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Want to Spend the Holidays with a High Class Escort?

For those special moments in life, having a gorgeous high class holiday escort can mean turning a great experience into a magical one!

We all know how amazing wonderful companionship can be during the holiday season!

So, at Aphrodite Agency, we thrive on pairing upscale gentlemen with high class holiday escorts so that there's an element of thrill during a special occasion, where ever you choose to enjoy it.

Want to find out what a year looks like at Aphrodite Agency? Let's imbibe the holidays and the cheekiness that could follow...

New Years Eve Escorts in Europe

The evening when the night is a ball of potential, people are cheerful, and the world awaits the countdown to a new year. What an excellent time to grab your favourite Aphrodite escort and give her a big smooch at midnight!

Besides this, New Years Eve in Europe is entirely fabulous, and there are so many events and traditions that take place in several cities all over the continent. 

In Madeira, for example, you'll be treated to a phenomenal firework show, encapsulating good fortune and great vibes for the year to follow. It's also a region that's brimming with sunshine year-round and lush vegetation, making it the perfect place for a little getaway with your New Years Eve escort in Europe.

Or you could go to Edinburgh in Scotland for their Hogmanay Festival, which takes place over three days. It starts on December 30th, sees a huge rendition of Auld Lang Syne, and a slew of fireworks over Edinburgh Castle.

And if it's more of a Christmas market vibe you're after, you could always pop over to the amazing countdown show at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Here you'll find a magic display of markets, twinkling lights and all kinds of cosiness. 

Valentine's Day Escorts in Europe

You need not have a romantic partner to celebrate Valentine's Day, in fact, this holiday is way more fun when you're with a traveling escort. Why? Because your escort is not your partner! There won't be any arguments about travel plans, no disappointing Valentine's Day gifts, and zero expectations. The only experience you'll be having is a one that's rife with excitement, adventure, and excellent company. 

So, if you do fancy enjoying Valentine's Day in Europe, there's a ton of cheeky fun to be had. In Italy, for example, lovers spend the day admiring their surroundings, strolling through nature, listening to music, and reading poetry. And in Finland, Valentine's Day is actually more of a day for friends, making it even more apt for you to spend the day with a Valentine's Day escort in Europe.

Then of course you could go the more commercial route and enjoy your V-Day in Paris, staring out at the sights with heart-shaped glasses, wine, and a gorgeous escort by your side.

Which ever city you choose, why not spend this holiday in a more non-traditional sense, and instead of enjoying it in love, enjoy it in lust with a Valentine's Day escort in Europe.

Valentiane's Day High Class Escorts

St Patrick's Day Escorts in Europe

Every year, on the 17th of March, celebrations are held all over the world in honour of St. Patrick's Day. And even though it's considered a religious holiday, some parties are so crazy, one may beg to differ. So if you're craving a bit of a wild atmosphere and good cheer with a St Patrick's Day escort in Europe, there are some fabulous location for you to do so.

Why not visit Copenhagen in Denmark for this holiday? They have the regular festivities, including green beer, parades, and Irish music, but they also have a tradition which is the charitable three-legged race through the city. What else does this race consist of? Stopping into Irish pubs along the way for a drink! Now that's a twist on your average sporting event!

Or you could go to Munich, Germany where the beer is always a delight. Since 1996, this city has enjoyed an annual St. Patrick's parade which is open for all, including Irish traditional music and dancing. Then of course, you simply must go on a Munich beer tour to get an even stronger sense of the German beer in this stunning location.

And last but certainly not least, enjoy the true sense of St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, Ireland to witness their authentic national pride. There are large-scale parades, local beer, music, dancing, and tons of traditional Irish pubs alongside your St Patrick's Day escort in Europe, creating a fun-filled and cheeky day you'll absolutely love.

Easter Escorts in Europe

This Christian holiday is a moment where people all over the world take advantage of sweet treats, time off, and perhaps a religious engagement. And if you're all about celebrating Easter, you could have your own sense of companionship and intimacy with an Easter escort in Europe. 

Our Aphrodite's love the holidays! They're vibrant, full of good energy, and ready to slide into all kinds of holiday fun with you, where ever you choose to spend it. Together, you two beautiful people can make the most of this time by visiting one or more incredible spots such as Vienna in Austria, Edinburgh in Scotland, or Valletta in Malta.

Grab a high class Vienna escort for your Easter adventure and enjoy one of three Easter markets that take place throughout the city.  You could also consider a leisurely stroll to the open-air museum for a clash of history and culture, or imbibe the Schönbrunn Palace,  a cultural masterpiece.

In Scotland, there's an Edinburgh high class escort waiting for you to go on all kinds of adventures! There's the Royal Botanic Gardens Easter Trail, which includes delicious chocolate bars with a twist, or go to the Alba Puppets Easter Show in Edinburgh Castle for an entertaining, light hearted bout of fun.

And then, don't forget Valletta in Malta! This city is bursting with colour and magic, and Easter is no different. You could do some dolphin spotting with your Easter escort in Europe on the island of Gozo for a moment in time you'll never forget.

