November 2020

Do You Suffer from Dating Anxiety?

Anxiety & nervousness... when you date an escort, the rules of our emotions are no different. 

A date can be a daunting experience. Whether it's the first, second, third, or tenth, there's always room for a bit of nerves and anxiety. And when you date an escort, the rules of our emotions are no different. 

In fact, it could be even more nerve wracking to date an escort, as the young lady may be the girl of your dreams, someone who is so exceedingly attractive that it makes you nervous, or you're feeling apprehensive about meeting someone with whom you've never seen in real life before.

All of these are valid concerns, and as easy as it is to say as opposed to do, allowing yourself to relax, and letting go of any preconceived notions and anxieties will lead to you having the most genuine escort experience.

With that, here are a few ways you can get past escort dating anxiety, and enjoy the company of a stunning young lady sans uncomfortable emotions.

Don't Make it Obvious

One of the easiest ways to ruin a moment is to constantly question it. Of course your escort dating anxiety may make you believe that your chosen companion isn't enjoying your company, or perhaps she's faking it. 

The thing is, by continuing to ask her if she's OK, if she's having a good time, and if everything is going well, you'll not only be creating a less-than-desirable mood, but you'll also be ruining the authenticity and natural order of the date.

This leads to both you and your escort being put off and not enjoying the moment for what it is.

Give Her Space to Be Herself

If you really want to see your escort shine and be comfortable, allow her to have enough space in which to talk about herself. 

When she is able to discuss things that matter to her, it creates a comfortable mood for her, which then allows you to genuinely feel her good energy. 

This is a great way to reduce escort dating anxiety, as when she is happy and able to feel free, you too can follow suit. 

Having an experience with an escort is not just about having your ego stroked, it's about creating a connection where both partners feel intimate, relaxed, and happy with one another.

Escort Dating Anxiety

She's a Person, Just Like You

If you've got a bad case of escort dating anxiety, it may be comforting to remember that your chosen companion is a person just like you. 

They too get excited, nervous, and anxious before a date, of course, because they're not robots. They've got great experiences, stories, goals, dreams, and wishes just like you do. And together, you two can mold your own experiences.

On the other end of the spectrum, one may argue that an escort is under more pressure than you. This is because she has the task of making sure you're having a great time, and she too would love to receive positive praise for her company.

Be Vulnerable

If you're the type of person who is prone to anxiety and often feels it better to simply cancel on plans at the last minute... don't. 

Just think about all of the enticing, fun, adventurous, and exciting things you could be doing with your escort date! Would you rather be at home feeling bad, or out having a great time despite the consistent butterflies in your stomach?

In actuality, being vulnerable is an important part of being alive. It allows us to validate our feelings, increase our self-worth, calls for accountability, and helps to build stronger intimate relationships. 

Also, your escort won't have the greatest opinion of you if you decide to cancel at the last minute!

Focus on the Connection

If you're on a date with an escort and you find that your nerves are getting the best of you, try to refocus your energy onto her and what she has to say. 

Give her the opportunity to talk a bit, giving you a bit of breathing space, and simply feel if there is any kind of connection that's forming between the two of you.

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of time to sit back, breathe, enjoy a drink and the life stories of your chosen companion. 

On the other hand, if you're prone to zoning out when anxious, we suggest trying to keep your focus on the here and now. A date with your chosen escort is probably more enticing than your best daydream anyway.

Read the Room

One of the great things about your companion is that she has experience in reading a situation and making it better. 

For example, if you decide to have a date with a high class escort, she will be able to sense that you're feeling nervous or shy, and should be able to do or say something that will put you at ease. 

This is the type of things you can expect when you meet with a quality escort.

Anxious Date Escorts

Tell Her that You're Anxious

Life is just too short not to be yourself. So, if you find that you're feeling uncomfortable, shy, nervous, or anxious when with your escort, there's absolutely nothing wrong with simply telling her. 

You've invested a lot of yourself into the perfect date, and you deserve to enjoy it 100 percent.

You'll find that if you're open and honest about how you're feeling, your escort will appreciate you that much more. It's way more fun to have a perfectly imperfect date with someone who has beautiful flaws than with someone who pretends to be perfect.

Take it Slow

Your date can be anything you want it to be. And so if you're worried about escort dating anxiety, remember that you can go at a pace that makes you feel comfortable. 

You need not rush into anything, or do things simply to make your companion happy. It's about creating a shared space that's comfortable for both parties, not just one.

With that, if you need a minute to clear your head, do it. Go to the men's room, go for a little walk, or spend a bit of time by yourself to regain your confidence and rock your escort date. Trust us, your escort will not be offended if you need a moment to yourself.

Are you ready to be 100 percent yourself? If you're really passionate about wanting to have a companion at your side, try to overlook the escort dating anxiety and be vulnerable enough to do what you want!

And if you choose to do so with Aphrodite, we'd be thrilled to walk you through the steps, and your anxieties.

Remember: everyone has a beautiful soul, and it's those little quirks and flaws that make us human. 
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