November 2020

Escort Dating Conversation Do's and Don'ts

Did you know that it takes only seven seconds for someone to make a first impression? 

When you bump into a gorgeous lady at the grocery store or go on a first date with someone you've got your eye on, if the spark isn't there within seven seconds, well... you'll surely have to redeem yourself with some excellent conversation.

For that reason, if you are escort dating, online dating, or meeting someone for the first time in any other capacity, it's important to not only look good, but also have a killer conversation lineup that'll swoop them off of their feet.

Herewith, we'll share some super important escort dating conversation do's and don'ts. Take your dating game to the next level, and ensure that those first seven seconds and beyond are absolutely magical and unforgettable.

In 2016, researcher Marisa T. Cohen set out to confirm the best conversation topic for a first date. She studied 390 individuals and found that the results varied when it came to the two sexes. 

For women, they found it extremely attractive when a man talked about the future, whereas men believed that when a woman spoke about sex on their date, they were interested in them.

And despite the fact that these two topics differed, it did have one thing in common: both scenarios were about the woman.  

This leads us to the first escort dating do... talk about her!

Do's and Don'ts Escort Date

Escort Dating Do: Talk About Her

A first date conversation that involved talking about the woman was oftentimes found to be a successful one. 

Both men and women agreed that when a woman took charge and led the conversation, it was easier for the man to simply comment on what she had to say instead of them taking over the conversation. 

And when this happens, it gave women the impression that the man was interested in trying to understand them, which is essentially what many women want in dating!

And Cohen's study was not the only one to confirm this... 

In 2013, Daniel A. McFarland of Stanford University used speed dating as his source of research, as he wanted to find out what made a date successful or not.  

Again, it was found that most of the couples admitted feeling chemistry when the topic of conversation was focused on the woman.  

Tip for gentlemen: when escort dating, place importance on your chosen escort and what she has to say.

Escort Dating Don't: No Mention of Your Ex

Adversely, the same study by McFarland found that the quickest way to ruin a date, was if one or both parties talked about their ex. And this topic can come about in a variety of different ways...

For example, perhaps someone is on the rebound or newly singly and may feel that their sorrow is so heavy that they simply need to unleash some of their thoughts and feelings. 

Or, maybe someone decides to use talking about their ex as a technique to "talk them up" by mentioning ways that they have been, and are a, great partner.

Either way, whether the tone of talking about past relationships is positive or negative, it was still one of the biggest turn offs that oftentimes hindered the chance of a second date. 

In fact, women in the study agreed that when a man talks about his ex, it made them believe that they were not interested in them.

Tip for gentlemen: When escort dating, don't talk about your ex.

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Escort Dating Do: Allow for a Natural Conversation Flow

In Cohen's research, he found that those who went into a date with the strategy of asking questions, often failed. 

He remarked that when too many questions were asked, it signified that one or both parties didn't really have anything else to say, and were merely using questions as a means to fill in awkward silences.

There are some exceptions however, as using questions sparingly to increase intrigue is always a good idea. 

Things such as "What's your favourite city in the world?" or "What would you consider to be a perfect date/day?" are emotion-filled questions that prompt further discussion. Use questions like this and use follow-up comments to display active listening.

Having said that, being able to have a natural conversation that flows effortlessly oftentimes leads to excitement and chemistry

Fun fact? When high energy conversations takes place, women tend to raise and vary their vocal range, while men tend to talk louder and laugh more.

Tip for gentlemen: When escort dating, don't ask too many questions, rather let the conversation flow. If a woman's vocal range becomes higher, it is a good sign.

Escort Dating Don't: Refrain From Being Silent

In a weird turn of events, it was found that women quite liked it when men interrupted them during a conversation... but only when the interruption was to support something they were saying.

For example: if a woman spoke about her pet grooming business, and a man interrupted her to contribute to, or show understanding about, how she works or what she does for a living, this was seen as a positive occurrence that actually enhanced chemistry.

Tip for gentlemen: When escort dating, interrupt your escort from time to time to support what she is saying.