Oktoberfest Escorts in Europe

Did you know that the first Oktoberfest was on October 12th, 1810? And since, it's been thriving, bringing in people from all over the world. It's the world's largest folk festival, happening in Munich every year, and during this period over 75,800 litres of beer is consumed!

It's an event that's on nearly everyone's bucket list. And for an amazing 16 to 18 days, more than six million people gather in this wondrous city for a super vibe, enjoying good beer and time with friends, lovers, and partners. Which means it is the perfect opportunity to invite an Oktoberfest escort in Europe to join you for it!

Take part in the camaraderie as people dress up in folk costumes, enjoy their wagons and floats, play games, go on amusement rides, and imbibe the music, food, and dancing. Basically, this cheerful and cheeky event would be exceedingly more exciting with a gorgeous high class Aphrodite escort on your arm. Bask in the good atmosphere, and enjoy the view! 

And luckily for you, we have several beautiful high class escorts in Austria and Germany, ready for all kinds of flirty engagements.  

Halloween Escorts in Europe

Arguably a favourite holiday for many, Halloween is a day when people dress up in sexy, sassy, and enchanting outfits, and go out for a day or evening of all kinds of fun! And can you believe that it originates back to 1745? Today, this event is an absolute ball, and depending on where you go, you'll be sure to see some really saucy outfits and a slew of incredibly good looking women.

So, if you're a Halloween enthusiast, and fancy getting dolled up in your most creative attire, why not invite an Aphrodite to join you? And instead of visiting a mediocre, run-of-the-mill party, consider a location in Europe that thrives in the scary and spookiness that is Halloween.

In Nottingham, England, for example, you can go on a ghost walk that takes you on a walking tour through the city's terrifying past. Or pop over to Spirits of Meath in Ireland! Here, you can visit a 2,000-year-old Celtic festival which includes pumpkin carving contests and hearing all sorts of horror tales. And then, of course, there's Port Aventura in Spain, which is famous for its dress up gatherings, events, and rides. 

And if it's the more darker side of Halloween that you desire, the Bloody Sexy Halloween in Prague, Czech Republic sees the likes of over 5,000 people and is packed with dance performances, pyrotechnics, DJ's, and a best costume competition. We're sure that this would definitely float your boat with your favourite Halloween escort in Europe.

Halloween Date Escorts High Class

Thanksgiving Escorts in Europe

While Thanksgiving isn't a European holiday, it is one that is celebrated all over the world. And for those who are traveling through Europe during this time and want to celebrate it, you'll love the parties and celebrations that are taking place.

Bruges in Belgium is a favourite for many during Thanksgiving, as the location alone is like something out of a fairytale. In the Old Town, you'll be able to admire all of the ancient buildings, take a boat ride through the town's canals, and enjoy the stunning foliage that surrounds it. November is most definitely a warm, cosy, and relaxed time to visit Bruges, so why not invite an Aphrodite Thanksgiving escort in Europe to accompany you?

Then there's Oslo, Norway, which is an absolute must for those who love winter that's not too cold. During November, you may be able to see the Northern Lights, which is a dream, and you can try different kinds of cuisines to celebrate this magnificent holiday. Or you could visit a Viking museum to really get a sense of true Norwegian style with your Thanksgiving escort in Europe. 

One last city you simply must visit during the month of November, is Lugano in Switzerland. This quaint town borders Italy, and wows with an incredibly beautiful blue lake at the bottom of the Alps. Or you could take a leisurely train ride throughout Switzerland and beyond, and breathe in the gorgeous natural sights. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

Christmas Escorts in Europe

Christmas is a magical time of year, for people all over the world. It's a time when people become more intimate, crave togetherness and good cheer.  Which makes going on a date with a Christmas escort in Europe a great idea! Cuddle up in a stunning location with a roaring fire and great views, go on an adventure, or simply take part in the number of Christmas events that take place in Europe around this time.

Colmar in France, for example, brings absolute joy to all those who visit with their Christmas Market. This wonderful event takes place over six weeks and has been going strong for 20 years. Walking through the city is to experience illuminating lights, small labyrinth streets, and century-old half-timber houses. The feeling you get in Colmar is intimate and authentic, just like our Aphrodite Christmas escorts in Europe.

We also love Dresden in Germany during Christmas, as it truly comes to life with glittering lights, twinkling stars, and happy faces. Here, it's all about gingerbread, Christmas carols, and the Dresden Strizelmarkt Market—considered  the first genuine Christmas Market in the world. It's been going strong for more than 585 years, and sees over three million people each other. Doesn't that sound cosy?

Lastly, Basal is the city to visit in Switzerland if you're all about Christmas. It simply glows throughout with lights, pine trees, and magic, making it such a pleasant experience to enjoy arm-in-arm with your Christmas escort in Europe. Visit the Christmas Market in Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz, which is right in the centre of the city, and take in all the warm and fuzzy feelings that surround you during this intimate time.

Have you found your best kind of inspiration and fancy dating a high class holiday escort during one of your favourite holidays?

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