February 2020

Get Lost in Some Seductive Female Erotica

Fantasy is a spectacular occurrence that allows us to get whisked away, thus distracting us from our every day lives.

Fantasy is an important aspect of being human, as it is without fantasy that we may not have experienced or benefited from the ideas of great thinkers.

Fantasy is imagination, it's pleasure, it's insightful, and it's a way for us to live out some of our most carnal needs. 

And when it comes to erotic novels, these books are almost always marketed towards women. This is for a number of reasons, mostly because women are more attracted to detail, a build up, words, and descriptions. Men, on the other hand, are more attracted to visuals. 

Either way, erotic novels are a great way to get the juices flowing, to inspire, and to enhance one's sex life. Rife with fantasy, they encourage women to think outside of the box, and to be more sexually explorative. Isn't that simply fantastic?

With that, here are 11 of the best female erotic novels for sheer pleasure and indulgence.

Top 11 Female Erotica

Open Me by Lisa Locascio

Open Me follows the life of Roxana Olsen who moves to Copenhagen in a study abroad program after high school. She's a naive young girl who desperately wants to travel, and to escape the drudgery of every day life back home. 

Things get exceedingly interesting when she falls for her appointed steward, Soren. The pair go on all kinds of adventures together, and engage in blissful eroticism. Do they end up happily ever after? Well, a plot twist may suggest otherwise... 

Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai

The cover of this erotic novel alone is enough to convince. Two gorgeous people intertwined in lust... what's not to like? But this book has a lot more substance to it than sex. 

It's part one of a series, and sees a man and woman in love face obstacles that interfere with their ability to be with one another. Later, when the pair meet up again for a steamy hook up, feelings resurface, to which they are again faced with challenges hindering their passion. 

The novel is emotional, seductive, and intense, and has a way of carrying the reader through a journey of body and soul.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice

This erotic novel was a best seller before the whole 50 Shades hype, and is still a true masterpiece today. It takes the traditional tale of Sleeping Beauty and turns it into a story about passion, lust, and desire. It follows the Prince waking up Sleeping Beauty, after years of captivity, not with a kiss but with sexual energy and indulgence. 

How does Sleeping Beauty repay him? By being at his absolute beck and call. 

The novel is full of exquisite descriptions, and allows the reader to be fully immersed in the erotic scenes full of fantasy.

Be With Me by Maya Banks

They say that money can buy you everything... but can it buy you happiness? In this erotic novel, Be With Me, we explore the relationship between Regina, an exceedingly rich yet lonely young woman, and three delinquents Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer. At first, the four create a friendship that's solid, giving Regina the comfort and attention that she so craved. But soon, she realizes that she's received endless amounts of love... from all three.

The suspense doesn't end there though...

Regina's job as a policewoman puts strain on her relationship with these men, as their behaviour and actions aren't exactly favourable when it comes to the law. As Regina tries to distance herself, the three swoop in and save her from a life-threatening experience. Does she stay or will she go?

Best Erotic Novels

Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin

This compilation of erotic short stories was published in 1977, and is the most colourful and exciting way to express an array of emotions and sexual arousal.  The author, Anaïs Nin, has been praised for her ability and bravery to create and compile these short stories which were often only done by men. 

It covers topics like BDSM, fetishes, gender constraints and patriarchal oppression.

And while each story is mentally and seductively stimulating, they too contain substantial storylines, adventure, intrigue, and plot twists.

Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill

Bad Behavior is an award-winning novel that's compiled of nine erotic stories. It's rife with important themes of sexuality, drug addiction, relationships, and obsession, and at the end of the day, encompasses the overall theme of 'bad behavior'. 

The thing about the writer, Mary Gaitskill, is her ability to turn a story into something magical. She can transform the dreary into something significant, and has a unique way of looking at and writing about human behavior. She breathes life into the primal and intimate human condition, painting an effortless picture with her words.

Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy by Joanna Angel

Written by an alternative porn actress, Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own-Erotic Fantasy is a bold, enthralling, and transformative piece of text. Angel's voice is purposefully empowering for women, and because of this it has shown huge success.

The story follows the life of Taryn, who is a lifeless and lonely store clerk. She then takes on a new job at an erotic store, working the night shift, where she transforms the place... and herself. She learns the ins and outs about kink and less mainstream sex, meets new people, and ultimately, spices her up life.

What's also interesting about this book is the fact that the reader can choose how they would like to read it. In this way, the order in which the sexual fantasies are experienced change for the reader.

Giving Chase by Lauren Dane

The ultimate sexy scenario that's similar to that of a rich MILF and her poolboy, Giving Chase is about a 'good girl' and school teacher, Maggie Wright, and Kyle Chase, a landscaper. Wildly cliche, this erotic novel does have substance to it...

The pair both live in a small town in Georgia where Maggie has yet to display her more daring and adventurous side. The whole neightbourhood knows her as the girl-next-door, but when Kyle comes into the picture, Maggie finds herself all fired up.

Naturally, Maggie faces a huge dilemma which leads her to leave the city. This prompts Kyle to rely heavily on his family to catch the love of his life. 

Together, the pair are like fire and ice, alas sparks definitely do fly.

Top Erotica Books

One Night Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas

With a near five-star rating based on over 24,000 reviews, this erotic novel definitely comes recommended. It begins with one of those cliche moments... spotting someone from across the room and being unable to take your eyes off of them. The rest of the novel however, is anything but cliche.

Livy and her mysterious man end up meeting for one night of passion... which is all that the unnamed gentleman wants. Livy, on the other hand, is completely captivated by this person, and wants nothing more than to be welcomed into his twisted, mysterious, secretive, and perhaps broken life.

Fixed on You by Laurelin Paige

In this erotic novel, the reader goes on a journey with the main character, Alayna Withers, who has obsessive tendencies. Because Withers knows all too well about her love-induced obsessions, she works hard at staying away from men who she knows may awaken that side of her.

Alas, she meets a gentleman named Hudson that totally steals the show, and she finds herself hypnotized by him. The twist however, is that Hudson too has a dark past. Together, will they work? Or will they enable each other's tendencies in oblivion?

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Caroline begins a new life in San Francisco where she finds herself woken up by her neighbour's sexcapades on a nightly basis. This neighbour, Simon, clearly has a way with women, and Caroline is fully aware of his one-night-stand behaviour, as she can hear everything through the paper-thin walls. 

Disgruntled, and oddly aroused, Caroline confronts Simon... which doesn't go anything as planned. Overwhelmed with sexual tension, the reader goes on an emotion-filled yet funny and lighthearted rollercoaster with Caroline and how she's feeling.

Described as a "perfect blend of all things happy, romantic, sweet, funny, hilarious, melty, swoony, witty, steamy," Wallbanger will surely be an excellent read for anyone who's looking for playful and tender erotica.

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