January 2020

Psst! Here Are Some Sexy Bedroom Role Playing Ideas!

Engaging in role play encourages creativity and allows humans to use their imagination in a super colourful way.

Role play has been apart of people's lives all over the world since childhood. And even though it is deemed ridiculous and infantile during one's teen years, as we grow older, it appears as though a fun game of role playing has entered many of our lives once again.

Role playing, whether it's enjoyed as children or adults, is a fantastic way to communicate inner thoughts, desires, and fantasies. 

And while some may feel slightly embarrassed or shy to dabble in a bit of role play in the bedroom, it's actually the perfect way to not only spice up any tryst, but to satisfy some deep cravings and yearnings that we may have. 

Engaging in role play is to experience new things in such a way that we can remove ourselves from who we really are, and step into a totally different persona.  This, in turn, can decrease the amount of guilt or shame we have about living out certain fantasies.

Also, it's important to note that even though you may believe that having and experimenting with fantasies means that you truly want those fantasies to come true in real life, this is not true. 

Roleplay During Sex

How to Start Role Playing in the Bedroom

This depends on what kind of a relationship you have with your partner. For couples, it is a way to bring two people closer together.  But it all starts with communication... 

We hope that, if you're in a relationship, that you feel open, confident, and free enough to express your desire to your partner. In this way, you can talk to each other about what kinds of fantasies you both have, and if perhaps you'd like to try one or two of them in the form of role playing. 

According to Caitlyn Caracciolo, a marriage and family therapist:

"Role play is the acting out of your own fantasies or a partner’s, and the playing out of a fantasy tends to happen when one feels very safe and secure within a relationship. Role playing can be an excellent indicator of feeling emotionally and physically safe with a sexual partner."

For singles who have a 'special' friend, engaging in a bit of role play in the bedroom means communicating about it beforehand too, just like those in a relationship. Alternatively, both singles and couples could tap into the element of surprise by dressing up and starting a role play with their partner 'spontaneously' in order to tease and please.

For those who wish to engage in a bit of role play in the bedroom with an escort, these types of requests are completely valid and welcomed. The way in which you approach the subject however, depends on if you're contacting an agency or an independent.

For escort agencies, you would simply need to send a message with your request as well as your additional details and preferences. In this way, the escort agency owner would talk with you about whether these desires are possible with your chosen escort.

As for independent escorts, you will have the opportunity to talk to them directly, and thus can ask them if your kinky ideas are possible or not.

Remember that it is all about consent, and for escorts, it is also at their discretion whether they will offer this kind of fun or not.

Roleplaying Ideas

What Are the Benefits of Sexual Role Playing?

  • When two people use all of their creative energy and arousal to enjoy a bit of role play in the bedroom, it allows them to escape the drudgery of everyday life. You can take on a whole new persona, and leave behind the person who normally has a tight schedule and a rigid, perhaps boring, routine.

  • To role play means to tap into your creative side. It's a way in which to feel free, empowered, sensual, and sexy. 

  • Role playing allows you to step outside of your mind for a moment. For example: if you had a fantasy that seemed taboo or inappropriate, living out that fantasy whilst role play is a way for you to feel less shame or guilt about enjoying the act(s). We encourage you to live out your desires, because we believe in embracing one's power, ideas, thoughts, and passions.

"Roleplaying in the bedroom does not mean it will bleed into your outside life. Relinquishing or grabbing control by the horns for one night (or every night) does not mean you and your partner will become two actors unable to shed off their roles,"  as Caracciolo says.

Importance of Fantasy

Oftentimes when we think about activities in the bedroom, we believe that it's mostly a physical act. In actuality, it's a combination of both physical and mental. It's the opportunity to tap into intellectual elements too as you learn about the things that your partner enjoys or desires.

Another reason why fantasy is so important was revealed in a study conducted by scientists at the Department of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment of the University of Granada in Spain. 

These researchers found that almost half of their male test subjects who have negative attitudes towards intimacy often feel like that their intimate lives are strongly inhibited and their levels of fantasy are low.

To fix this, one should work on learning about and having more positive feelings towards intimacy in general and why it is healthy and important. This, in turn, can lead to better and more satisfying romps in the future, developing more fantasies, and enjoying different kinds of positive intimacy.

If you are already on the positivity train however, here are some intimate role playing scenarios that you may just love... 

Sexy Role Playing Scenes

10 Sexy Role Playing Scenarios

Some are classics, and others are inventive... one or more of these 10 role playing scenarios may just tickle your fancy!

1. Employer / Employee Role Play

There's something so sexy about a power exchange, so you simply can't go wrong with this one.

2. Masseuse Role Play

A seemingly innocent and sensual massage turns into something even more sensual... 

3. Strangers Role Play

Choose a location and strike up a conversation with a 'stranger' who has a dirty mind!

4. Doctor / Patient Role Play

Crossing this line is tantalizing because it's something that ordinarily would never happen.

5. The Unforbidden Role Play

Choosing to play roles that are unforbidden can be tempting and arousing. Such as fooling around with your best friend's partner, or removing professional boundaries with your attractive piano teacher.

6. Don't Get Caught Role Play

This could be in any capacity you choose, but a great idea could be engaging in a little less-than-private PDA.

7. Personal Trainer Role Play

If you're already all hot and sweaty, why not?

8. TSA / Traveler Role Play

A little frisk down could be seen as something quite erotic. Try it and see what it leads to... 

9. The 'Down Payment' Role Play

One of you may be hard on cash, and the only downpayment you could offer is, well... 

10. Voyeurism Role Play

One partner could play the dirty voyeur while the other puts on a little secret show.

How to Role Play Partner

So, if you're still on the fence about enjoying a bit of sexual role play in the bedroom, why not take the advice from Dr Ian Kerner, therapist, a sex and relationship specialist: 

"Fantasy is the fast-track to amplifying arousal and enhancing orgasm. The brain is the biggest sex organ. Unfortunately, couples don’t always develop their sexual imaginations together, so finding ways to stimulate fantasy together is essential."

With that, we welcome you to get in touch if you've found a bit of kinky inspiration from this blog.

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