November 2019

Charm Your Aphrodite with Escort Etiquette

A little cheat sheet when it comes to escort etiquette. 

Dating is hard. 

Whether you've been lucky in love (and lust) or you find it to be an extreme headache, there are challenges that all of us face when it comes to first dates. It's also a different kind of first date when you enjoy the company of an escort. 

So, this guide is for anyone who may feel a bit nervous, anxious, or shy about taking an escort out on a date, for those who may benefit from learning a thing or two about the right way to treat an escort, and even those those who are regulars. 

TLDR? Always be a gentleman.

Prioritize Your Appearance

If the roles were reversed, how would you like to meet someone who hasn't prioritized their appearance? And by that, we don't mean your outfit, per se, but rather... your hygiene.

Making sure that you're showered, fresh, nails trimmed, and have your hair well-kept. First impressions are everything, and it takes someone a mere few seconds to form an opinion on others. 

Because of that, dressing up in smart or decent attire will also definitely work in your favour. Think about what you've got planned for your date, and pick something that reflect the activity. Will you enjoy a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant? Don't show up in shorts. Are you going to the beach? Swimwear is then, obviously, recommended.

Look Forward to Conversation

When you meet an escort, especially a high class escort, it's all about the dance of flirting, chats, and more. The person you're going to meet is not there solely for your physical needs, and so to engage in great conversation over dinner or a little stroll is something that's important when it comes to escort etiquette. 

Additionally, if you've had the opportunity to learn more about your chosen escort, try to find things that both of you are interested in. This way, the conversation will flow. This is just an added bonus, because intellectual and stimulating conversation is basically an aphrodisiac.

Refrain from TMI

While you want to feel completely free to let go and enjoy your time with your escort, try not to be too TMI (Too Much Information).  And sure, there are many topics that are just fine to chat about, it' not very attractive to harper on about an ex with whom you have had a bad experience with, or to say things that may be deemed inappropriate.

If you're in doubt, try to think about what you would say to any other first date. 

Escort Manners

Ask and Answer

When it comes to meeting an escort, especially a high class escort, it's important that you two get to know each other in a sensual and relaxing manner. And just like you would (or should!) on a first date, it's about being present and active in your chats.

For example, take the time to read about your chosen escort's interests, likes and dislikes, favourite hobbies, food, travel experiences, and use those to base your questions. If you two have things in common, that's a great starting point. 

Additionally, it's a big turn on when a person can be an active conversationalist as well as a good listener. Allow yourself and your escort to ask and answer questions to get to know each other, and find similar interests.

Honesty is the Best Policy

When it comes to escort etiquette, honesty is the best policy. Going on a date with an escort is a liberating experience, and there is no need to feel apprehensive when it comes to truth telling. If you have any specific likes or dislikes, let them know.

Also, if there's something you'd like to discuss with them about your body, anxieties, or wishes, you can go ahead and relay that to them in a respectful manner. In some cases, an escort agency will handle all the details of your date. In this case, you can let the escort agency owner know all of the things that you wish your escort to know in advance.

And lastly, don't feel as though you need to hold back when it comes to certain things you'd like to experience with your escort. For many, they have their services listed on their profile, and thus you can tailor your date according to what your escort enjoys too. No need to feel shy or fear being judged.

Employ Modesty

While being modest doesn't seem like something you would need to implement during a date with an escort, when it comes to escort etiquette, there are a few things that will work in your favour if done in moderation.

For example, if the conversation and the wine is flowing... great! If you're trying to down as many drinks as possible however, not great! Try not to get too drunk on your date, as this may lead to a negative experience.

What to do on an Escort Date

Prepare Efficiently

This applies not only before the date but also, during. There are a few things that you can prepare efficiently. For example, is there a certain type of outfit you would like to see your escort in? Or perhaps you would like to gift your escort with something small? Ask beforehand to avoid disappointment. 

Then,  when it comes to monetary gifts, you should have either settled this with the escort agency beforehand, or prepared the exact amount in cash, in advance. The question of money should never be an issue, nor should the escort have to ask for it. Be ready.

Also, if you have some special planned, like enjoying a sensual massage, be sure to bring the things needed for this. There's nothing more unattractive than stopping at a nearby store to pick up something... private.

Be Safe

This one is as important for you and for your escort. Safety is of utmost importance, and we want both you and your companion to have fun, safe, and consensual fun.

For that reason, you need to take the right measures when it comes to your safety. You can do this by verifying the escort website or company you're hoping to use, reading reviews of the escort you'd like to date, and making sure that you're meeting in a space that's comfortable for both of you.

This piece of escort etiquette advice works the same when it comes to anything that may happen between you and your escort. If you engage in any activities together, be prepared and be safe.

Always Be Respectful

Respect is a universal language, and if implemented, can really prove to others that you're a great, upstanding, and lovely person. For that reason, respect doesn't fly out the window when it comes to meeting an escort. 

Your chosen escort has taken time to meet with you, and is excited to spend time with you. You should reciprocate that warmth and respect by being courteous at all time, and treating them as you would anyone else.

Aphrodite High Class Escort Etiquette

Punctuality Always Wins

There are a few things in life that can make or break an experience. Think back to a moment in which you met a friend, co-worker, family member or other, and they were late. Perhaps you had other things planned for that day, and the fact that this person is late has completely wasted your time and caused a disruption to the rest of your plans. This is essentially what you would be doing should you arrive late for your date.

Escort etiquette is treating your date just like any other important meeting. Not just that, but you wouldn't want to lose out on precious time with your chosen escort, would you?

For that reason, punctuality always wins, and is just another example of how you can be respectful towards your escort and their time.

A Gift or Tip is Appreciated

This piece of escort etiquette advice is completely optional, but it's worth a mention, as surely everyone enjoys getting spoiled.

The great thing about this tip though is, if there's a certain kind of lingerie you'd love to see your escort in, you can gift her with it. In that way, everyone wins!

On the other hand, you could have a little gander at her profile and see if she's listed some of her favourite things. If so, you could gift her with an item.  A monetary gift is also always appreciated, but never mandatory.

Only Two to Tango

When you plan your date, you've chosen your favourite escort to enjoy their company, and you've settled all the arrangements and whatnot. This meeting is for only you and your favourite escort. Inviting a friend to stop by for a drink or a chat, or showing up with someone else is a no-go.

If you are interested in duo dates or group dates, that can be arranged by the escort agency or by the escort herself. But if this has not been pre-discussed, it's definitely not something your escort will appreciate, nor is it something that has been given the 'ok' beforehand.

Treat Your Escort

Are you ready to rock a date with an escort with these 12 escort etiquette pieces of advice? Should you implement these tips, you'll surely be on your way to being your escort's favourite person! And what does that mean for you? An extra bit of saucy fun!

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