December 2019

It's Official: These Are the World's Sexiest Jobs

What's your job?

We've all got to make a living somehow. So whether it's a job you absolutely love, or a career you actively despise, it simply is what it is! Well, unless you've got an extravagantly rich significant other, a huge trust fund, or lighting up the life of another in the capacity of sugar baby. 

So, tell us... what's your job? And do you enjoy it? What do you think other people think about you because of your job? Interesting question, right? As it's evident that we all are prone to judging another on certain criteria. 

Are you a mechanic? Well, you probably didn't go to college. Are you working in the world of finance? You must be all about academic life. 

So to make things interesting, we thought we'd let you know what was deemed the sexiest jobs in the world for men and women. Does yours make the cut?

Tinder Study: What Are the Sexiest Jobs in the World for Men and Women?

According to a Tinder study done in 2018, these are the most 'swiped right' jobs, according to gender. 

The Sexiest Jobs in the World for Men

1. Interior Designer

In first place, we have an interior designer! Farewell to the notion that firemen and doctors were the most attractive, it's the men with a keen eye that are doing well in today's dating world. 

2. Pilot

Second, is a pilot. Ever wondered what it may be like to have a little romp up in the air? Well, you're apparently not alone.

3. Physician's Assistant

In third place, is a physician's assistant. Well isn't that a strange turn of events? Not interested in the doctor, but more so the assistant? What a wild world we're living in!

4. Lawyer

Fourth, is a lawyer. Apparently women (and some men) are looking for a smarty pants who can get them out of trouble from time to time.

Lawyer Sexiest Job

5. PR/Communications

The fifth sexiest job for men is someone in PR/communications. It seems that there's quite an attraction to a good problem solver! Making things happen, getting stuff done... what's not to like?

6. Producer

Sixth place goes to all the producers out there. It wasn't specified which kind of producer hits the spot,  so I guess any kind will do?

7. Visual Designer

The seventh place is a visual designer.  If you're a man who is innovative, creative, and good on your feet, you'll surely bag a good match on Tinder, evidently. 

8. Model

Spot number eight in the sexiest job in the world for men, is a model. Quite a cliche, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

9.  College or Graduate Student

Ninth place goes to college or graduate students. If you've got all the motivation to pursue a career, and you're studying your ass off in order to get there, you may just be a lucky fella.

10. Engineer

If you're an engineer, you've made it to number 10 on the sexiest jobs in the world for men list. Make sense.

Engineering Sexy Job

11. Veterinarian

Animal doctors rejoice, as having a career as a veterinarian has made it on the list at the 11th spot.

12. Teacher

Next up, at spot number 12, is a teacher... a fantasy that's held by many.

13. Chiropractor

The 13th sexiest job in the world is a chiropractor. It's only fair to assume that body work is definitely a turn on.

14. Firefighter/Paramedic

Second last, number 14, is a firefighter/paramedic. It's not surprising that this has made the list, as someone in a caring role is always slightly erotic.

15. Founder/Entrepreneur

Last but not least, the 15th sexiest job in the world for men, is a founder or entrepreneur. Agreed, this is a super impressive career, and totally deserves to be on the list.

Entrepreneur Sexy

The Sexiest Jobs in the World for Women

1. Registered Nurse

The idea of a sexy nurse really isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And this study has gone on to prove it. It appears as though there are quite a few people in need of a little TLC.

2. Dentist

Is there something erotic about taking care of teeth? Or is it because this profession is so closely linked to an oral feature? Either way, women dentists are apparently doing quite well when it comes to dating.

3. Photographer

They can capture candid moments... and your heart, apparently. It appears as though a woman with a camera is quite intriguing. 

4. College/Graduate Student

Working your way towards a bigger work goal by studying? Then you have high chances of meeting some excellent matches on Tinder.

5. Pharmacist

Ladies who know their paracetamols from their ibuprofens are allegedly getting more matches on Tinder than women doctors!

6. Teacher

Another fantasy for millions of men and women worldwide... a sexy teacher. There's something erotic about being punished for being a bad boy, or so we hear.

7. Flight Attendant

It must be something in the air! Flight attendants are seemingly doing very well on this online dating platform! Different city, different date.

8. Founder/Entrepreneur

Kicking ass and taking names. These are the type of women people are searching for on Tinder, it seems.

9. Personal Trainer

A bossy yet firm young lady takes the cake for many when it comes to finding 'the one' online.

10. Waitress/Bartender

 Is this the beer goggles talking? Or are waitresses and bartenders really that appealing?

Sexy Waitress

11. Physical Therapist

Many people are instinctively attracted to those who can make them feel better, and 'fix' things. For that reason, a physical therapist making the list is not all that surprising.

12. Journalist

Having a way with words is a talent that is apparently quite attractive in women. Who knew?

13. Makeup Artist

While some people dislike (wearing) makeup, it does have the ability to give one confidence. And confidence, after all, is very sexy!

14. Lawyer

Are Tinder users attracted to high status women who are strong, decisive, and career-driven? Yes!

15. Marketing Manager

It appears that marketing managers are allegedly swooping  up all the single folks on Tinder.

Surprised with this list of sexiest jobs in the world for men and women? 

While some of these professions are unsurprising, it may be interesting for you to know how these results compared to the same kind of study, also done by Tinder, in 2016 (two years earlier).

Marketing Manager Sexy


In 2016, it was cool to be a doctor. In 2018, it doesn't even make the top 15. Pilots, founders and entrepreneurs were also more desired in 2016, but are still 'a thing'.


In 2016, the sexiest job for a woman was a physical therapist, which has since dropped 10 spots. It seems this career has now been outranked by registered nurse. Fear not however, the health sector is still a winning profession, ladies.

Now that you know what's hot and what's not, considering a career change? Or perhaps you're already in the top 15! If so, congratulations! Let us know how that's been working out for you so far!

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