January 2019

Do You Require a Secret Escort Profile At Aphrodite?

We offer ladies who are concerned about their privacy the option to be a high class secret escort with us at Aphrodite Agency.

Aphrodite Escort Agency was born almost two decades ago, and since has gained recognition all over Europe and beyond. 

 We have worked hard to create a high class and trusted escort agency that both men and women can rely on for a great service with respect, privacy and discretion.

For that reason, we offer ladies who are concerned about their privacy the option to apply to be an escort with us with a secret profile. 

What is a Secret Escort Profile?

We understand that you have a career, friends, and loved ones, and that having any of them find out your exciting hobby would perhaps result in an unfavorable outcome. 

We understand that you have a life outside of Aphrodite - one that you would prefer to keep private. It's only natural that one would opt for discretion when it comes to this industry. 

A secret profile is for ladies who apply to be an escort with us, but who do not want to be seen on our website by the general public. This means that, should someone be browsing our website, they would not be able to see you or your profile. 

Who Can See a Secret Escort Profile?

Secret profiles are only available to trusted regular gentlemen who have been wonderful clients of Aphrodite for a certain amount of time. These gentlemen - like you - want privacy and discretion, as many of these men are high-esteemed businessmen who travel extensively for work.

What Will it Be Like to Have a Secret Escort Profile?

Due to the fact that secret profiles are not available to the general public, having one means that there is a high chance you will not get as many dates than if you were to be public. 

This does not mean that you will not get any dates at all. In fact, we recommend your profile to trusted Aphrodite members if we feel that you would make an excellent match with said-member. 

We want those who apply to be an escort at Aphrodite to feel safe and to have regular dates.

Secret Aphrodite Escorts

Do I Have to Show my Face in my Secret Escort Profile?

All public profiles have blurred faces to protect Aphrodite's. For VIP profiles, members have the option to see photos that are not blurred, and secret profiles have an extra layer of security according to your preferences. 

Our first priority is to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with us at Aphrodite.

What is it Like to Be an Escort at Aphrodite?

We are a high class, upmarket escort agency that is based in Europe, but also have the means to organize dates worldwide. 

We get to know you on a personal level, creating a profile that describes who you are and your beauty. 

Our gentlemen invite you for dates in advance, giving you the freedom to live and work as you please. You are never required to go on a date if you do not want to or if you have already made alternative plans on the date requested. All travel and all organisation is taken care of by Aphrodite.

For more questions or concerns, or to apply an escort at Aphrodite, we can't wait to hear from you!
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