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Thinking About Becoming an Escort?

You can consider us your advisor but also your travel agent, stylist, trusted alliance and manager - all in one. We are one of the most skilled and transparent agencies for newcomers. We take the time to talk with you, to meet you and to tell you everything there is to know. We do not rush you into anything you are not comfortable with. In this way, we make sure the experience is both satisfying and rewarding for you and the client.

Should we both be mutually interested in working together, you will – at first – only be introduced exclusively to our most trusted regulars. These are adventurous gentlemen who we have known for years, giving us the assurance that you're in good hands.

It is impossible to describe the interview with you in a mere few sentences or via email. For that reason, we initially have a video chat with you via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. After this – and if agreed upon by both parties – we will meet with you in-person. This in-person meeting however is never binding for you or the agency (your credentials are kept private at all times).

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Are You Already Working as an Escort But Not Fully Satisfied?

Perhaps you're currently working as an escort and have been promised the most wonderful dates. Pictures of private jets and yachts were displayed to seduce you, dinner dates at upmarket restaurants have been suggested, but in reality you're waiting by the phone each night and a dinner date is something you have yet to experience.
But wouldn't it be great if you:
  • had your dates planned with one to four weeks notice?
  • went on a date knowing the person who you are going to meet is a trusted regular? (7/10 clients are re-returning)
  • had some idea of who you are going to meet? (our clients are never anonymous and are briefed before going on any dates).
We are all about upmarket, positive, safe, and enjoyable dates with mutually respected individuals.

Expats Welcome!

We are extremely interested in working with ladies from overseas. If you are an expat living in the Middle East, South Africa and across Asia (particularly in New Delhi and Mumbai, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo), we want to hear from you. (We do not however recruit in the USA).

We Offer a Mix of Local and International Dates of Varying Durations upon Invitation.

Our clients travel worldwide. We have strong local ties, so you could apply from London, Prague, Barcelona, Brussels, or elsewhere, and have dates in your city (see our preferred cities in the footer, list is not exhaustive).

Yes, that means that we can offer you dates with business travellers in the city in which you reside. Local dates are very often dinner dates of 4 to 6 hours.
Within our existing clientele we have a large group of regular clients who consider the lady they wish to meet more important than where she is based.

This means that you could be invited to meet with a client in a city that requires you to travel. Typically for a longer duration, such as an overnight or weekend date, and sometimes even longer.

And when it comes to traveling, we are travel experts, organising your trip from A to Z! No risks, we don’t let you travel abroad without knowing the client.

Applying from Abroad, Made Simple

We like to make things easy for you. So if we are interested in your application, we will make a request for an interview via video chat. Should both parties want to work together, an arrangement will be made whereby we can meet in-person at a location in Europe that is mutually feasible and easy. This could, for instances, be in Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Zurich, Geneva and possibly other locations.

Please note: We cannot meet you in any areas of France or any other country where escorting is illegal.
The Aphrodite Difference
  • We are skilled in creating carefully planned dates that are crafted to suit your needs. These dates are planned one to four weeks in advance.
  • We offer a mixture of local and international assignments – so start packing your bags!
  • We don't expect you to move or to change your lifestyle in order to work with us. We can offer you work as long as you're flexible in terms of traveling.
  • 95% of the times you will be invited to stay at a 5* hotel.
  • We focus on creating the girlfriend experience with dinner dates, overnight and weekend/holiday companions as opposed to 1-2 hour dates. We also offer dates that are solely about private time.
  • You will be briefed on the client in advance as well as what he has planned.
  • No in-call services (when a client visits your home).
  • No anonymous encounters (we know who our clients are).
  • No 10-page-long contracts even we do not understand.