June 2022

5 of the Best Wine Regions to Visit with Your Aphrodite Escort

Wine is not simply one of life’s simpler pleasures… it’s a lifestyle, a hobby, an adventure.

There is such a huge amount of culture attached to those who consider themselves to be wine connoisseurs.

To taste wine from all over the world is to get a little glimpse of each location, almost like a way in which to travel there without moving an inch.

Indeed, wine tasting is a thrilling and joyous experience.

So, wine lovers, why not consider seeing one or more of these five wine regions with your favourite Aphrodite escort?

These locations are not only perfect for wine, but also for a bout of sightseeing and a little romantic getaway!

1. Ribera del Duero, Spain

Wine making in Spain’s most prestigious wine regions began almost 2,000 years ago. And despite the hot hot summers, high terrains and altitudes, the grapes managed to thrive, making it a great region for excellent wine. This is mostly because of the river that runs through the region, allowing for stunning wines and vibrant flavours. Today, over 300 wineries can be found at Ribera del Duero.

The wines in Ribera del Duero in Spain are bold and complex. They take time to develop, are balanced in acidity and have a generously fruity taste. At the same time, they’re perfect to pair with different cuisines. Some of the more smokey dark fruit flavours of Ribera work effortlessly with roasted meats and rich pastas, for example.

2. Mendoza, Argentina

Found in Argentina's Cuyo region, Mendoza is the heart of Argentina's wine country. In fact, it's known as the "sun and wine province". Its biggest claim to fame? Malbec. This is because this area has perfected the art of getting this grape to best express itself as a single varietal wine. Not just that, but the area itself is on a high altitude with the Andes as your backdrop, making it a wondrous place to visit with your Aphrodite escort.

More on its wine production, believe it or not, many winemakers have moved to Mendoza simply to produce this kind of wine with this particular grape. Malbec is quite a dark grape, producing rich, tannic, and bold wine. The result? A deep red wine with strong plum-based notes.

Best Wine Regions to Visit with Escorts

3. Colchagua Valley, Chile

Found in the south of Santiago, central Chile, San Fernando, the Colchagua Valley’s capital city, is actually home to the steam powered Wine Train which journeys to Santa Cruz through the Colchagua Valley. 

This region is one of the best wine-producing areas in South America, and are also some of the best-valued wines in the world. This region is most popular for their red wine production, which thrives as it is sandwiched between the Andes Mountains and the Coastal Mountain Range. 

So, if you and your favourite Aphrodite escort enjoy red wine that boasts bold berry and tobacco notes, the Colchagua Valley should definitely be on your to-see travel bucket list. One grape that produces exceptionally excellent wine here is the carménère. The grapes in this region ripen slower, often with little intervention, making it a wonderful location to enjoy a glass of two with your Aphrodite escort.

4. Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Stellenbosch is a quaint university town in the western cape of South Africa, set at the foot of the Stellenbosch mountains. In fact, Stellenbosch is the second oldest settlement in South Africa, making it a historic district. The area is filled with beautiful oak trees, and a cheerful and friendly vibe, making it a pleasant experience for the young and old.

Today, you can find over 150 wineries in this little region. Some of the most mention-worthy wines in this region include Cabernet Sauvignon dominant as well as some beautiful Bordeaux-style red blends. In addition, Pinotage wine (like a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault) is always a good idea, Pinotage is considered South Africa's national grape. 

5. Lombardy, Italy

In the centre of northern Italy, you’ll find Franciacorta, a small wine-producing region in Lombardy. And while the capital of this area, Milan, is well-known for fashion and finance, there’s a lot more to be seen and experienced in this region (aka delicious wines). Franciacorta, for example, is where some of the best Italian sparkling wines are made. However, it’s not yet received the praise that it’s worth, leading some to say that it’s “Italy’s best-kept secret”. If you decide to visit in the spring, you can expect pleasantly warm weather and breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Another fantastic region in Italy for wine is the alpine valley of Valtellina. Here, you’ll find dry, fruit-forward red wines that are flavourful and made to be thoroughly enjoyed with someone special.

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Have you visited any of these five best wine regions? Pining to see one or more? We’re here to help you find your perfect companion, so that you can enjoy stress-free, sensual, and delicious adventures with a high class Aphrodite escort.

Wishing you a cultural yet lustful adventure with your favourite Aphrodite!
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