November 2020

Important Health Tips for Women in Their 20's

Healthy habits are essential to guarantee physical and emotional well-being.

Many women believe that since they are young they do not need to take care of themselves as they have so much energy, and their bodies have a high resistance.

This theory, however, is very far from reality. 

If you start to take care of yourself at an early age, it'll help raise your self-esteem, keep you in optimal health conditions, and even increase life expectancy. 

Here are four tips on how to maintain a healthy life in your 20's...

1. Practice Physical Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is very dangerous for you. Exploring new things will allow you to get out of your comfort zone and become familiar with innovative concepts that will improve your day to day.

Sexual practices, in addition to being a source of satisfaction and relaxation, count as excellent exercise. The use of Vivesex accessories will help you let your imagination fly whilst getting maximum pleasure. Dare to accelerate your heart rate, burn calories and be super happy?

In the same way, any focusing on your sexual health and wellness will help minimise the occurrence of certain health problems, such as urinary incontinence or sexual dysfunctions.

A good sex life can even enhance your mood. If you combine it with other physical activity that you like, you can find multiple spaces to get out of your routine, clear your mind, and to maintain body firmness.

Fitness, doing weights, gymnastics, yoga, swimming or attending a dance academy are just some of the alternatives that'll make you sweat and stay active. While it may seem contradictory, the more exercises you do, the more revitalised you will feel.

If you feel that you don't have enough time to exercise, now is the perfect time to do a thorough analysis of your daily routine. Finding time to exercise is essential to your overall health and happiness. 

For example, you could use your car or public transport less and walk to get to work or study center, take breaks during your studies or work days, either to stretch or take short walks, or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

You could also reduce the amount of time you spend in front of the television, on social media, playing video games or the using the Internet and instead, go for a walk in a park, go on a bike, and doing fun physical activities with your friends and family.

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2. Take Care of Your Diet

Hormonal changes occur rapidly during adolescence,  so your diet needs to be able to comply with these changes. Additionally, there may be some anxiety for some when it comes to food.

But, the incorporation of a nutritious diet allows you to replace the energy you use on a daily basis in a healthy way. Achieving balance is not always easy, but it is possible.

Tip: Remember that your body weight should be based on your height. 

Consuming food high in calories, sugar, and fat in excess can increase your chances of obesity, diabetes,  and many other serious health conditions.

On the flip side, you should be eating small meals, regularly, to avoid excessive hunger which could lead to binge eating and an increase in insulin production. To regulate your food intake, it is advisable to consume small portions, around 4 and 5 times a day. In this way, you're eating moderately and not in excess.

If you are currently doing or want to do a certain diet, seek the advice of professionals beforehand, and do not let yourself be dazzled by those "magic" weight loss cures that seem like the perfect solution to shed those extra pounds.

Another tip is to make sure your meals have all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.Fruits, vegetables, cereals, and legumes are excellent sources, while dairy products, fish, and meat are essential for proper development of the body.  Limit the consumption of fried foods, carbohydrates and saturated fat. The intake of soft drinks is also harmful to your health, so replace them with water.

Lastly, alcoholic beverages are usually counterproductive and without you realising it. could lead to addiction. Be mindful of your alcohol intake and enjoy drinks moderately, if you choose to do so.

3. Go to the Gynaecologist

Gynaecological consultations are important in order to identify different pathologies or abnormalities typical of women. 

In this meeting, a complete review of your health is carried out as well as evaluating the symptoms that you may or may not presents during your menstrual period. This appointment is important in order to be mindful of your development, and to clarify any doubts you may have when it comes to reproduction and sexuality

Once you start having sex, it is suggested to go to the gynaecologist annually for relevant tests. The specialist will guide you in matters related to the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

And don't forget to go for a general checkup, breast exam, and an evaluation of the reproductive organs and genital area.

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4. Personal Care

The lifestyle that you choose to have in your 20's will either impact your life in a positive or negative way as you continue to get older.

In addition to paying attention to your diet, exercising regularly, and visiting the gynaecologist periodically, you should also take care of other aspects in order to achieve a good appearance, be healthy. and feel good about yourself.

Did you know that after the age of 25, oxidation in the skin begins and it is no longer as smooth as before? So when you experience a stressful day, or have recent changes to your daily routine or new responsibilities, don't forget to have an excellent skincare regime, and to take care of the most important person: you!

And if you suffer from acne, a dermatologist can assist you in getting the appropriate treatment according to the symptoms you present. Remember to always wear sunscreen, even when the weather is cloudy.

With that, try to work on having a balanced self-esteem. Loving yourself is more important than you think, if you have low esteem it can have a very negative impact on how you perceive the world, and the things that you will or won't accept in life.

Personal hygiene depends on having proper hygiene habits. Your appearance will look fresh, renewed and radiant if you take the time to take care of it.  And last but not least, daily rest is very important. Sleep at least 8 hours a day to replenish lost energy and drink lots of water!

Live your best life with optimal health, and you’ll shine for the rest of your days!

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