April 2019

A Guide: Submitting Your High Class Escort Agency Application

A comprehensive FAQ about joining in on the Aphrodite fun!

So, you're interested in applying at Aphrodite, a high class escort agency based in Europe? How exciting! We are thrilled that you've found our website and that you're hoping to be our next Aphrodite! 

Which is why we've compiled a comprehensive FAQ about our high class escort agency application process, so that you know exactly how to apply, what you can expect, and everything in between!

How Can I Become A High Class Escort? 

At our high class escort agency, we strive to make everything as smooth as possible for you. And it all starts by filling in our online application form. 

This high class escort agency application form consists of several questions about you, your appearance, your experience, your location, and your availability. It also gives you an option to choose the best time to talk with you about your application.

I've Applied To Be A High Class Escort at Aphrodite, What's Next?

Once we've received your application, we will carefully review it. We have no special formula for the perfect Aphrodite because every woman is beautiful in their own way. We love diversity, and we encourage ladies from all over Europe to apply with us. 

If we are impressed with your application, we will reach out to you via e-mail or WhatsApp. If we feel that you don't have the magic Aphrodite touch, we will reply to you nonetheless to let you know.

We're Impressed With Your Application: What's Next?

If you've received an e-mail or WhatsApp message to say that we're impressed with your application, the next step would be to have a video call.

We strongly prefer Skype video calls, but in some circumstances, we are happy to use FaceTime or WhatsApp video call. If we use the latter, we urge you to be in a quiet space with your camera steady.

The video call will be for around five to 10 minutes, and is just a brief introduction to meet each other. 

We're Impressed With Your Video Interview, What Next?

If we've had a great video interview with you, the next step would be to choose a location to meet face-to-face.

This is usually in the city where you reside, meaning that we will fly out to meet you. This meeting will take place somewhere central, and will take place in a bar or hotel lobby. The meeting is an opportunity to talk, and will last around two to three hours. We encourage ladies to dress in elegant and smart attire for this meeting.

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We're Impressed With Your In-Person Meeting, What Next?

After a successful in-person meeting, you will be asking to fill in a form that will make up your profile. You'll let us know all about you - your hobbies, interests, favourite travel destinations, and more.

We will use this information, along with your professional photographs, to create your online profile.

How Can I Get Professional Photographs For My Portfolio? 

Next, our high class escort agency will arrange a photo shoot for you with our long-time professional photographer. Together, we will choose a date that is convenient for you to do this shoot. 

The photo shoot in perhaps the most important part of your high class escort agency application, as this is what our clients will see. The strength of your photographs equals the strength of your profile success. We suggest bringing your confidence, a big smile, and your most beautiful attire with you to ensure excellent photographs. 

What's Next?

Finally, we will be able to put you online! There are a number of options when it comes to your online profile. You could choose to be public, private or secret - which ever you choose, your face will be blurred. 

Only members of our high class escort agency will be able to see your face, and if you choose a secret profile, there is even less chance that people can see your profile.

Other Useful Information

Do I Need To Speak English To Work at A High Class Escort Agency?

Yes. At Aphrodite high class escort agency, we require our Aphrodite's to have a high intermediate to fluent level of English. This is because our clients are international, and thus the main language spoken among clients and Aphrodite's, is English. 

If you do not have strong skills in English, you may not be a good fit for our high class escort agency unfortunately.

Can I Be Located Outside of Europe?

We do have Aphrodite's who are located outside of Europe, but many are then required to travel extensively, or will have less work than if they were inside Europe. 

High Class Escort Agency in Europe: Popular Locations

We are always happy to receive applications from the following cities:

But, if you're in a different city, not to worry - we have many other Aphrodite's in other cities too!

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Can I Read Reviews About Your High Class Escort Agency?

Sure! We are transparent and friendly, and hope that you'll read all about us on the trusted escort review website, Captain 69.

Do You Hire Aphrodite's With Tattoos and Piercings?

While we appreciate tattoos and piercings, we mainly work with ladies who have little to no tattoos or piercings.

And if you're still on the fence about whether you should apply at our high class escort agency, here are the pros of being a high class escort at Aphrodite.

If you have any more questions, we'd love to hear from you! 

Kisses from Europe, xx
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