July 2019

Why is Women Empowerment Important?

At Aphrodite Escort Agency, we believe in women empowerment.

We strive for gender equality and feel that supporting women is an important part of creating a fair and successful future for everyone. 

Which is why, today we answer the question,

Why is Women Empowerment Important?

Redefining Gender Roles is Beneficial to All Sexes

When women are empowered, and given the opportunity to take on new and innovative roles in society, it creates less pressure for men to be "the breadwinner". In this way, men are encouraged to explore themselves as something more than the sole provider of a family. 

With gender equality and women empowerment, men have more time to pursue other interests in their lives. They can work part-time or be the caregiver of their children without judgement so that both men and women can explore other interests and aspirations. 

Better Literature

Did you know that women make up two thirds of illiterate adults today? Imagine having the potential to create the world's best story yet the inability to read or write? 

If women are given access to education and the tools to succeed, there would be more (and possibly better) journalists, and more literature written from a woman's perspective, as well as other business opportunities that can add to economic success.

Women are Incredibly Innovative

Why is women empowerment important when it comes to innovation? We'll give you three reasons:- A group of 14-year-old high school girls in Nigeria who created a urine-powered generator - Elif Bilgin, a 16-year-old girl in Turkey who turned banana peels into bioplastic- Ada Lovelace, a woman who invented the first computer program.

Empowered Escort Women

Women Can Help Save the Planet

When women are denied education and health care, they lack the ability to make informative decisions. Without these two aspects, children are being born at an exponential rate, creating less access to resources such as water, food and job opportunities. 

If women are taught about and given contraceptives and adequate medical care, the world's population would not reach the estimated 10 billion by the year 2081. Less overpopulation, more resources for everyone.

Women Create Small Businesses Faster Than Men

Women are responsible for more than half of successful small businesses today. Not only that, but it's been proven by the National Federation for Independent Businesses that women are able to withstand change and ill-weathered circumstances better and more creatively than men. 

Increased Economic Success

Why is women empowerment important in terms of economic success? Well, if the number of working women were to rise to that of the amount of working men in India, the GDP would increase by about 27%. And when it comes to stay-at-home moms and women, taking the initiative and using their creativity to tap into today's online working culture creates massive success for all involved. 

It gives them the freedom to earn an income and to contribute towards economic success not only for their family, but also for their country.

Women make up half of the world's population, and just like men - hold an unlimited amount of potential. Give them the ability to enjoy gender equality, and we'll all see a better and brighter future.

Let's celebrate the women in our lives today, Women's Day, and every other day!
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