February 2020

How to Tell Whether Your Escort is Professional

A few tips that'll give you peace of mind as you consider hiring an escort.

Because of today's technology, we have the ability to do thorough research, sure, but we're also more vulnerable to receiving goods and services that are sub-par. 

Say for example, you've found an absolutely stunning dress online, or you've found a deal on a microwave that you're in need of.  So, you pay and order the item, wait xyz amount of days, then receive your order. Sometimes, that gorgeous dress fits perfectly and that microwave lasts you 10 years. 

On other occasions, you were so blinded by the fact that the model on the website looked so amazing, or the microwave was at such a low price, that when you try to use the product, it doesn't meet any of your expectations. It happens. 

So when it comes to hiring an escort, here are a few tips that'll give you peace of mind during the process.  Ensuring that you're hiring a professional escort is important to everyone, and is a right that we all deserve.

Website Presentation

Albeit a superficial aspect, sometimes the look of a website is enough to convince someone that the company is legit or professional. 

We're not saying that you should base your entire decision on the aesthetics of a website, but for escorts who are professional, they'll have a good looking website that accurately represents what they look like, what they offer, and will give you a little insight into their personality and style.

Read Their Content

As mentioned, a website has the ability to persuade even the most stubborn of people. And by reading the content on a website, you can see how straight forward and up front the escort in question is. 

Be sure to take a look at the language that they use, the way in which they present and describe themselves and their services, and also their spelling and grammar. You can often get a better feel of whether an escort is professional or not by reading their 'about me' sections and some of their escort blogs.

Try not to be too distracted by their alluring photographs, but really look at the whole picture.

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Read Reviews

If you're dealing with a professional escort, this agency or independent lady will have their reviews published... somewhere. 

Whether they're on the website, on an escort review website, like Captain 69, or even on Google or Facebook, you should be looking for reviews from various people in order to gain a feeling of trust.

The more reviews on various platforms, the better. We recommend doing your homework thoroughly in order to ensure that you're hiring a professional escort.

Social Media

Not all escort agencies or independent escorts use social media platforms in order to sell their services, but there are many that are on Twitter or Switter

In this way, you can see how often they post, what kind of content they post, and whether they're gaining any positive (or negative) feedback and replies.

What's also great about following your prospective escort agency or model online, is the fact that you may be able to see their personal selfies. This will give you a better idea of what the lady in question really looks like, and if her selfies match up to her professional photos.

Make Contact

It doesn't matter whether you're going through an escort agency or an independent escort, when you make contact with them, the way in which they respond, as well as the amount of time in which they take to respond, can make or break an experience.

For many, a long winded, impersonal e-mail is sent to those who want to book a service. It may not answer the questions that you have asked, and they may seem more preoccupied with getting you to book them rather than actually lending a helping hand.

A professional escort (agency) will not only reply to your request in a timely manner, but they too will make their e-mails very clear. They'll answer your questions, or give you resources in which to find your answers. They too will take the time to introduce themselves (and their ladies), to help you in your decision-making process.

Additionally, you should look at the way in which your e-mail reply is written. Is it done in a professional manner, or does it seem too good to be true/laid back?

Lastly, a professional independent escort or a professional escort agency will be upfront about their rates, and there will be no hidden or unfamiliar costs.

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Test the Waters

Once you've decided to hire an escort, we may suggest that a shorter meeting may be the best way for you to get to know them.  Yes, many professional escort (agencies) don't do last-minute dates (we do not offer last minute dates or in-calls). 

But if you plan a meeting with an escort for a few hours to begin with, you can gauge whether you two have things in common, if their photos are true to their appearance, and if you feel you're hiring a professional escort.

After this, you can make a longer booking with absolute peace of mind, knowing that you've definitely hired a professional escort, and that the special time you two spend together will surely be absolutely magical.


A professional escort or professional escort service will likely have different steps in place to ensure that they are who they say they are, and that you - the client - are who you say you are. 

In this way, you may go through one or more different verification processes, which may seem annoying at first, but is only in order to keep everyone safe and to ensure professionalism. 

A professional escort agency will have also gone through various verification steps with the models on their website, so that they too are trustworthy, discrete, private, and professional. You have every right to ask your prospective escort agency about how the escort models are screened.

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