December 2021

10 Places in Europe You Simply Must Visit with Your Christmas Aphrodite Escort

Allow us to introduce you to 10 magical places to spark a bit of joy. 

Can you believe we're already in December? Time does fly when you're... wait, 2021 wasn't so fun, was it? Well, needless to say, we all need a bit of a break and a day or two of fun! This year has brought a whole new load of challenges, hardships, and lessons, but despite the chaos, there is still time to bring some sunshine to your life.

We know that you've been working hard all year, and while December is notoriously known as being a cheerful time, it's true that many people are tired and perhaps even burnt out. Which is why it's the perfect opportunity to take a little time off and enjoy the small things in life.

So, as this long year comes to a close, we wanted to introduce you to 10 magical places to spark a bit of joy.  We've rounded up the top locations that are perfect for visit with your escort in Europe during this festive season. Many of these spots have the most incredible Christmas markets and holiday ambiance, giving you and your chosen Aphrodite a reason to smile and enjoy this period.

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10 Magical Places to Visit this Christmas with Your Aphrodite Escort

Whether you live in Europe, or are traveling for work or pleasure, we have high class Aphrodite escorts in several locations throughout Europe. If you find yourself in any of these 10 magical places, why not invite your favourite young lady to join you for an adventure you'll never forget? 

Or, you could turn this festive season into a travel experience, with both you and your chosen escort flying into one or more of these spots for that excellent Christmas cheer and intimate atmosphere.  Aphrodite Agency welcomes upscale gentlemen, new and old friends, to join us this December for all kinds of fun and play!

1. Colmar, France

Colmar is a region in Alsace, France, and is actually quite a hidden gem.  If you have the pleasure of visiting, you'll find a slew of quaint towns and beautiful scenery that'll definitely give you good vibes. But to visit during Christmas is otherworldly. In fact, its Christmas markets (yes, plural!) are some of the most magical in Europe. You see, Colmar doesn't just host one Christmas market... it has four plus! Four incredible spots to visit with your Aphrodite escort to feel all the positive energy and winter energy. 

Where can you find the Christmas markets in Colmar?

  • Christmas Market at Place des Dominicains

  • Handcraft Christmas Market at the Koifhus

  • Christmas Market at Place de l'Ancienne Douane

  • Christmas Market at Place Jeanne d'Arc

These Christmas markets aren't the only reason to visit Colmar however. This town really does make an effort to create a festive mood. The locals even dress up as shepherds on December 24th, a tradition that began over 800 years ago. On top of that, this location dresses up their windows, doors, and sidewalks in all kinds of cozy decorations, making it a place of sheer magic.

2. Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is arguably more like a city, however it's a town... a town that places huge focus on Christmas. Its streets are bustling, full of friendly faces and happy holiday feels, and if you're intrigued by the Black Forest, you can actually see it in certain spots in Freiburg.  If you're unfamiliar with Black Forest, it has been the inspiration behind many a fairy tale and is a spot that's brimming with natural beauty, such as the Triberg Waterfall. 

As for the Christmas markets in Freiburg, you can enjoy the sights of not one but five different Christmas markets in Freiburg with your Aphrodite escort. 

Where can you find the Christmas markets in Freiburg?

  • Christmas Market at the Rathausplatz

  • Christmas Market at Franziskanerstrasse

  • Christmas Market at Unterlindenplatz

  • Christmas Market at the Kartoffelmarkt

  • Christmas Market at Turmstraße

What's great about these different markets is that all of these streets are connected, so you can easily walk from one to the other. But whether you visit this location in Christmas or any other time of year, you'll most certainly get that medieval old town experience, which is always an adventure.

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3. Vienna, Austria

If you visit Vienna during Christmas, you'll see an abundance of stalls that have been built from wood and painted in bright colours, wreaths hanging from the ceilings, and a slew of stands selling handcrafted gems. The feeling is simply electric with live music, good food, and fresh mulled wine on offer too.

Where can you find the Christmas markets in Vienna?

  • Christmas Market at Rathausplatz

  • Christmas Market at Stephansplatz

  • Christmas Market at Maria-Theresien-Platz

  • Christmas Market at Schönbrunn Palace

  • Christmas Market at Belvedere Palace

  • Christmas Market at the Opera House

  • Christmas Market at Karlsplatz

So if Vienna is on your list for this season, there's a famous Christmas market vibe that's been going since 1296. You'll find several spaces dedicated to Christmas around the city, including popular plazas and palaces.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Seeing Prague during December is a perfect idea, as it allows you to imbibe the holiday season whilst soaking up some of the most popular sites. This is because Prague's Christmas market takes place close to must-see spots, such as the Astronomical Clock and the Church of Our Lady before Tyn.

Where can you find the Christmas markets in Prague?

  • Christmas Market at the Old Town Square

  • Christmas Market in front of St. George's Basilica at Prague Castle

  • Christmas Market at Republic Square

  • Christmas Market at Havel's Market

  • Christmas Market at Kampa Island

At Prague's Christmas markets, you'll see a huge Christmas tree, several stages and festive huts selling food and drinks. There are two main markets that are a must-see, and several smaller ones. 

