September 2022

What Do High Class Escorts Offer That Others Don't?

When it comes to high class escorts, it's about a sense of luxury, brains, and beauty.

Aphrodite Agency is a high class escort agency. And with that, we're happy to talk about our services in an open and honest way, whilst maintaining privacy and discretion.

Here are some of the reasons, and secrets, of what a high class escort offers as opposed to any other kind of escort:

A high class escort is all about luxury and sophistication. They're the kinds of individuals who truly shine when they are themselves as opposed to taking on a fake or different persona. For example, while one escort may put on a little show, full of happiness and enthusiasm, a high class escort was almost born to be themselves and to behave as their high end self during dates and beyond. This itself, shows that high class escorts have that element of authenticity. 

Then, there's the aspect of a high class escort creating a space that makes a client feel relaxed and comfortable enough to build trust, to explore, and to figure out the things that they like or dislike with a fantastic escort. Being with a high class escort means forgetting about time for a moment and truly being present without pressure. There is no sense of urgency with a high class escort as it is not about counting down to the end of an hour, leaving only enough space for a mere interaction and nothing more meaningful.

Escorts vs High Class Escorts

And then of course there's the aspect of seeing a high class escort for a second or third time. These times always add other special touches to your relationship as you get to know each other more intimately. Both are open to asking and answering questions, listening, getting a real understanding of each other, and engaging in intellectual or worthwhile conversations that stimulate the brain.

Another thing that a high class escort offers that other escorts don't is the "trophy wife" style service. Many who make use of high class escort services are those who are successful businessmen who work in high pressure positions, such as entrepreneurs, and they are looking for a fantastic way to unwind with a likeminded escort. There really is something desirable about walking through a city with a gorgeous and classy women on your arm. You see, a high class escort isn't merely about providing private intimacy, it's an experience. It's about enjoying life, traveling, imbibing all of the wonderful things that the world has to offer, all the while being with someone who is beautiful and intellectual. It's a uniquely-tailored experience which enhances the lives of both the gentleman and the high class escort. Together, this couple share meaningful moments together in a variety of different ways, and is a way in which to improve both of their lives.

More things that high class escorts offer that other escorts don't? The girlfriend experience. While we have briefly talked about the nature of the girlfriend experience above, one of the great things about this aspect is that it gives clients the opportunity to really let go and be themselves in a kind and nurturing environment. For example, there may be a high end gentleman who has a low self-esteem, may have specific thoughts or questions he'd like to talk to a woman about, or perhaps they're not very experienced in the world of dating. The high class girlfriend experience gives them the chance to explore and work through some of these issues slowly and at a pace that makes them feel comfortable.

Essentially, high class escorts provide an all-round pleasurable experience enhanced with care, patience, and comfort, making gentlemen feel "at home".

High Class Escort Aphrodite

Having said all of the above, here are 10 additional things that high class escort offer that other escorts don't (usually).

10 Things a High Class Aphrodite Escort Has to Offer

1. Physical beauty and charm: of course there are many beautiful and charming escorts, but in the realm of high class escorts, there is a unique classic and high end look that's simply timeless and elegant. At Aphrodite Agency, we go through a three-part interview process, which means that we're on the lookout for a certain type of young lady. We cater to high end businessmen and upstanding gentlemen who often seek a sophisticated high class escort, which is what you will always get with Aphrodite Agency.

2. Intelligence: Intelligence is important because we have such an upstanding clientele. Our gentlemen are successful and often very intellectual, which means that they'd like the chance to have meaningful and intelligent conversations with their high class escort. For that reason, we use our interview process to talk with our Aphrodite's. Many of our young ladies have impressive qualifications under their belt, and all of them have deep interests in a number of different topics, be it travel, culture, business, or other. Our Aphrodite's have intelligence in different spheres, and pairing you with a young lady who matches your interest is one of our many matching making skills.

