June 2022

Are Dating Apps the Reason You’re Single?

Little did you know that there’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes that may be keeping you single…

So you’re here visiting us at Aphrodite Agency, one of Europe’s leading high class escort services. Why? What made you find us? Are you a regular client? A newbie to the world of escorting? Or perhaps you’re a young lady who wishes to join us! We welcome all, and are all a bunch of friends here at Aphrodite.

Having said that, if you’re visiting us with a single status, is this by choice? Or are you actively looking for someone to call your partner? We’re all so wonderfully diverse that everyone has their own story, motivations, and reasons for the way they live their life, and we definitely don’t judge.

So, we thought we’d give you a few little tips if you are a singleton looking to find love on dating apps, but to no avail.

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Looking for Love on Dating Apps?

Dating apps are the new normal. In fact it’s hard to meet nearly anyone these days who isn’t or hasn’t even used one or more. For us regular folk, we simply see it as swiping left and right in hopes of finding great matches. Little did you know that there’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes that may be keeping you single…

Are Dating Apps Keeping You Single?

You may know that dating apps use an algorithm in order to create opportunities for you to meet and match with potential partners. But that’s not all they’re doing! You see, using an online dating platform, and getting “a match” directly influences how we feel and releases a bunch of feel-good hormones.

For example, once you see two photos collide with the announcement  “It’s a Match!”, it may trigger the release of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, which is a powerful reward agent that fuels addictive behaviour. We love feeling the rush of dopamine, so we do things that’ll enhance that feeling. 

In an example, you may hate actively dislike dating apps, and find yourself deleting it after a day or more, but inevitably, you’ll probably download it once again to “play the game”. Using these apps is like playing the slot machines, it’s like a game in which getting a match rewards us with a flood of dopamine, leaving us craving more. 

In this way, many tend to lose sight of the fact that dating apps have been invented in order to find someone to date. Instead, it’s like playing the lottery or a mobile game, waiting for that elusive “reward”.

Feelings aside, does the gamification of dating apps, with all of its algorithms and settings, actually hinder us from finding a partner?

Do Dating Algorithms Hinder Deeper Connection?

After a little while, the dating app you’re using will start to get a feel for your swiping habits, and give you potential matches on purpose. The faces that you see are not by accident, they’ve been shown to you because the algorithm has learned what you tend to like and dislike. And while that is quite useful when it comes to sifting out the people we’re not interested in, it may also be hindering us from having deeper and better connections.

In other words, because our preferences are being so carefully curated, we’re not being confronted or challenged enough by people who have different values. It may hinder us from embracing emotional vulnerability, to see the world from different perspectives, and to debate on important topics because we may be so similar to the people we’re matching with. 

The best advice we can give you is to be mindful when using dating apps. Whether you’re looking for fun, short-term dating, a long-term relationship, or other, it’s important to know someone on all levels in order to grow and become more open-minded. Not just that, but when we engage with someone who is different to us, we have the capacity to be emotionally vulnerable, which can be seen as a ‘big risk’ but one that comes with big rewards (even bigger than “It’s a Match!”).

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