedestrian area to really imbibe the culture. It's got over 800 years of history, narrow house fronts, beautiful doorways and windows, and arcade facades that will take your breath away.

  • Experiencing Nordkette, the closest mountain to Innsbruck. You can enjoy the ride up by funicular, which has been updated to reflect a more modern design, and see the sights whilst on the eight-minute journey. Upon arrival, you can take the Nordkette Cable Car which will take you up 2,300 metres, offering you 360-degree views. At the top, you have restaurants, viewing platforms, and hiking trails.

  • Visiting two churches, Hofkirche and the Cathedral of St. James, both of which are small in size yet big in inspiration. Hofkirche is well-known for its 28 bronze statues of the ancestors and heroes of Austria, while the Cathedral of St. James is famous for its Baroque architecture.

  • Ski jumping at Bergisel, which will not just give you incredible views from the top, but also the ability to enjoy a cup of coffee at the stadium, which was rebuilt in 2001. This stadium is a combination of different types of architecture, making it another reason to embark on this journey whilst in Austria.

  • Dazing upon the Schloss Ambras Castle, which is not far from Innbsruck. This castle not only boasts lush gardens and grounds, but was also the home of the Archduke Ferdinand. The castle is simply breathtaking, and is home to numerous suits of armour, amazing sculptures, and art collections.

  • Going skiing at Nordpark, which is nearest to Innsbruck, and gives you and your Aphrodite escort the chance to enjoy many great ski slopes that cater to all levels. It also offers breathtaking views, and is considered one of the most popular ski spots in Austria. Skiing and snowboarding are on offer, so why not enjoy the fresh mountain air alongside someone tantalising?

  • Taking a little trip 20 kilometres east of Innsbruck to see Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds). This is a museum and art gallery that has 17 chambers displaying crystal artwork, a Crystal Dome, a Crystal Theatre, and an amazing Crystal Forest installation. There's also a large landscaped waterfall in the shape of a human head, which is the centrepiece of the outdoor features.

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6. Vila Real de Santo António, Portugal

Found in the Algarve region of Portugal is the little gem, Vila Real de Santo António. It's a city, parish, and municipality that was constructed in 1774, and home to just a small population.

Having said that, it's peaceful, unhurried, and unique, making it an unforgettable place to visit in Europe with your high class Aphrodite escort.

Some of our top suggestions include:

  • Seeing the Praça Marquês de Pombal, which is the grand plaza set in the heart of this small town. It's got a number of quaint and authentic cafes and restaurants with lots of shade, and a large area to walk and admire the city. This square also has a famous and monumental Obelisk, which was inaugurated in 1779 in honour of king Mr Jose I.

  • Taking a trip in the Mata Nacional das Dunas de Vila Real de Santo António. This is a tranquil forest to the South of the city which was planted in the 19th century in order to stabilise the coastal sand dunes. Today, it's a spot for people to walk, see deserted beaches, and perhaps spot a chameleon or two.

  • Strolling down the Rio Guadiana. This scenic walk is alongside the mouth of the river at the Foz do Guadiana. The entrance to this river is also a stunning spot for those who love fishing whilst enjoying the view of neighbouring Spain. Alternatively, you could do a boat cruise on the Guadiana River with your chosen Aphrodite escort.

  • Enjoying a day at the Santo Antonio Beach, three kilometres of sandy beach and sheer peace and quiet. This beach is a Blue Flag award beach, which means that it's both clean and has a certain level of facilities (such as a lifeguard service and beach shack). You may also love the neighbouring beach, Monte Gordo, as it has warmer water and is perhaps more peaceful than Santo Antonio Beach with its backdrop of sand dunes.

  • Embracing an adrenaline strike at Parque Aventura which has high rope courses. This is an activity that takes you from tree to tree, sometimes bridges, and uses rope nets and giant zip lines. There are several different courses, some easier than others, so you can customise your adventure to your liking. The three levels are: curious, adventurous, and fearless. This fun-filled activity doesn't require any physical preparation so it's great for beginners and more adrenaline-seeking individuals.

7. Bern, Switzerland

Despite being the capital city of Switzerland, Bern is often overlooked when it comes to places to see in this beautiful country. It's built around a crook in the Aare River, and can be traced back to the 12th century with its medieval architecture (found in its Old Town).

Bern is also the home to the Neo-Renaissance Bundeshaus (Federal Palace) which is where the Swiss Parliament and diplomats meet, making it an important part of Swiss culture.

Some of our top suggestions include:

  • Strolling through the Altstadt (Old Town) which has impeccable uniformity. It was unfortunately destroyed in a fire in 1405, which saw the burning down of the old wooden houses, but today, you'll see tall sandstone buildings, many of which are woven with arcades on the ground floor. There are six kilometres of arcades in total, hiding many a shop, cafe, or restaurant. There are also 11 Renaissance fountains in the Old Town, which is impressive, and each of them date back to the 16th century.

  • Checking out Zentrum Paul Klee, a modern museum which houses the work of one of the most influential artists of the early 20th century. This building stands today because Klee's daughter donated all of her inheritance to the city, after which Italian architect, Renzo Piano was hired to design the museum for the works. You'll also love the Zentrum Paul Klee because its designed as an oscillating wave, which is an impressive sight on its own.

  • Gazing upon the tallest cathedral in Switzerland, the Bern Cathedral started to get higher and higher during the 15th and 16th century. The single spire is higher than 100 metres, and if you'd like to, you can walk up around 400 steps to get to the top. Here, you'll see the incredible snow-capped Alps. Another reason to walk the steps? You'll be greeted by a set-piece of one of Europe's greatest groups of Late Gothic sculpture called the Last Judgement.

  • Visiting Switzerland's second largest institution in the field of historical museums, the Bern Historical Museum holds artefacts dating back to the Stone Age. These permanent displays are spoils of war such as tapestries taken from Burgundy in the 1400's and 1500's, and the Königsfelden Diptych which was composed in Venice for the King of Hungary at the end of the 13th century.

  • Having fun at Moossee Lake, which is a mere 10 minute train ride from Bern's main railway station. Upon arrival, take a five-minute stroll and you'll arrive at a lake that has a grass-edged beach, table tennis facilities, diving towers, and a raft to swim out to. It also has a parasol-shaded terrace offering local cuisine and snacks.

So, tell us: which city tickles your fancy the most?
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