3. Hygiene & Beauty Upkeep: All of our high class escorts are extremely dedicated to sports and keeping fit. You'll also notice in their portfolios just how well they maintain their beauty, with lustrous hair, beautiful skin, soft hands, well-picked-out outfits and lingerie, and more. And because we take the time to meet with all of our Aphrodite's on a regular basis, and we take the time to to talk to our gentlemen after a date, we can assure you that these young ladies are maintaining the care of their bodies and their minds, while having impeccable hygiene at all times. Aphrodite's are called high class escorts for a reason.

4. Clothing & Lingerie: If you've had the opportunity to look at any of our Aphrodite escort profiles, you may have noticed that they've mentioned their favourite clothing and lingerie brands. Our young ladies have a certain style and sophistication in what they wear and when they wear it. For example, you can be sure that whatever you've got planned, your high class escort will dress accordingly. For a day or days of traveling, it could be a relaxed and cute outfit, for a big event or gala, an evening dress or ball gown, or for private time, something more enticing and intimate. And let's not forget about the small details such as jewellery and accessories. Not just that, but our Aphrodite's enjoy well-made quality brands that are a clear indication of their sophistication. 

5. Confidence & Mannerisms: Our high class escort agency prides itself on receiving feedback on all of our dates. With this, and the fact that we meet each Aphrodite in-person, we can attest to the fact that all of our young ladies are brimming with confidence and have impeccable mannerisms. When we say mannerisms, we mean that they have open and friendly body language, they exude a sense of happiness and class in everything that they do, and they'll make you feel like true royalty.

Independent Escort vs High Class

6. Private Time: Instead of counting hours, it's about creating memories. Our Aphrodite's are sensual girlfriend experience high class escorts. And when you choose to go on a date with an Aphrodite, you'll be given the upmarket girlfriend experience. This means an additional layer of TLC, caring, understanding, but also loads of passion. The girlfriend experience doesn't not mean that there is nothing off limits, it means that two consenting adults will navigate their private time in a respectful and meaningful way.

7. Travel Experience: For many of our high class escorts, travel and culture is a big interest. You'll find that many of our Aphrodite's have traveled far and wide, not only representing us at Aphrodite, but in their free time. There are also many Aphrodite's who have lived in several countries around the world, simply to open their mind and explore. This makes them worldly, cultured, and broadly appreciative of different kinds of people. It also makes them excellent travel companions for your upcoming trips. And let's not forget about the fact that their passports are up-to-date and they're always ready and excited about a trip, near or far, with their passport on-hand.

8. The Girlfriend Experience: If you're looking for a date that's meaningful, filled with five star dining, bouts of travel, incredible conversations, and amazing companionship, a high class escort can give you just that. Our Aphrodite's are girlfriend experience escorts who don't count minutes, they count experiences. Every moment is a moment to be cherished, to be lived to the fullest, in any capacity. With the girlfriend experience, you don't even need to be passionate intimate. It could merely be holding hands whilst seeing a new city, giving each other hugs and warm smiles, and/or simply feeling those butterflies that come with being with a gorgeous young lady who's all about spending time with you.

9. Excellent Manners: There are many facets involved when it comes to manners. From how one conducts themselves at a dining room table, to the way in which they speak, their vocabulary, way of presenting themselves to you and others, and so much more. Because our Aphrodite escorts have been met in-person, and we've received feedback from our gentlemen too, we can assure you that our high class escorts have excellent manners. Being with one of our young ladies is like having the most beautiful, sophisticated, elegant, and classy woman on your arm, and simply enjoying their luxurious presence.

10. Intimate Charisma: As we've mentioned, private time is not mandatory because we offer the girlfriend experience. But if there is a mutual desire, and you and your Aphrodite do share some intimate time together, you'll notice that our high class escorts exude passionate charisma. The majority of our young ladies absolutely adore lingerie, some even collect beautiful and lustful pieces as a hobby! In other words, a high class escort will give you the whole experience. Sights, sounds, and all kinds of adventure. It's all about the chemistry and intimacy.

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