February 2022

Do Wealthy Men Prefer Smaller Breasts?

Thanks to scientific research, we actually can make an informed conclusion on the question: do wealthy men prefer smaller breasts? 

Well, well, well, isn’t this a loaded question! It may even seem quite impossible to answer, seeing as we all have our own individual taste. 

What about you, kind sir, what is your verdict? Do you prefer a nice handful or juicy peaches, or are you more inclined to adore smaller, perkier breasts? 

Let’s look at what the data has to say, shall we?

Who Loves Them? Bigger Breasts vs. Smaller Breasts

Two psychologists, Viren Swami and Martin Tovée Rich decided that this would be quite an interesting topic to explore. 

So, they set about conducting a study in 2012 in order to find out who loves bigger breasts and who loves smaller breasts, according to their income status and resources. 

Together, these two professionals underwent two experiments which would test which breast size wealthy and not-so-wealthy men preferred.

Do Wealthy Men Prefer Small Boobs

The First Experiment

In the first experiment, the connection between financial security and the preferences men had in terms of breast size was examined. It included 266 men from three different socioeconomic backgrounds, and had them look at animated female figures, each with different breast sizes. 

They then had to rate what they saw on a scale of one to five. The result? Men with lower socioeconomic status found larger breasts to be more appealing than those of a higher socioeconomic status!

The Second Experiment

In the second experiment, the psychologists did a comparison between the size of a woman’s breasts and the reflection of the evolutionary perspective of breast size. In other words, a woman’s breasts being the source of nutrition for infants. 

For this experiment, 66 hungry males of university-going age were tested. Out of these 66 men, 55 of them were fed and admitted to feeling satisfied with a full stomach. These 66 men then were shown five different women of varying breast sizes.

The result? The hungry men were shown to prefer women with bigger breasts than the satiated men. With this knowledge, what can we actually deduce?

Well, it appears as though women with bigger breasts actually lead men to believe that they have better access to important resources such as food. And when it comes to more wealthy men, such as those who have not experienced hunger, they are simply not looking for these kinds of resources. 

In other words, evolution plays a big part in the preference of breast size. As interesting as this is, the study is slightly outdated, and its sample size was small. 

So, we thought we’d pay homage to all of the different kinds of breasts, big or small, because we know that everyone has their own individual taste. 

Fun fact: did you know that in 2014 a billboard of giant breasts was erected in Moscow, causing more than 500 car accidents? Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, but nevertheless…this simply reinforces that sexy sells! And on that note, to those who have breasts and those who love them, here are a few reasons why breasts are magnificent, at any size!

Wealthy Men Like Big Breasts

Breasts Are Magnificent, at Any Size!

From life-giving capabilities, to beautiful pieces of art, breasts are magnificent for a number of reasons. Here are four specific reasons why we love them!

Size is Relative

Just like anything in life, we all have our own tastes, preferences, and desires. Some when it comes to breast size, one pair may seem entirely delicious to one, but not too appealing for another. Size is relative. The main thing is that we adore and appreciate all breasts, whether we’re a fan of their size or not.

Different Sizes Encourages Favourable Evolution

Because we all have our own taste, different breast sizes actually encourage the increase in evolution. That is because, if we all liked one certain type of person, there would be way more competition in terms of finding a mate and, well, mating. So, while one person may find a woman with small breasts beautiful and another may find a woman with large breasts beautiful, this encourages diversity and favourable evolution.

Taste Changes Over Time

As we get older, our taste changes. In our 20’s we may have loved slimmer partners, yet in our 30’s we may be lusting over dad bods or bbw’s. And this is a good thing. We can learn to appreciate breasts of all sizes because at the end of the day, they’re all fantastically erotic and amazing.

Nipple Stimulation

Did you know that when the nipples are stimulated, the same region in the brain is activated as when more intimate erogenous zones are stimulated? That means that the nipples have a huge amount of potential to increase arousal. This also means that foreplay is definitely something that we should all be engaging in, as it has the power to really ramp up our libidos.

And so, whether you’re rich, not-so-rich, famished or full to the brim, breasts are still an amazing attribute on all women. They deserve to be adored, cherished, and loved!

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