September 2020

What Can You Expect When You Date an Aphrodite Escort?

The idea alone of spending time with a high class escort is one that's full of intrigue, fantasy, and excitement.

Being with someone that's not only exceedingly attractive but also intelligent, fun, adventurous, and playful is enough to heighten one's arousal. 

But when that beautiful day finally comes around, you may have a few questions and thoughts regarding what to expect. 

At Aphrodite Agency, we're all about transparency. We want you to indulge with a carefree attitude so that you can make the most of your time with your favourite high class escort.

Which is why we've compiled a list of things you can expect when hiring a high class escort at Aphrodite Agency.

An Intelligent Woman

Our Aphrodite escorts have all been met in-person, and have undergone a rigid casting process. That means that each Aphrodite has some exceptional skills and characteristics about her that make her impressive and even more gorgeous. 

Many of our high class escorts have more than one (masters) degree, own their own business, have exceedingly high goals and aspirations, and a wide variety of interests. You can expect a high class escort who will be able to have an intellectual conversation with you, stimulating your mind, body, and soul.

High Levels of Etiquette 

At Aphrodite we focus on dates of a longer duration. Oftentimes, that means having a sensual dinner date, a bit of travel fun, or even spending the afternoon participating in sightseeing or thrilling adventures. Whichever activity you choose to enjoy with your high class escort, you can be sure that she will have impeccable manners, high levels of etiquette, and will be able to adapt effortlessly to whatever you have planned for the two of you. Enjoy a meal at a Michelin star restaurant, go to the theatre or the opera, and you'll see your Aphrodite shine with excellent manners, confidence, and poise.

Excellent Grooming 

Our Aphrodite's love to stay in shape. The majority, if not all of them, are in love with working out, sports, and other activities that keep the body and mind sharp and healthy. Many of our high class escort ladies also work in the line of beauty and fashion.  We pride ourselves on Aphrodite's who have great hygiene, excellent grooming skills, and upper class dress styles. It's all about looking well-kept and beautiful.

Dating Escort Expectations

A Beautiful Appearance

What can you expect when hiring a high class escort at Aphrodite? Someone who is breathtakingly beautiful. One thing we pride ourselves on, and have been commended on by many a high esteemed gentleman, is that our escort photos are extremely accurate. We like to gift our (possible) clients with an array of different images of each Aphrodite as to really get a feel for who she is, her fashion style, features, and different characteristics. For that reason, you'll find photographs of escorts that display them in natural clothing, enticing outfits, lingerie, and a bit more racy images. This will help you to choose your very best high class escort.


As mentioned, our Aphrodite's have been meticulously chosen not only for their gorgeous good looks but also because they have some impressive stories and life experiences. Many of our high class escorts have travelled extensively, lived and or studied abroad, and have definitely enjoyed many an adventure when it comes to all things fun and flirty. So if you are expecting an adventure with a high class escort, perfect!

High Levels of Social Skills

While some of our high class escorts are more outgoing than others, you can expect your high class escort to have high levels of social skills. That means that she will be able to have great conversations with you and others, remain well-behaved in public, have a certain stamina about her, and undeniable charm. Our Aphrodite's were born to be social and to have fun whilst keeping it classy.

Undivided Attention

At Aphrodite, we like to create the girlfriend experience for those who seek it. The atmosphere, conversation, fun, and adventure is what we care about! Which is why we a big influence on who we hire as an Aphrodite comes from their ability to want to give someone their undivided attention. Aphrodite's high class escorts do not need to indulge in this industry, they choose to! This makes a huge difference when it comes to enjoying a romantic or raunchy evening, as both consenting adults are equally as interested in having an excellent evening full of fun and indulgence. 

Authentic Romance

You're wondering about what to expect when hiring a high class escort, and the difference between Aphrodite and many other agencies is the fact that our escorts truly love the idea of authentic romance. For many, they're actively living out their fantasies, and are able to meet with intelligent gentlemen who are equally as excited to spend the evening together. Additionally, hiring a high class escort at Aphrodite is all about the experience. We don't offer in calls or last minute dates, but focus on an entire day, evening, or even weekend experiences for both to enjoy.

What to Expect Dating High Class Escorts

Self-Improvement That Shows

We are continuously surprised and in awe of the Aphrodite's that walk through our door. Some of their stories and aspirations are so impressive that we can't believe they even have the time to enjoy the Aphrodite lifestyle... which says a lot! Aphrodite's high class escorts love to use their time to better themselves physically and intellectually. And while most girls have excellent qualifications, many of them are continuing their studies and career goals whilst loving life as an Aphrodite.

A Five Star Experience

What you can look forward to when hiring a high class escort is the luxurious experience. By that we mean that being with a high class escort is like going to watch your favourite film, or eating the most delicious meal at a five-star restaurant. It's something out of the ordinary, different from every day life, and that makes it even more special and sought after. Spending time with an Aphrodite means creating everlasting and seductive memories that would never have happened at home. That, in itself, is pure fantasy.


Aphrodite's number one priority is discretion and safety. We make sure that both our high class escorts and our gentlemen are who they say they are, reliable, discrete, and trustworthy. Not only that, but we welcome our gentlemen to give us an indication about what they'd expect their high class to wear on their date. For that reason, your chosen Aphrodite can dress up for a glamorous evening, or dress down to remain more conspicuous and private in a public space. You call the shots. 

Tenderness and Utmost Respect

What can you expect when hiring a high class escort? A date that's full of tenderness and respect. Our Aphrodite's love the idea of making you feel like a million bucks. Your satisfaction is their priority and they'll be beside you 100 percent of the way with the utmost respect and adoration. This is the Aphrodite difference!

Dating Aphrodite Escorts

Feeling a bit more at ease on what to expect when hiring a high class escort? For more questions, concerns, or booking requests, get in touch! We're here for you every step of the way. Alternatively, take a look at some of our escort and escort agency reviews.

And for ladies who wish to become a high class escort at Aphrodite Agency, take a look at our high class escort application form, or read through some of our informative blogs below about living life as an escort.

It's all smooth sailing from here...
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