November 2021

Single & Happy!

There is a lot of research-based information that says being single is actually a good thing!

Some people spend their whole lives trying to find the person who will make them feel complete. They dream of getting married and having children, they want to be able to share their lives with another human who understands them inside and out. 

But you see, there are some things that us humans can benefit from when single that just isn't possible when with a partner. And so, even if you are one of the many who crave finding their partner-in-crime, spending some time alone could bring about a ton of self-growth, and make you an even better partner... when the time is right.

What Are the Benefits of Being Single?

  • Live Your Best Life

Singletons who actively embrace the single life and who feel as though single life is actually their best life are said to be more authentic. 

They're also said to have more meaningful lives that focus on self-love and achieving personal goals because they aren't preoccupied with finding their forever person or feeling unworthy or unlovable when their dating life isn't going well.

Additionally, they're open to different kinds of relationships and experiences when it comes to love and dating. And they're more concerned with finding 'the ones' as opposed to 'the one'.

  • Life is More Social

For single folks, life is more free and social. It's been shown that those who do not have a partner spend more time with their families and friends, and tend to spend more time helping and contributing towards their community. 

On top of that, single individuals are solely responsible for themselves. They need not compromise their plans and activities, and they are able to do as they like when they like.

Pros Being Single
  • Widely Diverse

It was found that single people were more likely to embrace and work on various different skills. In this way, they usually have a more diversified portfolio of skills as opposed to their coupled-up counterparts.

They are given the time and ability to grab any opportunity that may seem interesting to them, or follow their passion, which leads to living a more active and fulfilling life.

In this way, single people oftentimes experience more personal growth than those who are often in relationships or who are married.

  • Always on the Go

Single people, as mentioned, are more prone to grabbing new opportunities. They also experience a different kind of freedom to travel or to take on a new career or hobby at the drop of a hat. It's a lot harder to travel the world or take on a new job on the other side of the world when you have someone else to think about.

Single people can enjoy spontaneity and take on whichever challenges and passion projects that they desire, making them always on the go and ready for new experiences.

  • Flirt Away

Whether you're currently in a relationship or not, you'll surely remember how exciting it is to flirt when meeting someone you find interesting or beautiful. 

When you're single you get to experience those butterflies that come with striking up a conversation with someone new, not knowing where it may lead. You can also enjoy the nerve-wracking and exhilarating feeling of getting ready for a first date with someone. 

  • Stay Slim

In a survey done in the U.K. it was shown that 62 percent of those studied gained 14 pounds or more after starting a new relationship. This could be because of events like 'date night' that involves eating out (20 percent of those studied said that their primary date nights consisted of going to a restaurant).

It could also be that one begins to feel more comfortable when they're in a relationship, willing to let themselves go somewhat.

  • Peaceful Sleep

There are some people who adore cuddling and sharing a bed with an intimate partner. But face it, having the entire bed to yourself is actually a massive bonus of being single. 

When you're single, you don't have to worry about someone stealing the covers, taking up your space, or even snoring in your ear. If you're missing the feeling of being cuddled at night, get a boyfriend/girlfriend pillow... sorted!

  • Learn More Your Body

As technology advances, we can embrace the various aids for self-love and experiment with new things like sex toys or different masturbation techniques. No one will know your body more than yourself, and being single allows you to learn more about what you like so that if you do end up in a relationship, you can show them the way that it's done.

Also, becoming comfortable in our own skin brings about tons of confidence... and confidence is extremely sexy. Be single and don't settle. 

Dating Single Aphrodite Escorts
  • Less Responsibility

We've already mentioned that when you're single you're your number one priority. So when you're in a relationship, you've got to take on a slew of other responsibilities that you may not enjoy. 

Things such as meeting your partners friends and family and making sure that they like you, navigating your way through your partner's social life and dealing with the things they do that make you crazy, and helping them with things that are important in their life. 

  • Decorate Your Own Life

When you're single you don't need to worry about ridiculous pink throw pillows on the bed or dirty socks on the bedroom floor. You can decorate, clean, and organise your home as you like, no compromises.

For some, a partner that's messy is a huge turn off, and some people often enjoy having their own space to call home and to love their own company.

  • Escort Adventures

Single folk are able to enjoy the perks of hiring escorts anytime they please. They can immerse themselves into the whole dating experience without having to actually commit or make big life changes, and they are able to start living out their best fantasies without a fear of being judged.

When you're single, every date with an escort is a brand new and delicious experience, and there's absolutely no worry of compromising yourself, your life, or your goals in order to enjoy the company of a gorgeous person.

Intrigued by our last point?

We thought you might be! Which is why we're in the business of making singletons happy! There's nothing quite as tantalizing as enjoying the many perks of being intimate with someone without the commitment or compromise. 

So, we're all about pairing two sexy individuals together who both love the idea of no-strings-attached dates. Our Aphrodite escorts aim to please with great conversation skills, brains, and beauty. All the fun, zero drama!

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