October 2018

What Is a High End Companion?

Here's how a high end companion can be beneficial to you in whatever capacity you're searching.

Perhaps you're just curious... or maybe you're currently an escort looking to join a well-esteemed escort agency that offers high end companion services? Or, are you a client looking for a high end companion.

What is a High End Companion? 

In short, it is a lady who has qualities that go beyond her exceedingly charming appearance. 

A high end companion will not only be beautiful but also smart, usually well-educated, well-travelled, cultured, worldly, and ambitious. 

You may now be asking, what is a spectacular lady with brains beauty and charm doing working in this industry? And the short answer is... it's an empowering lifestyle that satisfies their craving and hunger for an adventurous and luxurious life. 

And that is exactly what we're about at Aphrodite Escort Agency in Europe.

Aphrodite Escort Agency in Europe

We have been successfully recruiting high end ladies and creating dinner dates and travel companions for respectful gentlemen for 15 years. 

What is a high end companion agency, in our eyes? An agency that accepts the best because they want to be the best! And voila - here we are, Aphrodite Escort Agency in Europe.

With that, we are more than happy to answer your questions, should you be interested in applying to become an Aphrodite escort in Europe.

So, we've created a little Q and A for you to get you started! Who knows, you may just be our newest lady in Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, London or elsewhere! 

High Class Escort Companion

Qualities of an Aphrodite

A high end companion, at Aphrodite, is a lady who holds a certain poise and class, while being open-minded, fashionable, and motivated. 

We love creating successful cooperations with ladies who wish to be a high class Aphrodite, if they have the je ne se quoi that we're after!

Not a prerequisite, but certainly a plus, is if the lady is well-educated. 

What is a High End Companion at Aphrodite? 

She could be a university student, a graduate with a degree or masters, or a lady working in a successful professional setting. 

With that, we love to attract goal-orientated young ladies who can have it all - a great career, a fantastic life, and a cheeky side that yearns for a little adventure. 

We are also extremely intrigued with ladies who are avid travelers - someone who has life experience, culture, and interest in meeting new people of all different nationalities and professions. 

Caring, empathetic, and a hunger to satisfy are three things that all of our Aphrodite's have in common.

What is a high end companion at Aphrodite? At Aphrodite, our models are empowered young women who have the freedom to pursue their goals and dreams. 

We work with clients who are of good standing, and who we either have known for an extended period of time or a gentleman that we have fully verified to ensure the safety of our ladies. 

Once one of our ladies have been invited on a date, we will then find out their availability. We are not a short-notice high class escort agency, and thus our dates are planned days, weeks - and sometimes months - in advance.

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What is a High End Companion vs an Independent Escort?

Aphrodite is an exclusive escort agency, which means that once you become an Aphrodite, you will be representing only Aphrodite in your capacity as a high end companion. 

What are the perks of working at Aphrodite? The fact that you do not have to:

  • build your own website

  • market yourself

  • attract clients

  • create a professional profile

  • plan your own dates

We take care of everything from A-Z! An independent escort will be working for herself, taking care of all of the details listed above. 

For some, it is preferred, and we strongly respect that.

What Does an Aphrodite Date Look Like?

A typical date for one of our models consists of either traveling abroad or to a location within their city. This location, 95% of the time, is a five-star hotel. 

They will, depending on the length of the date, meet the gentleman and enjoy a lunch or dinner date, perhaps a drink or two, intellectual conversation, and more.

Sometimes, our most trusted gentlemen will invite you to a luxurious Airbnb location, or their lavish homes. But this kind of date is only reserved for those who are in great standing with us.

What is the Typical Duration of a Date at Aphrodite?

Our dates range from two hours to several days. A lot of the time, our escort models are invited to join a gentleman in a city of his choosing for an overnight date, or perhaps a few days. 

In that time, they will enjoy all of the above, including a bit of sightseeing and fun in the city, as time permits more adventure. 

What is a High Class Escort

Do our High End Companion Models Have to Say Yes to Every Date Request?

No. We strive to make our Aphrodite's feel comfortable and we know that they have their own aspirations and commitments. 

Should a date be a go-ahead, we will prepare all of the planning. From flights, detailed information about the gentleman, to car services to and from the date, and everything in between, we will take care of. 

All you have to do - is simply show up and enjoy!

How Can I Apply to Be an Aphrodite?

We strongly encourage you to apply with us so that you could perhaps be our next super star at Aphrodite. 

If we are particularly taken with your application, we will contact you to arrange a call/video call. After this, an in-person meeting. 

If we agree to create a successful cooperation, you will then have a photoshoot with our long-time and professional photographer so that we can prepare your profile.

