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The world is so magically diverse that simply getting on a plane ride for a few hours can have you in a city that leaves you completely floored. And the amazing city of Shanghai in China will definitely give you a high-class experience that you'll never forgot! Additionally, if you have a hankering to see different international cities and to live the high-class life, you'll feel right at home in Shanghai.

This tremendously populated city can be found on China's central coast and it is not only the country's largest city but also a global financial hub and an excellent place to visit. And if you're doing are a few travel tips to get you warmed up...

One of the main parts of the city is called the Bund, and it is a stunning waterfront promenade surrounded by colonial-era buildings - a must see! A simply walk to the Huangpu River means you'll be able to see the city's breath-taking skyline - including Shanghai's famous Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

You can also visit the Yu Garden as it contains great pavilions, towers and ponds that will really give you a cultural and satisfying experience.

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