December 2019

Why Choose an Aphrodite Escort as Opposed to Other Escort Agencies?

Hiring a high class escort is a way to ensure you're getting the very best of the best when it comes to experience.

Picture going on a vacation to the Maldives for 10 days. You've booked yourself into a five-star resort that sits beautifully on stilts above the crystal clear water, the views are to-die-for, and you spoil yourself with spa treatments, great gastronomy, and wonderful company. 

Now picture that same 10-day vacation to the Maldives where you've booked yourself into a shared hostel. You're trying to get some sleep, but your bunk buddy arrives back at 4 a.m., drunk, chatting and laughing with friends, and you're left feeling annoyed, and tired the next day.  

You're also on a budget, and decide to do some free things around the island that, while fun, could be a whole lot better if you had have saved up a bit and splurged on luxury.

Which scenario sounds better to you? The first one, obviously.

This is the best way in which to describe the difference between a regular or a cheap escort as opposed to a high class escort. 

And while we are not saying that cheap escorts aren't great company or worth your while, hiring a high class escort is a way to ensure you're getting the very best of the best when it comes to experience.

Why Should You Choose a High Class Escort?

There are a number of pros that come with hiring a high class escort. Again, while some of these may apply to escorts who focus more on quantity rather than quality, we can ensure you - as a high class escort agency - that using our service (or one similar) will benefit you in a few ways... 

High Class Escorts are Chosen According to Strict Criteria

Aphrodite, for example, has a strict set of criteria as well as a multi-level interview process. This ensures that the high class escort you meet will be certifiable elegant and classic. 

Other agencies may not have these kinds of steps in place, which means that booking a date with one of their escorts may be a gamble. They may not have been met in real life, and thus their photos are not verified, and their charm has not yet been experienced first-hand by the agency or website owner.

How can you be sure you're getting a high class escort? Escort reviews! Not only that, but the website, level of communication, and transparency with discretion will tell you a lot. 

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High Class Escorts are Known For Great Manners

The great thing about hiring a high class escort is the fact that they're known for being very well-behaved with a sense of class and sophistication. These women are able to display impeccable manners when in public but too have a sexy tigress inside of them when the mood strikes.

Another benefit of hiring a high class escort is that she can accompany you on all kinds of events. Business, pleasure, conferences, festivals, fairs, or intimate dinner dates. In short, a high class escort is a lady on the streets, but whatever you want her to be in the sheets, guaranteed.

High Class Escorts are Mentally Stimulating 

Sure, there are gorgeous women all over the world. But sometimes, to marvel upon them and to talk to them, are two different things. Which is why high class escorts are called high class... they're not just beautiful women who look good in fashion magazines, they've also got a sense of poise, class, and sophistication about them.

High class escorts are driven, ambitious, intelligent, and open-minded. Many of our Aphrodite's, for example, have masters degrees, their own business, big life goals, and aspirations. They've got interests and qualifications in interesting and diverse topics, making them great conversationalists and dinner date partners.

In this way, high class escorts are able to give you a well-rounded experience that's mentally and physically stimulating. 

High Class Escort Agencies Make Your Privacy Number One

Speaking from experience, our high class escort agency takes privacy very seriously. We can confirm that we don't store any details of clients that could be dangerous or harmful to their character. We also do not store email addresses with client's names in them, thus keeping our gentlemen anonymous. 

Our ladies know that discretion is of utmost importance. Our high class escorts, as mentioned, have aspiring careers, life goals and aspirations that they too would not like to be compromised due to their hobby. For that reason, all parties involved have full respect for privacy, which is great peace of mind.

High Class Escorts Put Focus on Detail

Whether you're going via an agency or an independent, a high class escort will focus on the small details and quality, as opposed to quantity. Here at Aphrodite, we take the time to talk about the women who catch your eye in detail, giving you well-rounded information in which to make a choice. 

High class escorts and escort agencies will not be inconvenienced to answer your questions or to walk you through the process. This is because high class escorts and escort agencies always focus on the experience, not the outcome (e.g. getting paid). 

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High Class Escorts Don't Need  You!

One of the most important things about high class escorts, is that they don't need you! They too don't need a co-operation with an escort agency manager... they choose you! High class escorts don't see escorting as work, they see it as a thrilling experiencing. To them, it's about enjoying the lifestyle, and having some exciting adventures along the way. 

High class escorts are not in dire need of money, a job, or support. They choose to be high class escorts as a hobby while they pursue other thriving areas of their life (finishing their studies, building their businesses etc.). The sheer notion of desperation is not a factor when it comes to high class escorts.

This is comforting to know, because you can be sure that your chosen high class escort really does want to be in your company, and she's delighted to have the opportunity to spend time with you. If she did not want to she wouldn't.

Aphrodite, A Thriving High Class Escort Agency in Europe and Beyond

With that, we'd love to introduce you to some of our high class escorts at Aphrodite Agency. We're a thriving escort service that travels throughout Europe to meet our models in-person before they're live on our website.

We are extremely meticulous when it comes to who we choose to represent on our website. And after more than 20 years in the game, when a young lady has the Aphrodite-factor, we can smell it a mile away! 

What does that mean for you? Sheer class, high class dates, and ridiculously beautiful women.

We too can organise travel arrangements for you and your chosen escort should you decide to have an escapade anywhere else in the world (given it's legal in said-location).

Your wish is our command!
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