Where Do Dinner Dates Take Place?

In asking what is a high end companion, one of the main questions is also about the location of these dinner dates. 

We are going strong in cities such as Brussels, Amsterdam, Budapest, Vienna, London and Berlin. That is not to say that you may be invited to a dinner date in various other locations such as Munich, Prague, or even a few Asian locations such as Hong Kong or Singapore

Needless to say, you can be sure that it's a life that is continuously exciting, thrilling and adventuresome. 

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What is a High End Companion in Terms of Personality?

Mostly, our models are the type of ladies who provide the GFE. 

What is the GFE? It's basically everything a gentleman would hope for in a girlfriend. 

So, to say that our model's are highly sensual is a plus, but we do need more. We dearly appreciate a type of lady who will not only meet a gentleman's needs but also act in a caring, understanding, fun, and easy-going fashion. 

What is a high end companion GFE is essentially all the pros of having a girlfriend, without the nitty gritty relationship ins and outs. 

You would have the ability to make the gentleman forget about his troubles for a while in a relaxed, positive and flirty environment.

What is the Dress Code for Aphrodite's?

Ultimately, it is up to the gentleman's wishes and preferences when it comes to clothing style. 

Mostly, a classic and elegant outfit is ideal. Cocktail dresses, evening wear, heels, and classy accessories are preferred. There are times when a gentleman may request a more risqué clothing preference, but this would be solely up to the comfortability of the lady, and the dinner date in question. 

Naturally, we adore stockings and suspenders, pretty and or provocative lingerie, and things of that nature. We encourage you to browse lingerie stores, La Perla and Agent Provocateur, which are two favorites among our Aphrodite's. 

What is an Aphrodite's Motivation?

While we are certainly about creating extraordinary dinner dates and travel companions, we are not looking for escorts who are solely looking for money. 

We, of course, have our rates which adequately represent the high end companion in question, but being an Aphrodite is about so much more than that.

An Aphrodite needs to have the passion and desire to be an Aphrodite! We want to feel her excitement and passion when it comes to providing the ultimate GFE and being a wonderful dinner date or travel companion. 

What Cultural Background Do our Aphrodite's Have?

We love diversity, and we love making dreams come true. You could be from the moon as far as we are concerned, as long as you have that Aphrodite factor! 

Whether you're a small town lady, a lover of the sea or island life, or a city chick, we encourage you to apply with us! 

After all, what is a high end companion agency without diversity? 

We recruit ladies from almost all countries worldwide, provided that it is legal in said-country and that it is a potential popular hub for dinner dates with our gentlemen. 

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What Do our Aphrodite's Look Like?

Do you need to be a famous beauty model to be an Aphrodite? Absolutely not! 

We appreciate beauty in several forms. Again, it is merely about whether we feel you have the Aphrodite factor. It is important to note however, that we expect our lovely ladies to be of great hygiene, and to upkeep their beauty regimes. 

In that regard, we mean to maintain their eyebrows, regular waxing, quality manicures, clean and well-managed hair, and a winning smile.

What is a High End Companion in Terms of Mannerisms and Attitude?

An Aphrodite will always represent themselves in an upmarket fashion. 

We love great (table) manners, good moral values, and the ability to hold a great conversation without the use of vulgarity and shock. 

Of course, an Aphrodite will be perceptive with the ability to read the atmosphere and act accordingly. 

What is a Travel Companion?

Our Aphrodite's are often requested to accompany a gentleman whilst he is traveling. This could be for business or for pleasure. 

With longer duration dates, often our models are required to wear casual and comfortable clothing - jeans, blazers, comfortable shoes - in order to enjoy a day of sightseeing in a new city. 

Oftentimes, a gentleman will ask their travel companion about their hobbies, interests, and wishes and then fulfill those with her. Things such as: what cuisine does the lady in question enjoy for a dinner date, what activities does she enjoy (art, museums, the cinema etc). 

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What Fun Activities do our Aphrodite's Enjoy?

While on a longer date, our Aphrodite's have enjoyed activities such as skiing, enjoying an afternoon on a yacht, strolling the side streets of mysterious and intriguing cities, going to premium and upscale restaurants, attending special events as a VIP, or even attending a high class club or bar.

Having said of all this, each date is different! But the main thing is that we, and our gentlemen, are flexible, respectful and genuinely interested in the lady that he wishes to meet. 

With that, we do hope to be seeing you soon on our website, ready to represent our lovely agency in the highest regard and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with being an infamous Aphrodite!

We hope to have sufficiently informed you, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have. 

And to our next Aphrodite: we can't wait to fly out and meet you soon somewhere exciting in Europe!
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