April 2021

8 Summer Date Ideas to Enjoy with Your Zurich Aphrodite Escort

Imagine all of the fun in the sun you can have with an Aphrodite Zurich escort!

Spring is in the air, and next thing you know...we'll be in the height of summer.

And sure, you probably have your go-to favourite spots in the thriving city of Zurich... but you know what they say? Change is as good as a holiday! Now is the perfect time to explore some new summer date ideas for a sensual and exciting experience in Zurich with someone gorgeous on your arm.

The possibilities are seemingly endless! And if you don't believe us, take a look at our unique date ideas that you can enjoy with your high class Zurich escort!

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8 Summer Date Ideas for You and Your Aphrodite Zurich Escort

When the sun is shining brightly, kissing your skin effortlessly, giving you a glow and a sexy tan, there's nothing more tantalising than soaking it up alongside someone gorgeous. 

1. Bike Rides Through the City

You see it in films all the time... two lovers blissfully riding bicycles together, smiling joyfully, glancing at one another in awe and admiration every so often. And while your Aphrodite Zurich escort may not be "the one" they most certainly can be the one for a euphoric moment of pure lust. 

So, instead of trekking through the city, why not rent a couple of bikes to see the wondrous city of Zurich? How? Easy! Bike Rental Zurich is an excellent company to hire a bike for the day! With five star reviews all-round, you know you're in good hands when it comes to having a gander of the city.

They've also got a gorgeous selection of bicycles that are too adorable for words. Each have their own special name, making it even more intimate. They even have a tandem bike, if that's what you and your Aphrodite Zurich escort fancy!

2. A Stroll Through the Park

A slightly romantic and invigorating walk through a peaceful park or botanical garden when the sun's out may just be the perfect date activity for you two gorgeous people! 

We recommend seeing the Arboretum Zurich. It's filled with luscious greenery, landscaped gardens, and an abundance of various trees. 

This beautiful arboretum dates back to 1887, and since has undergone a number of changes. Today, it's a charming piece of heaven that will allow you to enjoy the sunshine, admire the nature, and get to know your Aphrodite Zurich escort.

Our suggestion? Take a leisurely stroll through the meadows, and perhaps even pack a picnic to make it even more intimate.

3. Rooftop Cocktails

Keeping a sense of class and elegance, enjoy a drink or two at one of Zurich's most upmarket rooftop bars or outdoor spots. There are several quaint and intimate spots to enjoy the company of your Aphrodite Zurich escort, and some offer some incredible views of the city.

The Jules Verne Panoramabar Zurich, for example, is a trendy and sophisticated place to have cocktails in Zurich, and spoils its visitors with a scenic experience atop of a tower. Quote: "What an amazing place. The views are spectacular to say the least."

 You may also love La Muna, a spot that's perched beautifully on the sixth floor giving you a 360-degree view of the historic centre, as well as a peek at the lake and the Alps. There are two terraces, one of which is pleasingly lined with trees, and the other which can be booked for private or intimate affairs. 

4.  Dine on a Boat Cruise

Reserve a table for dinner on the outer deck for you and your Aphrodite Zurich escort on a tantalising boat cruise! What a fantastic way to spend some time... fine dining whilst seeing the sights and enjoying the company of a vivacious and wonderful young lady. 

We recommend booking with Zurichsee which is a cruise line that offers a dining option on its Long Lake Cruise, Sunset Cruise, and Short Lake Cruise. To secure your dining experience, be sure to book the dining option separately from your travel ticket.

Or, if you fancy skipping the meal and want to enjoy the surrounding beauty, consider a Limmat River Cruise which will show you all the beauty in and around Zurich's Old Town.

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5. Intimate Brunch Date

Why not go for an upscale hotel with a balcony that offers breathtaking views? That way, you can sleep in with your stunning Aphrodite Zurich escort, then enjoy a gorgeous brunch on the terrace, just the two of you. Doesn't that sound like the perfect romantic way in which to get your day started? 

Or, if brunch doesn't tickle your fancy, watch the sunrise with a light breakfast or the sunset with dinner and drinks. Whichever you choose, the alone time will definitely be a highlight of your date.

The Deluxe Corner Suite at the  Baur Au Lac Hotel in Zurich is a great option, as it offers views of the private park, lake, and the Schanzengraben Canal. 

Or consider The Dolder Grand, which is pure luxury. This hotel boasts incredible views and has its own private butler services to serve you your intimate brunch or dinner date with style.

6.  Marvel Upon the Views on Uetliberg

Zurich's very own mountain, the Uetliberg, is a mere 30-minute train ride away. The train journey itself is super scenic, but being on top of this majestic mountain will certainly take your breath away. It's more than 2,500 feet above sea level, and you can see the entire city, including the rooftops of the tallest buildings in Zurich, the lake, and the Alps. 

If you fancy even more nature-inspired views, you could climb the lookout tower, which is even more impressive! And after staring out at sheer bliss, enjoy a stunning date at Uto Kulm. This restaurant's tagline is "Top of Zurich" and for good reason. The views are exquisite, especially if you visit their Panorama-Terrasse.   

7.  Water Sports with Thrill

There are a ton of fabulous water sports you can enjoy with your Aphrodite Zurich escort whilst in this gorgeous city. Fancy going upwind sailing on a vintage yacht on Lake Zurich? You can actually customise your sailing experience, like choosing between free sailing, relaxing, having a drink, racing, going on a treasure hunt, or even having a BBQ on-board! You can also choose to have a private sailing experience or one under supervision, just in case!

Or consider going for a once-off wakeboarding class! If you're already experienced, hire out your own equipment and boat. Another fabulous idea is to go kayaking or canoeing on Lake Zurich or Linth

8. Grab an Ice Cream & Go For a Stroll

Sunny spring and summer days in Zurich is a time when everyone has a smile on their face! A simple stroll will give you an invigorating and happy feeling. It's like an undeniable energy that's just fantastic to experience.

So if you're one for taking leisurely strolls, why not grab an ice cream on a warm day, and have a lovely chat with your Aphrodite Zurich escort? There are several top ice cream spots in Zurich to visit, and you'll find all kinds of treats too. From sorbets to frozen yoghurts, Italian gelato, or a good old-fashioned ice cream cone, there's tons of choices for you and your charming escort companion.

Take a peek at Gelati am See at the Riesbach Harbour on Lake Zurich, Konditorei Caredda which is a place for homemade ice cream, or Sorbetto Ice Cream for some delicious sorbet ice cream!

Needless to say, there are tons of fun things you can do with your Aphrodite Zurich escort in this beautiful city of Switzerland.
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