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Escort Dating Do: Tell Them About You

While we've mentioned that most dates tend to be successful when the topic surrounds the woman, it's also a good idea to reveal some information about you.

You don't have to disclose anything you don't want to, but the chance of making a connection is that much greater when you can find common ground and similar interests. It's equally as ok if you two have opposing opinions on a topic, as long as it is cause for a meaningful discussion thereafter. 

For example, your escort may love skiing whereas you have only tried it once and fell, which hindered you from ever doing it again. You could converse about the experience, or perhaps hint that you'd like to take them skiing in Austria in the future.

Tip for gentlemen: Talk about yourself to establish a common ground or as a means to prompt a meaningful conversation.

Escort Dating Don't: Avoid Heavy Conversations

Some topics of conversation are naturally heavier than others. It's better to stray from topics such as finances or religion on an escort date, as two clashing ideals and opinions could lead to some heated discussions. 

Additionally, there's always a time and a place for these kinds of heavy conversations. 

For example, if you have been on several dates with your chosen escort and you have gotten to know each other better, you will be able to gauge their understanding and views on the world, and a conversation can go deeper without causing emotional unrest.

Tip for gentlemen: Keep the conversation fairly light yet stimulating on a first date with an escort.

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Escort Dating Do: Find Out More About Your Date Beforehand

Invariably, your escort date will have some kind of online profile which will tell you more about her. On our escort model portfolios, for example, you can find some invaluable information about your favourite escort such as her favourite food, her best travel spots, the languages she speaks, and her favourite designers.

Additionally, if you'd like any other information about your chosen escort, we're more than happy to give you a well thought-out description in which we answer all of your burning questions.

If you've made the effort to know more about your escort date, it will show her that you're genuinely interested in who she is. It's also a great way to start a conversation. 

For example: "I believe you love going on vacation to Barcelona. I've been there multiple times and absolutely love the city too." 

Also, by finding out what she likes, you can surprise her with a thoughtful gift, which is always appreciated.

Tip for gentlemen: Read more about your escort date beforehand for great conversation starters.

Escort Dating Don't: Phones Not Permitted

While the invention of the smartphone is unequivocally amazing and useful, even the mere sight of it can be a turn off during a date, never mind actually using it.

When someone's phone is on the table or being used during a date, it can signal that they're either bored, uninterested, or even quite selfish. It also lets their date know that they're not 100 percent invested in what they have to say, or the date itself.

The best idea is to put your phone away either in your bag or pocket, and should you really need to use it, ask first. By asking your date for permission beforehand, it is a great sign of respect not only for her, but also for her time.

Tip for gentlemen: Put your phone out of sight during an escort date, and ask permission if you simply have to use it.

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Escort Dating Do: Give Genuine Compliments

No one in the world dislikes receiving a compliment. And when it's genuine, it is so much more appreciated. If there is something you like or admire about your date, go ahead and tell them so. 

For example: "That dress looks absolutely phenomenal on you!" or "You have such a wide range of interests, it's very inspiring."

Having said that, try not to shower your escort date with compliments as this may come off as insincere. It's also recommended to go for compliments that aren't solely based on her looks, or try go for a balanced mix between looks and personality.

Tip for gentlemen: Give genuine compliments, but not too many.

Escort Dating Don't: Refrain From Badmouthing Others

When you complain or talk badly of others in front of a date, it really paints you in a negative light. This also includes how you treat any staff or help you may require during your date. By badmouthing others, it conjures up a toxic energy that can quickly turn a great date into an awful one.

Additionally, when you have a negative attitude and tend to find fault in people easily, it's a big red flag for your date. This can lead her to believe that you don't have respect, empathy, or kindness for others. 

Another big red flag is if a date talks ill of their mother, according to Suzanne Degges-White, Ph.D.

And lastly, try to avoid talking negatively about yourself. This can indicate a low self-esteem, and we all know that confidence is sexy.

Tip for gentlemen: speak kindly of others and treat staff and those assisting you with respect.

Now that you're equipped with a few tools to ace your escort date, is there an Aphrodite escort you have your eye on? 
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