December 2021

Hire a High Class Escort Perfect for Cuffing Season

The 411 on everything to do with cuffing season!

As we migrate from one season to the next, it's inevitable... the weather will start to get colder. So whether you're a lover or a hater of the cold, there's just no escaping it (well, unless you move somewhere tropical).

And when winter finally arrives, it's all about those cosy days, heavy blankets, watching films, and possibly snuggling up to someone you love or lust. And that's essentially what cuffing season is! If you've never heard the term before, you may be a regular cuffing enthusiast and not even know it! 

So, we're here to give you the 411 on everything to do with cuffing season! What it is, when it starts, why it's so popular, and seven reasons why dating an Aphrodite escort during this period is such a good idea!

What is Cuffing Season?

Cuffing season is the time of year when "people who would normally be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be 'cuffed' or tied down" in a kind of relationship. Basically, it's finding one person to snuggle up to during the winter, eradicating the pain and annoyances of dating or finding multiple partners.

Interestingly, it seems as though many people often seek someone to cuff up with during winter because, according to Christie Kederian, EdD, LMFT, and psychologist,  "It can be difficult to be single at family gatherings and feel alone when we are bombarded with Christmas Hallmark movies and everyone being in love". She continued to say, "Cuffing season acts as a lifeline to help singles get through the holidays into Valentine's Day".

Cuffing season, in short, allows you to gain all the perks of being in a comfortable relationship of some sorts without having to leave the house into the cold, miserable night. 

But what sets cuffing season apart from an actual relationship? Well, when the sun begins to shine again, creating that effortless summer glow and fun vibe, one or both partners end the 'relationship'. 

This can be quite daunting for some, as someone may be cuffed up without even realising it, only to be dumped as soon as the weather warms up. But, if you decide to cuff up with an Aphrodite escort, well... there's absolutely no issue for you when you're ready to spread your wings and fly solo once again!

Escorts Cuffing Season

When Does Cuffing Season Start?

Cuffing season starts when those bright, sunny days begin to disappear, around the start of fall, and tends to end around early spring.  So it's usually around October or November that individuals feel the urge to cuff up. Then, around Valentine's Day, cuffing season tends to come to an end. Conveniently, one may break up with their partner before Valentine's Day as not to have even more mixed signals, and to cop out of spending the day or night all loved up with gifts and romance.

Of course, there are some couples who pair up during this season and actually stay together post-cuffing season. But this is more the exception rather than the rule. Take note, that someone who is actively looking to cuff up is someone who is intentionally looking for someone to spend time with during the cold months, and has all intention of ending things when the weather warms up again.

Again, this can be quite devastating for someone who doesn't know they're being cuffed, as they're left broken hearted right before the most romantic holiday of the year... Valentine's Day.

On the other hand, there are a few reasons why cuffing season is so enticing...

Why is Cuffing Season so Enticing?

While we've already mentioned the fact that cuffing season gives one the chance to snuggle up to someone during the cold months, and to avoid braving the cold to meet random people they've matched with, there are a few other reasons why someone may be enticed to cuff up.

For one, it's a way in which to have someone to dress up with in matching Halloween costumes, and to go out and be intimate with when the ball drops at midnight! It also gives people the chance to have a date to all of their end-of-year work functions, Christmas events, and family gatherings (cue the nosey family members asking when you'll ever marry). 

And to add to the whole 'cold weather' argument, when it's cold out, our bodies respond differently and our levels of melatonin, serotonin, and our circadian rhythm is affected. This leads many of us to feel 'down' or 'depressed' during this chilly season, seeking someone to comfort and accompany us.

So while we've mentioned why cuffing season could potentially be quite ruthless for some, there's actually a way in which you could get your cuff on without hurting anyone's feelings! How? Hire an Aphrodite high class escort!

Cuffing Escort High Class

7 Reasons Why Choosing Aphrodite Escorts for Cuffing Season is the Perfect Idea

Cuffing season aside, our Aphrodite high class escorts are gorgeous, highly intelligent, worldly, and open-minded. This alone is reason enough to feel tempted to date one! But when you do get a jolt of seasonal low mood, our Aphrodite's are here to keep you warm, happy, and smiling.

1. Aphrodite's are No-Strings-Attached

Whether you're looking for something intimate or something a bit racier, our high class Aphrodite escorts come with no-strings-attached. There is no risk of dealing with complicated emotions or getting sentimental, and you'll simply have the opportunity to enjoy your cuffing season without anyone getting hurt. 

2. Aphrodite's Are a Mood Booster

As we mentioned, there is a drop in serotonin during winter (serotonin being the key hormone that stabilises our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness). And while there are ways we can try to increase this happy hormone, we've made it even easier to do so. Hiring an Aphrodite is one sure-fire way to feel all kinds of blissful intimacy, lust, and happiness.

3. Aphrodite's Are Confidence Boosters

Maybe you're really hoping to find someone during cuffing season but aren't having much luck in the dating department. These days, it feels as though everyone is replaceable, making it even harder to find someone to spend some quality time with. We've all been rejected, and we've all had dates where there was a lack of chemistry. By choosing to date an Aphrodite escort this cuffing season however, you'll always be given the royal treatment, as you're absolutely number one. Not just that, but you have the control to spend time with a young lady that truly makes your soul happy.

4. Aphrodite's Are Gorgeous Holiday Partners

Halloween, New Years Eve, work functions, Christmas parties, heck... even family events or Valentine's Day! You can be sure that Aphrodite Agency will never leave you unaccompanied during this bustling time of the year! Take your time and take your favourite Aphrodite out for a perfect date on some of the biggest holidays of the year, and enjoy the fun without any of the hassle.

5. Aphrodite's Offer No-Strings-Attached Companionship

We love the sound of two people having the best time of their lives together, attending events, staying in, wining and dining... with no-strings-attached. For some, there's simply no time for relationships to get messy. Instead, it's a lot easier to find something genuinely amazing to spend time with whenever you fancy having a gorgeous young lady on your arm. And that's all there is to it!

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6. Aphrodite Agency is a Time Saver

You're busy, we get that! And hunting down someone to enjoy all of the perks of cuffing season with can be time consuming. So, instead of swiping right on a loop and meeting a sea of people that you hope will fit your cuffing season criteria, choose an Aphrodite who ticks all of your boxes. You can rest assured that at Aphrodite High Class Escort Agency, we do all the heavy lifting for you! That means that you can sit back and relax, while we plan the perfect date or two for you and your chosen young lady.

7. New Year, New You!

And finally, slap-bang in the middle of cuffing season, is New Years Eve! It's a time when people frantically write down their new years resolutions, are adamant to achieve all of their goals in the new year, and are more motivated than ever! So why not spend the New Year by going on an adventure, trying something new, dating someone fantastic that's open-minded and ready to take a tantalising leap with you? As they say: new year, new you!

Now that you're up to speed with the notion of 'cuffing season' and why hiring an Aphrodite high class escort is always a good idea, are you ready to embark on your best cuffing season yet?

If there's an Aphrodite you fancy, let us know and we'll get you two all cuffed up in no time!
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