May 2024

We Have a New Aphrodite in London

A dizzy spell awaits...

Serena, a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes, has now joined the A-team. A woman who glows with positive, smiley energy with a touch of naughtiness and mischief.

Serena is a South African-born Aphrodite who has now decided to live that London life. She absolutely loves it and is proud to call it her home, despite still being a lover of travel.

She's super fit and enjoys all kinds of work outs, including horse riding, Pilates and yoga. She's also intrigued about a variety of different topics, making her diverse and interesting.

Serena too loves books, and is highly educated, making her book smart and worldly.

Her long blonde hair flows, her blue eyes sparkle... she's simply someone to be desired.

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