June 2022

Intelligent High Class Escorts Are More Attractive, Fact!

In a world full of dating apps, online opportunities, and a sea that actually seems more full of fish than ever before, what is it that really catches someone’s attention?

Well, appearance is a big one… and we can probably all attest to that.

 Luckily, we all have our own personal preference, which allows many of us to find ‘our person’ (or our person for the night) instead of simply watching the beautiful people having fun.

At the end of the day however, what is physical attraction without a dash bit of mental attraction? It’s notoriously known that our Aphrodite gentlemen are successful, interesting, intriguing, and worldly. Which is why a sexy but also intelligent high class escort is exactly the kind of companion that’ll suit your ultimate needs. A well-rounded, physically and mentally stimulating experience is always on the cards with an Aphrodite escort.

But what is it about intelligence that makes our Aphrodite’s (or anyone else, for that matter) that much more attractive?

Why Are Intelligent High Class Escorts More Attractive?

Did you know that there is a certain IQ score that can lead to maximum sexual attraction? Well, this is according to psychologists Gignac, Darbyshire, and Ooi of the University of Western Australia. 

They also found that if someone’s IQ goes higher than the ideal number, one’s level of desirability tends to drop off. Not just that, but lower IQ scores usually make people seem less attractive. 

Basically, a decent level of intelligence is attractive, whereas those who are “too smart” could come across as cocky or arrogant and those with a low level of intelligence are less attractive. Do our Aphrodite’s have the right amount of intelligence? Indeed they do!

Are Aphrodite Escorts Intelligent?

At Aphrodite Agency, we’ve personally met all of our escort models in-person, which we feel sets us apart from many of the other escort agencies. Not just that, but if we were only concerned about one’s appearance, we wouldn’t feel the need to meet our young Aphrodite models in real life.

Why do we meet our Aphrodite escorts in real life? We plan a two to three-hour face-to-face meeting with all potential Aphrodite’s, as it allows us to get a feel for the Aphrodite in question. At our escort agency, we believe in representing well-rounded ladies who are much more than a pretty face. 

In fact, throughout the years, we’ve represented doctors, those who run very successful businesses, those with various masters degrees and other great achievements. Our Aphrodite escorts are ambitious, intelligent, and sexy, making it a trifecta of pure lust, if you ask us.

What makes an intelligent Aphrodite escort more attractive?

  • Intelligent Aphrodite escorts are usually better conversationalists, allow you to indulge in various topics and conversations whilst enjoying a gorgeous dinner date

  • Intelligent Aphrodite escorts are usually better problem solvers, which allows partners to feel safer and more relaxed knowing that there is someone who can take the reins if need be

  • Intelligent Aphrodite escorts are in this profession simply for the pure lust of it all. They by no means need this job, and enjoy it as a side activity for the thrill.

  • Intelligent Aphrodite escorts may stimulate the curiosity centre of our brain. This is because, when our brain is stimulated with new information via curiosity, we’re rewarded with a flood of the pleasure-inducing hormone, dopamine.

The Brain: The Most Powerful Sexual Organ?

Move over erogenous zones, it’s been said that the brain is actually the most powerful sexual organ. And interestingly, a 2009 study found a link between high intelligence and high virility. How does that further prove the point that intelligence is attractive? Well, humans may just be biologically programmed to seek our partners with strong genetic fitness for healthy reproduction, aiding in the continuation of our species. 

Not just that though, another reason why intelligence is attractive is the fact that many of us crave a partner who can provide for us. Intelligence often leads to better jobs, better judgement, better lifestyles, and basic safety.

And last but not least, many people find a wide and rich vocabulary to be exceedingly attractive. In other words, when someone uses big words, it could be a huge turn on. Even science has proved this point to be true!

Intelligent Aphrodite Escort

Long story short, it’s evident that intelligence is attractive. But what would it feel like to date an intelligent and gorgeous woman? Absolute heaven! Our intelligent Aphrodite escorts are not just well-educated, smart and witty, they’re classy, elegant, and simply beautiful. Go on a whirlwind date with one of our Aphrodite’s, and enjoy all the exciting benefits associated with dating an irresistible and intelligent Aphrodite escort.

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