February 2020

A Guide for Gentlemen on Having the Best Escort Experience

Ready to indulge in some of your very intimate fantasies?

So you've got a burning desire and perhaps a fantasy of hiring an escort! And why not? Fantasy is one of the most creative, seductive, and imaginative process. It keeps us mentally strong, lustful, and induces feelings of interest, arousal, and a spurt of adrenaline. What's not to love?

We simply adore the sound of that! 

So when it comes to hiring an escort to live out your very best fantasies, you can craft your very special date in such a way that your every wish comes true. You obviously want to have the best escort experience, so why not adhere to some of these guidelines so that you can call your escort date one of the best encounters of your life?

May all of your dreams come true with Aphrodite escorts...

Dating High Class Escorts

What Do you Want?

The beauty of being human is the fact that we all have our own individual tastes. And when it comes to finding someone attractive, we each have different ideas of beauty. It's easy to see someone on the street and admit that they have something super appealing, but when it comes to hiring an escort... don't simply go on impulse.

To hire an escort is a thrilling experience, and you can transform your time together even more if you take a bit of time to think about what you really want from your time together. 

Sure, good looks is amazing... but what else is important to you? Do you have any interests that you'd like to explore with your escort? Are you after a bit of mental stimulation that'll fuel the anticipation? They say that the brain is the sexiest aphrodisiac, so use that to your advantage before you hire an escort.

By taking a look at escort profiles, you can learn more about the lady you've got your eye on. Each escort has their own interests, dress style, favourite food, drinks, and travel experiences. Think about the whole picture rather than the intimate experience, and you'll have an even better date than you would ever imagine.

First Impressions Always Count

Did you know that someone only needs a mere few seconds to form an opinion of another when meeting for the first time? This goes for both men and women! So while you will be able to have your opinion of your chosen escort almost as soon as you meet them, the same goes for the lady in question.

With that, you need to make sure that you make a good first impression. That means tidying up nicely, dressing to impress, perhaps getting a haircut and a fresh shave, and adding a splash of cologne. 

For her, the same applies. You don't want to be disappointed when you hire an escort and she's not what you expected. Which is why we find it super important that our Aphrodite escorts are exactly as they appear in their profiles, and that we meet them in-person to make sure they will dazzle you on first impression.

Create the Girlfriend Experience for Her

Ordinarily when you hear the term GFE (girlfriend experience), you assume that that means the escort in question will create the atmosphere of being with a girlfriend. 

She's tender, sweet, ready to hold hands, watch a movie, have sweet kisses, and whatever else. In actuality, the girlfriend experience can be created by the gentleman too... and it definitely goes a long way!

In actuality, gentlemen who make an effort to make an escort feel special and comfortable will get the very best experience from her. 

For example, when meeting an escort, if you've made the effort to meet at a lovely restaurant or to decorate your space with with champagne, juice, fruit, and or eats, you're already winning. This kind of relaxed yet thoughtful atmosphere makes her feel more welcome, and more special, which will result in a comfortable and even more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Guide for Men on How to Date High Class Escorts

Tension is Everything

We live in a world where instant gratification is a real thing. We can get what we want, when we want it, and often with the click of a button. What we're slowly letting go of, is the importance of a build up.

Sure, the first thing you may want to do when you hire an escort is to jump right in with your chosen agenda, but why not let your chemistry and tension build up a bit? When you do so, the reward at the end will be so much better!

Additionally, we recommend that you hire an escort weeks, or even months, in advance. This is because, at Aphrodite we are an agency that focuses on longer dates that are sensual and adventurous. We encourage dinner dates, and travel experiences, quality time that's fun but also stimulating in all regards. 

In this way, booking your escort in advance will create some super attractive tension. With each day that passes, you'll feel the excitement and adrenaline, and when the date finally arrives, it'll be the blissful experience that you've been waiting for!

Don't Be Cocky

When we meet new gentlemen who would like to date an Aphrodite, we go through a screening process. This is not only to ensure that the person in question is who they say they are, but also to see if they are trustworthy, transparent, and respectful. An attribute that we don't condone, is cockiness. 

By this we mean treating a woman as a commodity or seeing yourself as more important. When you hire an escort with Aphrodite, it is an equal partnership where both adults take great pride in being attentive, nurturing, respectful, and accommodating. 

Show Respect and Courtesy by Following Up with a 'Thank You'

Respect and chivalry should never die. And when it comes to manners 101, saying 'please' and 'thank you' is a staple. So why should your escort experience be any different?

After a sensual date with an escort, a follow up message that simply says "thank you" can go an extraordinarily long way. You could also give her a compliment or two, which can make her feel special, appreciated, and happy.

At Aphrodite, we always welcome feedback (even if it is a negative feedback), so that we can continue to be better as an agency, and so that our Aphrodite ladies can continue to work on themselves. 

Additionally, a review of your date also gives prospective gentlemen the opportunity to make a solid decision. We make sure to publish our escort reviews so that you can get a feel for our Aphrodite's, and you can learn from other people's experiences.

All in all, a thank you with a little bit of feedback shows a lot of respect from you, helps us to be bigger and better, lets the ladies know that they're appreciated, and educates future gentlemen so that they can make an informative decision on their escort date. It's just a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Do's Don'ts Dating Escorts

So, whether you're a newbie in hiring escorts, or you're an experience gentlemen who's had the pleasure of experiencing a tantalising date with us at Aphrodite, these four guidelines are just as valid. 

We love meeting new people, whether it is gorgeous women who want to be an escort at Aphrodite, or gentlemen who wish to date one of our lovely escorts, we have believe in good manners, respect, and having the best time.

Everything you need to make your date count!
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