June 2018

The Best Summer Vacation Spots to Enjoy with a High Class Escort

Minimal clothing, sun-kissed skin, beach vibes, and beautiful people...could anyone ask for more?

At Aphrodite, we fully believe in taking advantage of those paradise-like locations during this sunny season! With an exclusive escort? Even better!

So, if it's sweaty fun you're after, here are some of our favourite summer spots for a blissful few days with a gorgeous exclusive escort... time to turn up the heat!

Aphrodite's Favourite Summer VacationSpots


This resort area is top when it comes to making great summer memories. With the Sierra Blanca Mountains in plain view, and 27km of sandy beaches, it's no wonder that so many holiday-makers and lovers flock to this amazing city! 

Here, you could opt for a day of golf, fun on a yacht, shopping at luxury boutiques, a day of indoor fun at one of the many villas, sipping on cocktails at an elite club, or simply soaking up the sun on one of the glorious beaches. 

And you know that our sweet exclusive escorts love accompanying you on any and all of these activities! Beach fun with an incredibly attractive and adventurous young lady? Sold!


Notoriously known for its summer fun and exciting night life, is the island of Ibiza in Spain. And at Aphrodite, we're all about those night time antics with an Ibiza high class escort

Alternatively, Ibiza also has an array of small villages if you're looking or an intimate affair. Here, you can take part in a few relaxing activities such as yoga, beach days, and exploring the quiet coves surrounded by pine-clad hills.

From the resort, Playa d'en Bossa, and the small suburb of Figueretas, to the bay of Talamanca, Ibiza has something for everyone... especially those seeking a fun-filled vacay with one of Aphrodite's Ibiza high class escort ladies! 

Not to mention the super dynamic restaurant scene, from high-end gastronomy to simple eats, there's definitely something that'll tickle your fancy (besides your exclusive escort, of course ;)

Summer Vacation High Class Escort


At Aphrodite, we simply love the intimate island of Mykonos (along with millions of other holiday-makers!). This enchanting destination sees a number of exclusive parties with world-renown DJ's, as well as as an array of sandy beaches lined with great restaurants. 

If the night club scene isn't exactly your cup of tea, there are several other fun activities on this magical island. Visit the ancient Greek ruins at Delos, go hiking up Cynthus Mountain, or enjoy the Aegean Maritime Museum

Of course, you could always just opt for an amazing villa with irresistible views (of Mykonos and your exclusive escort ;), if that's what your summer dreams are made of! We don't judge... in fact, we strongly recommend it!


Last, but definitely not least, is Venice - the capital of the Veneto region in Italy. Interestingly, this city is built on over 100 small islands, and has been described as a "floating masterpiece"

It has zero roads, which is the perfect setting for an intimate date with an exclusive escort, wouldn't you say?

See this vibrant city on foot and take a peek at the cultural fun it has to offer, such as the Piazza San Marco - a square lush with basilicas, Doge's Palace, and Burano - a location lined with colourful houses belonging to the native fishermen and a number of great seafood restaurants. 

One of the main attractions in Venice however, is the infamous gondola ride. Enjoying this activity symbolises romance and lust, and enjoying it with an exclusive escort makes it all the more passionate and powerful! 

Head over to Grand Canal and explore the cultural and beautiful city of Venice in style.

Whether you're enjoying a summer high class escort or a lovely lady from another location, it's safe to say that summer will be exceedingly hotter than normal when you plan a date with us at Aphrodite.

Are you ready to enjoy the blissful summer sun?
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