June 2020

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A high class escort service in Switzerland (and beyond)!

Aphrodite Agency, a High Class Escort Service in Switzerland

It's undeniable, 2020 has brought on a slew of world events that are less-than-favourable. And because of this, businesses, small and large, have had to take a step back. COVID-19 and the escort industry especially has seen a huge knock because, well, high class escort services are all about traveling and intimate connection... not very COVID-19 friendly, shall we say?

Nevertheless, as the year progresses, we're seeing positive news, and it is in everyone's best interest to accept that this is the 'new normal'. How long will we have to be cautious, wear masks, douse ourselves in hand sanitiser? Who knows! On the up side, borders are now slowly but surely opening up, and we've seen Switzerland advance in such a way that escort services are now permitted, with extreme caution.

This is excellent news for Aphrodite, as we are a high class escort service in Switzerland (and beyond). For that reason, we're going to inform you of all the reasons why you should consider using our high class escort service in Switzerland. 

Whether you're a woman looking to become an escort in Switzerland, or you're a gentleman pining after a tantalising date, Switzerland is the place to be right now!

Why is Switzerland the Best Place for Escort Services Right Now?

  • According to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in Switzerland, strip clubs, escort services, and services offered by sex workers is now permitted. This has taken effect since June 06, 2020.

  • Border crossing to and from Germany, France, and Austria is permitted from June 15, 2020, which allows for easier travel to and from Switzerland. 

  • Escort services and similar work has been legal and regulated in Switzerland since 1942, with the government using strict measures to ensure safety. 

  • Geneva is set to open up a 'cafe fellatio' by the end of the year where you can legally kickstart your morning coffee with a bit of somethin' somethin' for 60 Swiss francs.

Escort Agency Switzerland

All About Aphrodite Escort Agency in Switzerland 

While we started our escort agency in Belgium, we decided to move bases to Switzerland shortly after to maximise our services, and to comply with the very best regulations possible.

Our high class escort agency began in 2000, which means we've been going strong for 20 years! In this time, we've fine-tuned our approach, and have adopted the attitude that quality is better than quantity.

You'll notice this in a number of different ways:

  • We have only a few select escorts on our website. Each Aphrodite has been through a multi-step process in order to be represented by us. We meet each lady in-person, and work with a small group of trusted individuals, such as our writer, photographer etc. in order to maintain happy and excellent relationships. 

  • We know our gentlemen by name and have their very best interests at heart. If you've contacted us in the past, you can be near certain that we'll be able to remember you. We also make it a priority to remember your preferences, so that we can recommend Aphrodite's that'll enhance your dating experience. We consider ourselves somewhat of a matchmaking guru when it comes to pairing gentlemen and Aphrodite's.

  • We respect our Aphrodite's choice to pursue all of their endeavours, which is why many of our ladies are students or full-time career-driven women. Being an Aphrodite is something that they love to do, and are able to do when they're available - no in-calls, and no last-minute dates.

  • We ensure that our Aphrodite models are not only beautiful, but also intelligent, open-minded, and broadly interested. They've been chosen on a number of different criteria so that each date is well-rounded and tantalising from start to finish.

Do You Want to Be An Aphrodite Escort in Switzerland and Beyond?

Our escorts in Switzerland are living their best lives, and we encourage ladies who wish to represent us in Switzerland (or beyond) to go ahead and fill in our escort application form

And while we are selective in order to keep our list of Aphrodite's small and elite, we are sure that if you believe you are perfect for us, we'd love to hear from you!

We are always on the lookout for gorgeous, smart, motivated, and ambitious young ladies to work as an Aphrodite in Switzerland.
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