December 2020

Best European Erotic Events

It's probably one of the hottest times to be in Europe right now!

The world is becoming more open-minded, accepting, and sex-positive with each day that passes. Which is why we love to celebrate everything sexy and erotic.

So, if you're in Europe this year, we recommend a few of the world's most erotic festivals and events taking place in 2020 and beyond. From parties, informative conferences, sexuality healing, and creating intimate connections, if you're looking for a muse, you'll find it here.

Ready to have a super arousing year, all-year-long? Good!


Where: Austria (venue TBA)

What: This sex-positive festival is all about creativity, emotions, and self-awareness in a non-judgmental and unprejudiced space. It's a five-day affair and covers an array of cool activities from talks, play parties, and workshops.

It's actually the first sex-positive festival in Austria, and is under construction to make it an event to free attendees of prejudice, to create sensual experiences, and to embrace sexuality. 

EROS Porto

Where: Porto, Portugal

What: An event that encourages all to discover the world of stimulation and sensation. It's a festival that's dedicated to interactive erotica and sensuality, and will take place in a newly-renovated and LGBTQ+ accepting space. 

You can expect events such as surprise games, entertainment, art, and fantasy fulfilment. You can also bank on gaining more self-confidence, and to realise your most intimate desires. 

Fancy immersing yourself into the world of swinging, BDSM, tantric sex, erotic cinema, and new sexual trends? Then EROS Porto is the festival for you. 

Europe Erotic Events


Where: Prague, Czech Republic

What: Erofest, aka Erotic Fair, is a fusion of erotica, fashion trends, and lifestyle. It's marketed for the young (over 18) and old, and is an entire day dedicated to eroticism, plastic surgery, stimulation, tattoos, lingerie, and costumes.

You'll also be able to see some of the most innovative sex toys and gadgets and branded lingerie whilst enjoying cocktails and beautiful hostesses. 

This erotic festival in Prague has been going strong for a number of years, and has received a bunch of awards for their innovative, sexy, and successful events. Our advice? Be there!

La Boca Erotica Film Festival

Where: Madrid, Spain

What: This is the 6th edition of La Boca Erotica Film Festival, and it's a way in which to bring emotion and colour to the world of erotica. This initiatives aim is to highlight "sexuality as the main muse in works of art" while discovering the meaning of the word in our diverse society.

During this film festival you'll have the opportunity to see films that are rife with dare, courage, and commitment while taking a look at facets like sensuality, eroticism, love, desire, and seduction. You'll also be confronted with communication between the sexes in a social way.

What's also great about this film festival is that it is user-submitted. Anyone can submit their films as long as they adhere to certain guidelines. These films are in English and will have Spanish subtitles.

Kinky Events Europes

Tantra Festivals, All Over Europe

This sex-positive festival takes place at a number of locations all over Europe.

What is Tantra Europe All About?

This festival is all about expanding sexual horizons. It's about connection, being present, and creating intimacy through sex. Many of these festivals offer professionals in tantra, tantric massage, yoga, and rituals. Their aim is not to have meaningless encounters, but to explore sexuality, be vulnerable, and create awareness in a safe and judgement-free zone.

In addition, some festivals will have live music, and other kinds of entertainment to encourage passion and pleasure.

Each festival's itinerary will differ slightly, so it's best to consult the location in which you are interested.

These festivals may require you to bring a partner, as they're looking for a gender-balanced event.


Where: Urecht, Netherlands

What: KamaSutrA Festival has been going since 2000, and has seen the likes of more than one million people.  And while they're on a break right now, they'll be back in 2021, which is something sexy to look forward to.

It's a super attractive event as it's really diverse, and covers an array of different topics within the realm of erotica. 

If you're planning a visit in 2021, you can expect a swinger's cafe, an erotic maze, comic shows, aspects of BDSM, and on-stage entertainment, performances, and erotic movies in their SexBox Theatre. You can also meet people within the industry, and indulge in your more sensual side.

European Kink Scene

The Tea Society

When: Reoccurring event

Where: Berlin, Germany

What: If you ever find yourself in Berlin, you'll have the pleasure of being able to attend The Tea Society. This is a night full of "shows, talks, and kinks" in a comfortable environment.  At this event you'll be able to discuss and take a look at concepts like polyamory, kink, politics, business, society, art, and creativity. 

The Tea Society prides itself on being a really diverse event where nothing is off limits. It also allows for attendees to meet new people, make connections, and engage in topics that they're interested in. 

Some of their performances include rope bondage dancing, nude stand up comedy, and drag strip shows.

Another perk? The venue is used as a private play party afterwards!

Castle Events Eyes Wide Shut Parties

When: Reoccurring event

Where: Different cities in Europe... 

What: Events by Castle Events are always classy, always high class, and always sexy. And the Eyes Wide Shut parties are no different. This event takes place on a number of different occasions and in different cities, making it more accessible... and now you simply don't have an excuse not to go!

The parties will take place in summer at a swanky location, usually a five-star hotel or castle, and is only available to Castle Events members (best get joining!) and couples.

So, what are they all about? Well, you'll have a sit-down dinner before midnight, which will then lead to a nightclub. The event will provide masks and capes, live music and live shows, and a powerful energy of lust, sensuality, and passion.

Erotica Events Europe

We're totally down for a bit of sex positive fun, and if you get to learn, grow, and indulge at the same time... well then that's just a win-win!

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