September 2018

Fun With a High Class Dusseldorf Escort

Take your high class escort and turn your adventure into something spectacular!

We, at Aphrodite high class Dusseldorf escort agency, want to go the extra mile when it comes to your Dusseldorf adventure. Which is why we love advising you on everything 'high class Dusseldorf escort models', as well as parties, events, shops, and more.

Cäsars Palace

With more than 18 years in operation, Cäsars Palace has proven to be quite a win when it comes to erotic clubs Dusseldorf. 

It opens its doors to singles and couples, making it a place equally as intriguing for you as a singleton or with your high class Dusseldorf escort!

With regular themed events across 800sqm and three stories, you can expect pure bliss on all levels. The first floor offers an indoor and outdoor wellness area of saunas and pools, as well as a lounge and bar. On the second floor, you can find several props and items to liven up your experience as well as a spacious balcony, and the third floor - a cage! 

Needless to say, you will not be bored with your high class Dusseldorf escort at this top swingers club in the surrounding areas of Dusseldorf. 


A 50-minute drive from Dusseldorf centre will take you to Steinenhaus-Erlebnisclub. This "adventure club" is housed inside a 17-century style location, and welcomes singles or couples. You can choose to have a chilled, relaxed evening - watching erotic films and enjoying the company of your high class Dusseldorf escort, or take part in one of the many erotic activities and events that they offer. 

One thing to note, is that this club only allows entrance to those who are suitably dressed in an erotic outfit, and street/casual wear is not permitted. 

What does that mean for you? Bring out the latex, leather, and role-play outfits and enjoy!The Steinenhaus-Erlebnisclub is open every day, besides Monday's and Thursday's, and we strongly recommend checking their website before your visit to see what events and activities will be taking place.

International Escorts Dusseldorf

Erdbeermund Erotic Store Dusseldorf

This erotic store in Dusseldorf comes with the highest ratings, and a lavish amount of interesting toys, props, products, and outfits. They've been around for more than 35 years, and with over 40 brands for purchase, there will surely be something that'll catch your and your high class Dusseldorf escort model's eye! 

What's even more useful, is the fact that they offer deliveries via DHL (free for over 75 Euro's) and several different payment methods... and they say dreams don't come true?!

You can find this erotic shop in Dusseldorf on Instagram, and other social media channels, check out the website of Erdbeermund, or simply visit them in-store seven days a week, from 09'00 to 24'00 (Sundays, 12'00 to 24'00). Impressive!

Erotikstore Leverkusen

In the surrounding area of Dusseldorf, Leverkusen, you will find Erotikstore Leverkusen. They have a simple yet enticing website design, and cater for those seeking toys, lingerie, and fetish clothing. 

This store is strongly geared towards females, making it a perfect little spot for a bit of shopping with your high class Dusseldorf escort. 

Additionally, they have two changing rooms to find the perfect sensual outfit for a highly erotic date in Dusseldorf.

Visit Erotikstore Leverkusen from 11'00 to 19'00 daily, besides Sunday, and create an experience with your high class Dusseldorf escort that will soon not be forgotten!

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