August 2018

Is Berlin the Erotic Capital of the World?

Strap in! Because experiencing these erotic Berlin activities will definitely be one hell of an adventurous ride!

At Aphrodite, we're in love with Berlin! And not just because it's a fantastically diverse city with a thriving art scene and grand architecture, but also because it's full of fun and naughty activities to spice up any trip. 

Whether you're traveling with a high class escort Berlin or doing your own solo mission - these clubs, shops, and events will surely turn up the heat, making your visit even more thrilling. 

Swingers Clubs in Berlin


If you're looking for a more upscale swingers club in Berlin, then Avarus will be right up your alley. It's the perfect place for sophisticated gentlemen to enjoy their high class escort Berlin whilst in the presence of like-minded individuals.

The difference between Avarus and other swingers clubs, is that this location caters for the more happy, joyous and relaxed clientele. It's decorated with class and style, beautiful red furniture, and creates a chilled yet exciting atmosphere. 

Trust us when we say, you and your high class escort Berlin will adore this newly-renovated swingers club.

Kit Kat Club

For those who are more into the techno/club scene, Kit Kat Club is your go-to place. Here, they focus on the fact that techno and 'a good time' go hand-in-hand, which means that the music will be pumping... among other things. 

Kit Kat Club was opened in 1994, and the decor resembles that of a 90's rave scene. Here, you will find people of all nationalities and styles enjoying the wild night life and the whole 'free love' vibe.  

If this swingers club in Berlin tickles your fancy, and gets your high class escort Berlin excited, then you have Simon Thaur to thank - an Austrian porn film producer, and his partner, Kirsten Kruger.

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If you're having trouble falling asleep, trade counting sheep for a different kind of Insomnia! it may just be the perfect place to pass the time with your high class escort Berlin.

At Insomnia, they pride themselves on being diverse, free, and accepting. They welcome "cosmopolitan freaks, urban nightbirds, polymorphic party people, creatives and travellers from all over the world," to join them for a night of uninhibited fun, whatever your preference. 

They cater for the vanilla, the kinksters, hedonists, fetishists, gender fluid, BDSM etc. If you can name it, they're open to it! 

Sex Shops in Berlin

Fun Factory

Fun Factory is just like any other erotic shop in Berlin (or in the world), besides the fact that they have some interesting events and workshops for all to attend. 

Doesn't grabbing your high class escort Berlin and enjoying an informative and saucy event at the Fun Factory sound like an intriguing activity? Their website is super helpful too, and if you don't fancy going into the store, you can simply order your goodies online to enjoy with your high class escort Berlin. 

And while you're browsing online, you can visit their fun guide that gives some interesting erotica facts that you may not know. 

An added bonus? Sign up for their newsletter and get five euro's off.Lastly, every second Saturday, you can visit Fun Factory for their Special Shopping Night. It's a chance for you (and your high class escort Berlin) to shop from 19:00 to 22:00 while sipping on wine and enjoying special discounts.

Other Nature

For a different approach to erotica in Berlin, Other Nature is a store that creates a safe and friendly environment. It's eco-friendly - with locally-made items that are vegan, and the staff have a self-accepting attitude that caters to their customers on a personal level. 

Their products are of high quality, and you will find not only toys, but also outfits, books, gender expressive gear, accessories, and other "sexy stuff". Additionally, they offer workshops and at-home parties for all the curious minds out there!

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Sex Festivals & Events in Berlin


This event is an independent and alternative film festival that has seen the likes of over 8,000 visitors (half of which are international guests).It began in 2006 and since, have shown up to 100 films from around the world that emphasise on erotica, art, gender identity, body norms and identity. 

Today, it is about so much more than films however. At this event, you will be able to participate in panel discussions, lectures, reading, and workshops with your high class escort Berlin, as a means to enrich and excite. 

What's even cooler is that the event takes places in Germany's oldest cinema, Moviemento in Berlin-Kreuzberg. 

Venus Berlin

Last, but not least - is Venus Berlin, a festival has been running for over two decades! This event sees the likes of film producers, traders, and guests from all over the world, and entertains with various stages. 

Additionally, you can find the Kinky Area for those who are into their "latex and leather". You can also purchase toys, outfits, and lingerie at Venus as well as (alcoholic) beverages at this erotic event. 

This festival sees to 30,000 visitors every year, making it one of the largest international exhibitions in the world! Isn't that something?

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