June 2020

Why Join Our High Class Escort Service?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a high class escort? Maybe you've seen it depicted in a film, or a friend of yours has joined a high class escort service which has peaked your interest? Or perhaps you're just curious and hoping to fulfill your biggest fantasies?

Allow us to tell you all of the pros and perks of joining us at Aphrodite, a high class escort service in Europe and beyond!

Traveling Adventures

Do you consider yourself quite the adventurous young lady? Do you like the idea of getting on a plane to new and exciting locations to experience new cultures, meeting new people and enjoying a life that is spontaneous and fun? Then joining our high class escort service may just be the perfect thing for you.

At Aphrodite, we have successful clients from all over the world who look to us to find their perfect travel companion. These men travel extensively and are hoping that you could be there with them, exploring the sights and making the most of every second.

Planned a week or more in advance, you will be invited to different countries within Europe and sometimes outside of Europe for long-duration dates, overnight dates, weekend dates or even longer.

Embrace Your Feminine Side

For women to embrace their feminine side in such a way that it makes them feel happy and sexy is exactly what we aim for with our Aphrodite's. 

Our high class escort service encourages women to be their sensual and beautiful selves all the while living their own personal life. Our Aphrodite's have their own careers, hobbies and passions, yet find such a sense of femininity and empowerment from being a high class escort. 

Experiment & Explore

We invite all ladies to apply with us at Aphrodite, whether you have experience in the escort industry or not. We've seen some of our best Aphrodite's starting from the beginning and now, they're shining like a diamond in the sun. 

We love seeing women be themselves and enjoy pleasure.And for those who wish to tap into their sensual and seductive side, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Try new things, embrace your sexuality, and love life with us.

pros and perks of joining Aphrodite Escort Agency


All of our clients are successful businessmen who have done great things in their life and career. By meeting new people from all over the world, you are able to extend your network of friends and contacts, to further yourself. 

We love seeing women thrive in whatever it is that they're doing.

Five-Star Treatment

Dates at our high class escort service take place predominantly at five or four-star hotels as well as Michelin-star restaurants and upmarket events. 

Our clients love to spoil our Aphrodite's, and that means the five-star treatment for you. You can, and should, be treated like the beautiful woman that you are.

Extra Income

Our high class escort service is not a means to an end. We encourage women who are happy within their career or studies, but yearn for more adventure in their lives - which leads to an additional income - to apply with us.

Being an Aphrodite is not for you if you are simply doing it to make money, but a little extra every month is always a great treat.

Convinced and ready to send in your application? Apply to be a high class escort with us at Aphrodite.

Let's start this thrilling adventure together! 
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