October 2022

Tantric Massage with Your Lustful Aphrodite

Your Easy, Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide to Tantric Massage!

There are a variety of ways to de-stress, evoke feelings of happiness, and to feel closer to a partner. And sure, we love the idea of going on incredible dinner dates, travel adventures, and more! But there is another way you can deepen your intimacy with an Aphrodite escort (or any other partner of your choosing).

Truthfully, our Aphrodite's aren't trained in tantric massage. We don't specialise in it, nor do we offer it. But, this practice, if agreed upon by both partners, is something you'd like to try, why not? This kind of intimate massage comes with a slew of benefits, and can be a great way to really enhance your escort experience.

The good news is, you don't need a professional to practice tantric massage. With our beginner guide, both you and your Aphrodite escort can navigate and practice this wondrous event together. But remember: consent is mandatory for both you and your Aphrodite beforehand.

What is a Tantric Massage?

A tantric massage is an erotic, full body massage that's intended to move sexual energy around the body. It's a way in which to activate all the pleasure spots in the receiver's body, and to open up their body to feel more sensations and bliss.

The thing about a tantric massage however, is that there is a spiritual element to it. It is not merely a sexual activity, it's a healing and transcendent one. It can promote sexual and spiritual health.

During a tantric massage, there is a big focus on mindfulness. In fact, this practice isn't considered foreplay as it isn't done in a way to prepare partners for anything further than the massage itself. The emphasis is on being present.

"The type of touch is often light, playful, and sensual in tantric massage," says Sanjay J, a tantric masseur. "It includes genital touch on the erogenous zones, sacred spot activation and internal and external massage, with the idea of stimulating over 10,000 nerve endings. Energy is moved from the pleasurable areas to other parts of the body, so the whole body can feel orgasmic," she says.

Another important thing to know about tantric massage is that is should be practiced slow and sensually. This is not an activity to rush, nor to try when you've got a time limit. Professionals say that a tantric massage is usually around 90 to 180 minutes. So if you're intrigued to try it, make sure that you're in no hurry, and that you're ready to fully immerse yourself in this ancient practice that dates back to the 8th century AD.

How to Give Tantric Massage

How to Practice a Tantric Massage for Beginners

So you're intrigued about tantric massages. We're not surprised. It's a deeply satisfying practice and involves a lot of mindfulness and positive energy. And if you're hoping to enjoy this practice with your partner or your Aphrodite, we've put together a how-to guide for tantric massage. This beginner's guide is perfect for anyone who's never had the thrill of trying it.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Tantric Massage

  1. Find the right time

A tantric massage is something that shouldn't be rushed nor interrupted. Finding the right time means having at least two hours to really get yourself into the experience. This not only means time-wise, but also mentally. Both partners should feel relaxed and safe, ready to give or receive this kind of intense massage.

  1. Set up your space

A cosy, warm and inviting space is important. Arranging the setting, such as using candles and aroma oils, for example, can contribute to an atmosphere of peace and joy. You could add in anything else that makes you feel relaxed and in the mood, be it extra pillows or blankets, dim lighting, specific massage oils, or other. It is also in this step that you talk with your partner about expectations, so that everyone knows what will take place. What's also important is that the aim of a tantric massage is not climax. It is to be mindful of the present sensations and thus removes all anxieties about performance or outcomes. And, of course, giving a tantric massage in no way means that the receiver should feel obligated to reciprocate.

  1. Choose the right oils

In tantric massage, natural oils are recommended because they are used to moisturise the body and make the skin softer. Once you're both feeling comfortable, the receiver of the massage can get fully naked. The giver too can remove their clothes, if they would like. The giver will then take their natural massage oil, such as coconut oil, and rub it in their hands until it's warm.

Natural Coconut Oil Tantric Massage
  1. Starting the massage

The receiver will lay down on their stomach, and the giver will start to massage the upper areas of their body. This includes the neck, ears, and back. Take your time and be intentional, feeling their soft skin, and be aware of what you're experiencing. How do your hands feel? How does your body feel? Are you feeling happy, relaxed, aroused? Both partners should try their best to stay in the moment. If one's mind wanders, try to bring focus back to what's happening. You can spend a good 30 minutes or more doing this.

