October 2019

A Comparison: a High Class Escort Agency vs. Being an Independent Escort

Brand new to this enticing world and are considering becoming an escort?

It's undeniable... working in the escort industry is an experience that's full of excitement and thrill. And for those who are seeking a career within this industry, there's no better time to do so. With the advancement of technology, there are seemingly endless resources available not only to kickstart your new journey, but also to make sure you're safe and well-looked after. 

So, if you're brand new to this enticing world and are considering becoming an escort, there are a few options available to you. Our aim is to educate you in such a way that you choose the very best option for you.

Take a little gander at the the pros of joining a high class escort agency vs. becoming an independent escort. If we've peaked your interest and you have a few questions or concerns, get in touch... we love inspiring young women to live their best life however they choose to do so.

Joining a High Class Escort Agency vs. Becoming an Independent Escort

When you enter the escort world, you'll be able to choose if you'd like to join a high class escort agency or if you'd prefer to work as an independent escort. 

The two, while being in the same line of work, differ quite considerably and there are pros and cons to both styles of escorting.

What is an Escort Agency?

An escort agency is a service that will manage your date and meeting requests. In this way, you do not have to be your own bookkeeper nor schedule your own appointments. And while an escort agency and a high class escort agency are similar, a high class escort agency will be a more upmarket experience.

What is a High Class Escort Agency?

When you work for a high class escort agency, the above applies but with more perks, and more luxury. A high class escort agency offers an escort the opportunity to enjoy upscale dinner dates, travel experiences, and meaningful meetings with trusted gentlemen. 

These gentlemen are often businessmen who travel extensively for work, and are looking for an equally as ambitious and upscale women to accompany them. To work for a high class escort agency means that you are not only beautiful, bold, and intriguing, but also intelligent, hardworking, and committed. 

High class escorts are very well-taken care of, physically, and have a certain poise and status about them. 

What is an Independent Escort?

An independent escort is a woman that has decided to be her own boss, controlling every aspect of her escort experience. In this way, she will create her own website and or social media channels, perhaps upload her details onto open escort databases, and find her own clients. She will also talk with the clients, create her own schedule, and decide her own rates. An independent escort is fully in charge of her working life.

Independent Escort

Pros of Joining a High Class Escort Agency

When you choose to join a high class escort agency, you can expect to enjoy the following pros:

  • Security: the escort agency will be in charge of your wellbeing and your safety. The clients that you will meet will have been heavily screened and interviewed beforehand to ensure that you are in good hands. Additionally, the escort agency will be able to talk with you at any time to make sure that you are safe and secure.

  • Planning: A high class escort agency shouldn't expect you to be available at all times for in and outcalls. They should have respect for your time and encourage you to pursue other areas of your life. For that reason, dates are often planned days or weeks in advance, giving you the ability to plan. This is a great thing as it means no time wasted on time wasters.

  • All Fun, No Worries: When it comes to handling renumeration, an escort at a high class escort agency need not worry about not being compensated for her time, as this will be controlled and distributed by the agency. She also need not worry about asking her clients for said-compensation. At a high class escort agency, all of the admin is taken care of by the owner of the service, leaving the escort to feel safer as not to travel with lots of cash on her person.

  • Professional Portfolio: At a high class escort agency, a professional photo shoot should be arranged for you. The agency wants to present you in the best possible light which means that they have great photographer connections and will work their best to produce the most seductive escort portfolio for you.

  • Duo Dates: Oftentimes, there are requests for duo dates within a high class escort agency. And when this happens, two escorts from the service will be able to meet and talk with each other about their experiences. They'll also be able to make new friends and enjoy the date alongside a gal pal.

  • No In-Calls: A high class escort need not worry about using her own apartment or finding a location to use as part of an in-call date. This is because high class escort agencies are generally geared towards outcalls only, which are often at five star hotels. 

  • The Experience: Instead of experiencing a one-hour date, high class escorts are able to enjoy an entire experience. This often includes traveling, trying new cuisines, meeting new people and learning from them, and simply enjoying other things of luxury.

  • No Marketing Required: A high class escort need not worry about marketing herself on various escort platforms, and will not have to build up her own client list.

  • Travel: When you join a high class escort agency, you will have the opportunity to fly or travel out to meet with a client. And when this takes place, your travel arrangements and payments are all handled by the agency. You need not worry about travel tickets, transport to and from your date, nor any other red tape involved with traveling.

Aphrodite High Class Escort Agency

Pros of Becoming an Independent Escort

While it may seem that joining a high class escort agency is the perfect way in which to enjoy your time, there are too perks to becoming an independent escort, such as:

  • Compensation: When you work as an independent escort, you have full control over how much your time is worth, and you are able to keep the full amount.

  • Your Time, Your Schedule: Independent escorts will be in charge of talking with and arranging dates with their clients. For that reason, they could book as many or as little dates per week as they prefer. They can also cancel dates without having to go via an agency, which may make the independent escort feel more comfortable.

  • Choosing Your Clients: Even though a high class escort agency will go through an extensive screening process with new clients, you will still not be able to talk with the client personally until the date. As an independent escort, you can chat to and get a feel for a client yourself before you go on a date. This too means that you are in charge of your own safety.

  • Location: Because you are in charge of your own schedule, you can make your own rules. That means that you can offer in-calls if you please, or you could request a prospective client to book a hotel or location that makes you comfortable.  The location, among other things, is up to you.

  • Self-Promotion: When you work for a high class escort agency, you are not in control of promoting yourself. As an independent escort, you can use your own self-promotion skills to attract new clients in any way you please. You can use your social media and or online abilities to build up a client list that suits you.

  •  Natural Chemistry: As mentioned, when you are an independent escort you are able to talk with a prospective client beforehand. This will also provide the opportunity to tell if there is any chemistry between you two, which can then help you decide if you would like to take the date or not. 

  • An Easier Process for the Client: In general, high class escort agencies perform thorough background checks on their prospective clients. And sometimes, this is a deterrent for high-esteemed gentlemen and/or those who wish to remain more anonymous. By choosing an independent escort, the client has the chance to be more secretive about his identity, which could mean more chance of being hired as an independent.

  • No Casting Process: If you decide that you'd like to be an independent escort, you won't have to go through an escort casting process. At high class escort agencies, you'll undergo a series of interviews and are selected to represent the agency if a successful cooperation is foreseeable. Independent escorts however can work freely in the industry if they choose to.

Should I Be Independent or Work for Escort Agency

Having said all of that, it's evident that there are a number of pros and cons to joining a high class escort agency vs. becoming an independent escort. It is up to you to weigh up these pros and cons and decide which lifestyle you're more attracted to, and which option makes you feel more comfortable and safe. 

We welcome all ladies hoping to become a high class escort with us at Aphrodite Agency to go through our escort application process, but if you're on the fence or leaning towards becoming an independent escort, we wish you all of the best, lots of success, and tons of happiness!

Aphrodite Agency is proudly represented throughout Europe and beyond. 
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