5. Cologne, Germany

A handful of fun activities await you and your Christmas escort in Cologne, including that of seven different Christmas markets. Cologne has a special way of making you feel the happy ambience and a sense of traditional pride as you wander through the streets. 

Where can you find the Christmas markets in Cologne?

  • Christmas Market at the Cologne Cathedral

  • Christmas Market at Stadgarten 

  • Christmas Market at Nicholas Village

  • Christmas Market at Angels' Market

  • Christmas Market at Heinzel's Winter Fairytale

  • Christmas Market at Heavenue Cologne

You'll see beautiful wooden stalls, various themes and forms of entertainment, and all sorts of people taking in the sights and sounds that make up this merry season. What is arguably the most popular Christmas market in Cologne however, is the one in front of the cathedral. Visiting this market will allow you to meander your way through whilst seeing the gorgeous backdrop of the skyscraper cathedral.

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6. Tallinn, Estonia

The capital of Estonia is most certainly a sight to behold during December. And while many opt to go for the more well-known spots in Europe for their winter holidays, Tallinn is a city that's bursting with light, love, and eclectic energy.

During your trip, you can marvel upon the Medieval architecture, and take a slow and peaceful walk through the Old Town, which is like a dream during winter. You can also see the Christmas market in Tallinn with your favourite Christmas escort, which is decorated with one large tree and lots of small stands, while providing all kinds of entertainment on-stage. 

Fun Fact: the first large Christmas tree was set up here in 1441, and has been taking place every year since.

Where can you find the Christmas markets in Tallinn?

  • Christmas Market at Tallinn Town Hall Square

Take a peek at the various nicknacks, accessories, and enjoy gingerbread and mulled wine.

7. Basel, Switzerland

You can consider yourself lucky if you're able to visit Basel in Switzerland during Christmas! This is because it has been voted 2021's Best Christmas Market in Europe. It's no secret that Basel is a gorgeous location that's diverse and culturally unique, and we think it's a great idea to whisk your Aphrodite escort away to see this magical city during winter.

Where can you find the Christmas markets in Basel?

  • Christmas Market at Münsterplatz

  • Christmas Market at Barfüsserplatz

Christmas time in Basel is all about illuminated lights, pine trees in abundance,  and ornaments by decorator Johan Wanner. Both of these Christmas markets show off exquisite views such as that of the cathedral, and wow the crowd with 130 small rustic wooden chalets selling gifts, food, and drinks. The perfect way to spend this festive season!

8. Zagreb, Croatia

Since 1869, Zagreb has been celebrating the month of December with a Christmas market that's full of child-like wonder and smiling face. In this city, the four weeks leading up to Christmas is known as "Advent Zagreb" and every week, during Sunday lunch, a candle is lit sitting atop a wreath of evergreen branches or straw. 

Where can you find the Christmas markets in Zagreb?

  • Christmas Market at Park Zrinjevac

  • Christmas Market at Tomislavac

  • Christmas Market at Strossmayer Promenade

  • Christmas Market at Dolac Market

  • Christmas Market at Zagreb Advent

  • Christmas Market at Upper Town Christmas Market

Their Christmas market has been voted the Best Christmas Market in Europe for three consecutive years (2016, 2017, and 2018), and is all about taking you back to your childhood. You can enjoy various activities and entertainment at different locations around the city, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Croatian Christmas spirit.

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9. Bruges, Belgium

What is already well-known as a magical city all-year-round, there's something even more special about this beautiful location during December. And since 2019, they've made their festive season even more delightful with their Bruges Winter Flow, which is 10 light installations that are dispersed across the city, creating an effortless glow.

And if you're visiting Bruges with one of our Aphrodite escort models, why not consider seeing some of the extraordinary Christmas markets? One of which is filled with wooden chalets surrounding a glittering ice rink, giving visitors a gorgeous view of the 83-m high belfry.  

Where can you find the Christmas markets in Bruges?

  • Christmas Market at Grote Markt

  • Christmas Market near Simon Stevinplein (a smaller market)

Needless to say, Christmas in Bruges is always a good idea.

10. London, United Kingdom

The streets are filled with twinkling lights, and the shops have some incredible displays in the window... this is the norm in London during the holidays! But if you choose to visit one of London's fantastic Christmas markets with an Aphrodite escort, you'll be treated to so much more than that.

You see, the Christmas markets in London all have different decor, themes, and activities. Yet there's still a sense of happiness that fills the air, regardless of which one you choose. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, for example, is a favourite for many, as it involves stalls, shows, ice skating, food and drinks. Still, it's worth seeing these other London favourites.

Where can you find the Christmas markets in London?

  • Christmas Market at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

  • Christmas Market at Covent Garden Christmas Village

  • Christmas Market at Christmas by the River at London Bridge City

  • Christmas Market at Greenwich Christmas Market

  • Christmas Market at Southbank Centre Winter Market

  • Christmas Market at Leicester Square Christmas Market

  • Christmas Market in Camden Market

  • Christmas Market at Hampton Court Palace Festive Fayre

  • Christmas Market at Kingston Christmas Market

  • Christmas Market at Christmas Under the Canopy at King's Cross

  • Christmas Market at Borough Market at Christmas

Wherever you are this festive season, we hope you stay warm, safe, happy, and in good health!
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