  1. Turn over

At this point, the receiver of the tantric massage can turn over onto their back. The giver will massage their entire body, including their chest, stomach, arms and legs. This too should be done mindfully, taking in the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. Go slow, and communicate if need be so that both partners are comfortable. This too could take about 30 minutes or longer. Whatever feels most relaxing for you both. It's not a race, and there is no end goal in mind. The massage itself is the experience.

  1. Get more intimate

Now is the time to get more intimate. This includes inching closer to your partner's inner thighs and pubic area. Again, don't rush it. A tantric massage isn't about going for your partner's intimate area quickly, or starting to go full steam ahead. It's a slow and intentional process. As you start to move around their pubic area, you can begin massaging their genital erogenous zones. Whilst you're doing this, communicate with each other to make sure everyone is feeling good. If there's a certain area that the receiver admits feels very arousing, you could focus on that area to enhance the eroticism. This part of the massage can take as long as feels best. We recommend 30 to 60 minutes. Slow and steady.

  1. Climax

As we mentioned, climaxing isn't the goal of a tantric massage. But if one happens, it's even better. If your partner does reach climax, you can continue to massage them very gently while they cool down. If they haven't or don't climax, this is completely fine because it is not the aim of the practice. The most important thing is to take your time, and give each other intimate and erotic energy. What you do after the massage is completely up to you.

  1. Ending your tantric massage

Ending a tantric massage shouldn't be abrupt. It should come smoothly without any feelings of being rushed. After all, you're not at a professional spa with someone who is timing the experience. You can really let loose and be yourself during your partnered tantric massage. In other words, don't rush the end. Allow both of you to slowly stop, and you can have as much time as needed to sit down and simply be. Having these positive emotions before, during, and after will aid in a new world of pleasure and satisfaction.

  1. A tantric massage is what you want it to be

While we have given you this basic guide to tantric massage, you can do things at your own pace and in your own time. Add in things that will aid in a more spiritual and intimate experience. It's simply about creating a connection between two people that'll result in relaxation, arousal, and an inspiring element of mindfulness.

Erotic Tantric Massage Aphrodite Escorts

What Are the Benefits of a Tantric Massage?

There are a ton of benefits to tantric massage. From physical, to mental and, sexual health, tantric massages are an excellent way to get in touch with yourself and to connect with a partner on a more intimate level.

  • Tantric massages help break out of the "normal" intimacy routine. It allows people to feel new sensations in a different way, and may help individuals to find new routes to pleasuring yourself or someone else.

  • Tantric massages take the focus away from oneself and places it on a partner. In this way, it can bring about even more intimacy, connection, relaxation, and arousal.

  • Tantric massages increase sexual mindfulness because it prompts individuals to pay conscious attention their body, their sensations, their emotions, breathing, and pleasure.

  • Tantric massages can reduce stress levels, as noted in a 2020 study. In this study, partners gave each other a 15-minute type of tantric massage after which both partners had lower levels of stress.

  • Tantric massages can aid in a whole body purification and cleanse. This is because one's body is re-educated on how to utilise powerful internal and external energy sources.

  • Tantric massages can help restore balance, order, and harmony. When someone is out of balance, or has an excess of sexual energy, they may experience blockages and conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

  • Tantric massages awakens sexual energy, retains it in the body, then disperses it throughout one's entire being. This could result in a whole-body climax, and better lovemaking in the future.

  • Tantric massages is to praise one's body, removing any feelings of shame, guilt, or self-critical thoughts. In this way, this kind of massage can promote body positivity and loving one's body.

  • Tantric massages offer an intimate experience without expectations, which can cause partners to feel anxious. Instead, there is no end-goal, for example, climaxing, which can take a lot of pressure off a partner. There is no judgement during a tantric massage.

  • Tantric massages can change one's perspective on intimacy, making it less one-dimensional and more about spiritual power and pleasure.

Are you ready to experience the true gift that is tantric massage? It's time for a transcendent adventure!

Go on a new intimate journey of the body and mind!
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