June 2022

Touch, The Most Intimate of the Senses?

How can you incorporate the power of touch in your relationships? And what about during your intimate moments with your favourite Aphrodite escort? Let’s take a look…

Many people have a certain idea of what they believe intimacy to be. But there are so many types of intimacy, and many of them are non-erotic. 

You see, physical intimacy can be intense, yes, and can lead to excitement and release, but there are other forms of intimacy that can convey affection, reduce stress, and enhance feelings of well-being. 

So today, we’re going to look at why touch is possibly the most powerful of all the five senses.

Why is Touch so Powerful?

In 2006, a study was conducted by three researchers who wanted to examine the power of touch. They looked at 16 married women who were highly satisfied with their marriages, and then showed them three types of images. 

One image was of them holding their partner’s hand, the other was of them holding a stranger’s hand, and the other was them not holding anyone’s hand. Then, they did an fMRI to measure their neural responses when viewing these images.

The results showed that the women felt at their best when they viewed images of them holding their partner’s hand. They also showed that they felt their worst when they were not holding anyone’s hand (in other words, they even felt better when they were holding a stranger’s hand as opposed to standing alone). This led the researchers to note that holding someone’s hand really does have a powerful effect.

But how is this possible? Well, researchers Jakubiak and Feeney discovered that “affectionate touch may facilitate the development of high-quality, intimate social relationships, and it may be one behaviour that can be used in the context of a close relationship to demonstrate and support and acceptance to promote individual well-being”. They found that affectionate touch affects a person’s relational, psychological, and physical well-being, and that it actually reduces daily stress and reactivity stress.

Stress aside, when someone is touched in a positive way, their relational-cognitive and neurobiological pathway is activated, allowing them to feel affection, closeness, love, security, trust, and social inclusion. 

Basically, when a touch that’s accompanied by positive emotions is simply because of our ever-changing and wondrous bodies that get to work. In this way, we can enjoy less stress and even more secure and safe relationships. 

But how can you incorporate the power of touch in your relationships? And what about during your intimate moments with your favourite Aphrodite escort? Let’s take a look…

Touch Important Escort Dating

The Power of Touch with an Aphrodite Escort

Researchers Aino Saarinen and colleagues recently published an article that looked at the element of touch and how it is a fundamental building block of good relationships. With their research, they came up with four different ways that one can use the power of touch to enhance experiences, dating, relationships, and marriages.

1. Holding Hands

As we mentioned in the previous study, holding hands can have a major effect on how one feels. And in this study by Finnish researchers, it was found that holding hands or stroking a partner’s forearm when they feel stressed has magical healing powers. Those who engaged in this type of touch had lower blood pressure and improved cardiovascular functioning in general.

How can this tip be incorporated into a date with your Aphrodite escort? Why not have a cheeky hand hold when you’re exploring a new city? Or tickle their forearm as you share an intimate moment or a nice glass of wine.

2. Hugging

Hugging, or even cuddling, can produce a slew of positive feelings and emotions. In fact, when you embrace someone you care about or are fond of, your body releases the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is usually nicknamed the ‘love’ hormone because it makes people feel closer to one another, more calm, and relaxed. Hugging also lowers one’s level of cortisol, which is the stress hormone, resulting in less stress and anxiety.

How can this tip be incorporated into a date with your Aphrodite escort? There is something special about a great hug. When you meet your Aphrodite escort, if the moment feels right, embracing her with a tight and genuine hug can be the perfect way to start a date. And then, during more intimate moments, a bit of cuddling can too result in the release of happy hormones.

3. Incorporate the Other Five Senses

While we are arguing that touch may just be the most intimate of the five senses, it can be even more powerful when it’s in conjunction with one or more of the senses. In other words, if you combine soft and soothing touch with a gentle and pleasant smell, you can turn the atmosphere into an even warmer and closer one. Or, you could incorporate touch in a visually pleasant environment, which too can enhance the benefits of touch.

How can this tip be incorporated into a date with your Aphrodite escort? Choose a fantastic restaurant, hotel room, or nature-inspired spot that fills you both with joy. Once settled, grab her hand or pull her in tight for a lovely hug. Alternatively, you could opt for some scented candles during intimacy, or even using scented massage oils for a relaxing and erotic evening.

4. Touch with Intention

There’s touch, and then there’s touch! Sometimes we bump into another or graze our arms against theirs by mistake, which is, of course, unintentional. And when touch is unintentional, it won’t have as much of an effect on the one receiving the touch. So, to really experience the power of touch, it needs to be intentional. Intentional touch will have emotional connotations, which aids in the positive effects thereof.

How can this tip be incorporated into a date with your Aphrodite escort? We all have the capacity to feel shy or awkward sometimes, which may result in unintentional touching. But try to find confidence in yourself, and really allow yourself to let yourself go when giving your Aphrodite escort a gentle and caring touch. This will create a more authentic and happier space for both of you.

At the end of the day, touch need not always be erotic in nature. Light and comfortable forms of touch can reduce stress, include happiness, and create a warm and favourable environment in which to have a fantastic date with your Aphrodite escort.

In short: reach out and touch (faith).

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