December 2021

Looking for a Boost in the Bedroom?

A mixture of tips that can help you to become more confident in various parts of your life.

As humans, we are continuously evolving. And for many of us, personal growth is hugely important. So when we talk about gaining or boosting confidence in the bedroom, it's not necessarily just about intimate confidence. You see, confidence begins with ourselves. When we feel confident, as an individual, this can transcend into other important spheres of your life... such as in the bedroom.

So, instead of merely suggesting sensual ways that are directly linked to bedroom confidence, we're going to give you a mixture of ways you can work on yourself in the broader scheme of things, which will undoubtedly lead to higher self-esteem and more fun when it comes to after-dark activities too.

When it Comes to Bedroom Confidence, it's All About Self-Compassion

There are so many reasons why one may not feel very confident in the bedroom. For one, erotica is oftentimes seen as a negative thing. Many grow up believing that intimacy is a taboo, sinful, or wrong, which leads to experiencing adulthood with the same mindset. 

Then there's also the aspect of how society dictates who we should be, what's desirable, what's 'normal' and what's attractive. The colour of one's skin, the size of one's body, age, gender expression... all of these things can contribute to either higher or lower levels of self-worth and self-esteem. Society has a way of making us feel unattractive, vulnerable, shamed, and stifled, in one way or another, when it comes to self-expression, loving ourselves, fantasy fulfilment, and being comfortable in intimate situations.  

And so, the key to boosting your bedroom confidence is not always directly linked to doing certain things in the bedroom. It's about self-compassion. When we start to have a relationship with ourselves that's curious, compassionate, self-aware, loving, and understanding, we gain tools that will follow us into the bedroom and beyond. And we all deserve to have great intimacy, to experience intense lust, and to feel free enough to express and enjoy erotic activities.

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7 Tips to Help you Boost your Bedroom Confidence That Are All About You!

1. Self-Kindness

This is when we treat ourselves the same way that we would a close and special friend. Think about the kinds of empathy, love, understanding, and fondness you have for someone near to you. And think about the types of advice you'd give them if they were feeling low, self-conscious, or unhappy.

2. Common Humanity

Oftentimes, we feel alone, as if no one understands how we feel and what we're going through. During these times, it's important to understand that we're far from alone in our struggles, and that everyone experiences insecurities at one time or another.

3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is when we are able to be fully present in the moment, aware of where we are and what we're doing, and the space we're moving through. It's when we're not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what's going on around us. When we aren't mindful, we can lose touch with our body and our mind, and allow our thoughts to wander to places that make us anxious, creating a barrier between you and joy.

4. Expectations

When we're intimate with someone, is rarely ever like what we see in films, TV, or erotica. These kinds of scenes lead some to believe that they have to act a certain way or do certain things in order to be 'good' in the bedroom. And having these kinds of expectations might just shatter your experience. Instead, it's important to realise that every connection between two people is different. 

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5. Imperfection is Perfection

When we strive for perfection in the bedroom, we are setting ourselves for failure because perfection is relative when it comes to intimacy. Instead, being intimate is when we have the freedom to speak about our needs and wants, try new things. And if they don't quite go according to plan, having a partner that full embraces humour or playfulness will make things a lot less intimidating.

6.  Finding the Right Partner

We often take cues from others about how they see us. The things they say and the way in which they react can have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. If you're with the right partner, you'll be able to talk to them without judgement or embarrassment, which can make a big difference when it comes to your bedroom confidence.

7. Nourish Your Mind and Your Body

While the above six tips are all about how we can adjust and work on our mental thoughts and feelings, our physical health too plays a big part in how we think, feel, and see ourselves. When we treat out body with respect, nourish it with healthy foods and move it often, we not only feel more confident in our own skin, but also experience a boost in happy hormones, such as endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body.

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5 Daily Actions to Build Your Self-Confidence 

1. Identify Your Emotions

Being aware of your range of feelings will allow you to be more grounded, more in-touch with yourself and your experiences, and allow you to be more true to yourself. When you actively avoid negative feelings, you're setting yourself up to experience sadness, shame, helplessness, anger, disappointment, and frustration.  Instead, when you deal with your feelings, you'll be working on your emotional strength, helping boost your confidence.

2. Express Yourself

When you speak up about things that you need or feel strongly about, you'll be able to feel a greater sense of self-worth and a confidence boost, as it'll allow you to live more authentically. It's entirely freeing when you're able to let your voice be heard, in a positive, kind, and affirming manner.

3. Take Action

Set goals for yourself and actively work towards achieving them.  Failure is inevitable in everyone's life, but when you work hard and reach goals, you'll be left with a sense of pride, self-control, and strength. Take action, show up, and begin the journey of having even higher levels of self-confidence.

4. Reduce Negative Self-Talk

We're all prone to self-criticism, but when we feed ourselves negative self-talk, we rob ourselves of all kinds of positive experience, such as achieving goals. Our beliefs about ourself can either motive us or damage us, so when we belittle ourselves, we're essentially setting ourselves up for difficulty and lower levels of self-confidence.

5. Accepting Compliments

Many of us as quick to dismiss compliments or to believe that what one tells us isn't true. But the way in which you accept compliments is like a mirror, reflecting the way in which you see yourself.  When you start to accept compliments, you'll start to see how much further you are in terms of working towards who you want to be, and you'll be able to see yourself in a much more confident light.

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5 Sexy Ways to Boost Your Bedroom Confidence

1. Set the Scene

If there's a certain aspect about intimacy that makes you feel either self-conscious or confident, use it to your advantage. For example, perhaps dimming the lights or using candles can help you to feel more sexy or at ease. Or you could use props that create a more comfortable or arousing atmosphere, like toys or blindfolds.  

2. Create a Sexy Playlist

Music has the power to take us through all kinds of moods... including those erotic in nature. Creating a sexy playlist ensures that you'll have the right kind of ambience throughout your sensual experiences, leaving no space for awkward silence (if you perceive silence to be awkward). Creating your own playlist too removes the chance of an unsexy song coming on whilst you're in the zone.

3. Take Advantage of the Power of Scent

Scent is extremely powerful, and has the ability to take us back to all kinds of memories. Some scents are able to increase arousal, and some can decrease it. Finding a scent that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and in-the-mood can go a long way when it comes to confidence and performance.  In fact, odours take a direct route to the limbic system, and the regions that are related to emotion and memory.

4. Foreplay!

Engaging in foreplay is a great chance to relax and slowly move into other forms of pleasure. And foreplay need not be too intense! Things such as sensual massages, cuddling, deep kissing, and gentle caressing can go a long way in terms of feeling safe, comfortable, and confident. 

5. Curate Your Outfit

When we feel sexy, we're more confident. This is simply a fact. Find an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. It could be a great pair of shoes, a stunning dress, a smart suit, or even a piece of sexy lingerie. Whatever makes you feel sexy will certainly aid in higher levels of bedroom confidence.

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So, how are you feeling? Do you feel as though theses tips are manageable? Confidence is a thing that we all work on every day. And there's not one person alive that feels confident every single day. Remember that we're all human and we all have our own struggles. But working on yourself, and creating opportunities to be more confident, in and outside of the bedroom, will only make you a stronger, more resilient individual with a greater sense of wellbeing and self-love. 

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It's time to live your best life in the streets and in the sheets!
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