July 2020

Safety First: A Guide on Escort Safety 101

For independent escorts and those working at an escort agency, here are a few tips on how to stay safe as an escort. These tips will help you from the very first point of contact all the way through to your date and beyond.

Living the life of an escort is an adventurous, thrilling, and oftentimes luxurious experience. It gives one the opportunity to feel empowered, to meet new people, travel, and to have exceptionally blissful dates. 

But just like anything else in life, it's important for escorts to stay safe at all times. 

How to Stay Safe as an Escort

If you're an independent escort, you'll want to take note of the following things in order to stay safe at all times.

First Contact

To make sure you're really taking care of yourself, it's in your best interest to screen all of the clients that contact you. This not only shows that you're a professional, but also that you're smart. By doing this, you could potential avoid any negative occurrences or behaviour, and it will also keep the scammers at bay. 

How Can You Screen Your Clients? You can screen new clients by:

  • having them provide a phone number and talking with them on the phone. 

  • asking for their home address and real name, as well as some form of identification.

  • receiving a real photograph of them.

Gut Instincts

Once you've done a screening process on a potential new client, you should follow your gut instinct. Does this person seem trustworthy, safe, decent, a gentleman? It may sound adventurous to meet someone as if it were a blind date, but if you're working independently, you should always trust your gut.

Scope the Location

If you're going to meet someone for a date at a hotel, you could do a little visit a few days before the time to scope out the place. In this way, you can check for emergency exits, get a feel of the place, know what's nearby, and learn your way around.

Confirmed Date: Find An Escort Buddy

Once you've successfully confirmed a date with a client, a great idea to stay safe would be to have an escort buddy. This can be anyone that you trust, and they'll be able to know where you are and how to reach you. You could also have some kind of code word if need be, so that they can assist. 

You could also give your escort buddy some of the details of the person you're meeting.

Is it Safe to be an Escort

Escort Agency Escorts

If you're working for an escort agency then you will not have to worry about a lot of the things mentioned for independent escorts. For example, it is not your responsibility to screen potential clients or to verify their credentials. It is up to the escort agency to do those things for you. 

For that reason, in order to stay safe as an escort, you should go with an escort agency that you feel is trustworthy and has the ability to provide clients that are of good standing.

Escort Safety Tips for Independent and Escort Agency Escorts

Here are a few things that apply to both independent escorts and escort agency escorts. Take note of these tips on how to stay safe as an escort (before and) during your date.

Drink Responsibly

Unless you're spending time with a regular client that you trust, it'll be safer for you to only have one or two drinks in order to stay sharp and aware at all times. There is a lot more trouble that can come about when a lot of alcohol is involved.

You Make the Rules

If you're with a client who makes you feel uncomfortable or who seems to think that they're the ones in charge, you do not have to oblige. Remember that you are the one who makes the rules, and you should never do anything that makes you feel unsafe.

Research & Read Reviews

For independent escorts, researching various channels to join and use as a means to represent yourself is a great idea. If you're hoping to have your own website, then it is more so up to you to do your own marketing. Whichever you choose, do your research beforehand to make sure that the channels you're using are safe, legit, and also useful for your career.

For escort agency escorts, research too is very important, and you can find out more about a specific escort agency by reading verified reviews on websites such as Captain 69

Become Familiar with the Industry

When starting out as an escort, it can be daunting. But soon, with enough time, patience, experience, and research you can start to familiarise yourself with the industry. That means learning new ways to attract clients, meeting others in the industry who can give you information or recommend agencies, and being safe and smart in general.

So whether you're looking at becoming an independent escort or an escort agency escort, these tips can helpfully be invaluable for you in order to stay safe as an escort. 

The most helpful tip however? Always trust your gut feeling!
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